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Ties With Terror: Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period

27-04-2007 21:43


The attached audio file of Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed was recorded at Rep. Cynthia McKinney's congressional briefing — The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later, A Citizens' Response: Did the Commission Get it Right? on July 22nd, 2005. The following essay was originally submitted as part of the record for the congressional briefing.

The complete transcript and submitted written material from McKinney's briefing is available as a PDF and audio rcordings were available on but this server is currently out of action. However a high quality video of the briefing is available in 3 parts:

Part One - 696Mb avi
Introduction by Verna Avery Brown, Opening Remarks by Cynthia McKinney, blessing by pastor Rebecca West, a critique of the 911 Commission Report read by Lorie Van Auken, accompanied by Monica Gabrielle and Mindy Kleinberg, further critique by John Judge, followed by ex-CIA analyst Mel Goodman's criticism of the very structure of the Commission, Paul Thompson examines NORAD/FAA response, Nafeez Ahmed examines the "al Qaeda" links, John Newman discusses Omar Saeed Sheikh, Marilynn Rosenthal dicusses prior knowledge (forewarnings) - approx. 3.5 hours
Part Two - 697Mb avi
Ann Norton's history of the Neocons and Leo Strauss, Peter Dale Scott on 9/11 and Deep Politics, Nafeez Ahmed extends the theme - examing the Muj specifically, Wayne Smith discusses International Law, Bob McIlvaine discusses his attempts to make a difference after the loss of his son, (the next segments focus on Civil Liberties - comments from Jumana Musa - Amnesty International, Elaine Cassel - Civil Rights lawyer, Rebecca Daugherty on Freedom of the Press), Mel Goodman criticizes the "Intelligence Reform" followed by McGovern - approx. 4 hours
Part Three - 348Mb avi
Former high-level CIA analyst Ray McGovern further demolishes the Commission, ex-CIA analyst David MacMichael gives a short history of useless Commissions, John Nutter talks about Covert ops, concluding remarks by McKinney - approx. 1 hour

Thanks to 911 Blogger for making this material available: Video: McKinney's 2005 Congressional Briefing | Nafeez Ahmed - "Ties With Terror: The Continuity of Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period".

See also this recording from 2006, Nafeez Ahmed "International Terrorism: The Secret History" and the War on Terror topic.

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Denver to DC

27-04-2007 20:50

Beit Shalom Ministries is leading the walk form Denver, Colorado to Washington D.C. Currently, they are in Manhattan, Kansas and have been sharing information at Kansas State University. Watch their video updates on Google video and witness the police state in America. They have produced two powerful new documentary films on the war in Iraq and 9/11 truth available for FREE.

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Welcome to Democracy

27-04-2007 20:50

Has anybody fallen down with shock, with the revelation by the United Nations on Wednesday 25/4/2007, that the Iraqi Government has refused to co-operate with providing factual information, relating to the number of deaths, for this year, inside of democratic Iraq.

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Save ESOL demo in Hackney

27-04-2007 18:08

Please come to the demo in Hackney tomorrow to defend free ESOL

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Hotdogs and poems - whats the difference?

27-04-2007 17:19

None according to Southwark Council's Street Care enforcers who confiscated poems from Joseph Marinus after his arrest for "breaching the peace" under Blackfriars Bridge last Saturday April 21st.

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The Market is a Universal Totalitarian Religion

27-04-2007 17:17

Money replaces God and has become our new religion, a universal totalitarian religion that never existed before.. Commodification of goods is more important than the goods themselves.

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Is Leadership Extinct in America?

27-04-2007 16:49

This is an overview of the trend seen in America of a failure of leadership during times of civil emergency. Law Enforcement is included. Following the Sept 11th attack, the US Federal govt has infused huge sums of money into law enforcement and even civilian training.
It appears that the answer to leadership in times of crisis in all sectors of US society
is to be found in the plain site, but is being missed by most citizens.

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Wonderland Down Under: Snoop Dogg refused visa

27-04-2007 16:32

Upside-down logic in the land down under -- Internationally known racist, war criminal, Iraqi holocaust denier and coward prime minister of Australia, John Howard stated that [black] entertainer Snoop Dogg had been banned from entering Australia for “sound reasons … I have to be careful what I say in these matters but he has been ... well there are certain judgments that are made on certain advice that I can't go into, but the reasons for banning him are sound," said Howard. Perhaps the black rapper is also a HIV carrier and votes Democrat! Howard recently levelled more criticism on US Democrats in relation to the war in Iraq. The absurdity and hypocrisy of Howard’s behaviour is reaching levels unimagined by even his most fervent critics.

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Queen's Market Supporters Picket St Modwen Meeting

27-04-2007 16:13

Friends of Queen's Market, who oppose the development plans for London's most ethnically diverse market, next to Upton Park tube station2727, today leafleted shareholders attending the annual meeting of developers St Modwen at Ironmongers' Hall in the City of London today.

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UMSU Students not profit demo May 1st

27-04-2007 15:45

Students not profit demo at UMSU on May 1st. Also joint with anti war and anti climate change people.

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!!!Direct Action Training Day In Manchester!!!

27-04-2007 15:43

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2007
Time: 10:00am (breakfast), 11.00am - 6:00pm (workshops)
Location: The Basement (just off piccadilly gardens, 3 mins walk from the bus stop!) On Lever Street (next to/ parralel to oldham street)

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Big Issue Magazine Seller Calls Police to Arrest Young Muslim Girl

27-04-2007 13:11

A young Muslim girl was arrested by police outside Sainsburys in Ladbroke Grove at noon on 27 April after being accused of illegally selling the Big Issue magazine on private property and "stealing money" from another Big Issue seller.

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Election Circus Comes to Town! Brummagem Star issue 1

27-04-2007 11:42

Brum Star p1
Roll Up! Roll Up! The political equivalent of Billy Smart's Circus with be in your area! Clowns to the Left and Jokers to the Right, can the rest please stay in line and do as you are told. Thank you and have a nice day.

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Wolverhampton's 13th Annual May Day Festival

27-04-2007 10:58

WOLVERHAMPTON's 13th annual MAY DAY FESTIVAL Tuesday 1st May 2007 7pm - 11pm
Pegasus Pub Function Room, Craddock Street, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton

details on

The 13th Annual May Day Festival organised by Wolverhampton May Day Committee,
has been sponsored this year by: West Midlands Fire Brigades Union & West Midlands UNISON and Midlands TUC. It’s theme is: Keep Wolverhampton a fascist-free zone.

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Solidarity With John Bowden

27-04-2007 09:31

Take a few minutes to help support a prisoner.

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US moves to limit lawyers’ access to Guantánamo inmates

27-04-2007 09:23

In the wake of recent revelations of widespread torture and abuse at the Guantánamo Bay prison camp, the US Justice Department has taken legal action to restrict lawyers’ access to their clients incarcerated there. These lawyers have been an important source of news from inside the camp, despite being already subject to a strict set of rules established by the Pentagon and the DC Court of Appeals in 2004.

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Throwing Money

27-04-2007 08:56

Government aware of approaching problem relies on citizens to cut water consumption when what is needed is an end to Civilsation to save Life on the planet.

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3:rd of May important meeting

27-04-2007 08:01

End the conflict in Iraq

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Holocaust Denial

27-04-2007 06:38

When is holocaust denial not a crime? When the victims are not Jews it would seem! As the world begins to target the lies and excesses of conservative governments, coalition leaders are becoming more nervous and agitated as each day passes. But the monstrous oversight of all opposition parties – and it’s not accidental – is continued holocaust denial. There is no dismissing the figures from a world-renowned authoritative journal (Lancet). The 660,000 civilian dead in Iraq CONSTITUTE A HOLOCAUST in any ‘language’. The screaming figures can no longer be dismissed, avoided, or denied nor can the RESPONSIBILITY for the CRIMES.

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Infoshop News interview with journalist Josh Wolf

27-04-2007 04:41

Independent journalist Josh Wolf recently made headlines for spending more than 7 months in federal prison for his refusal to hand over video of a protest to authorities. Wolf is an anarchist activist and a video journalist based in the Bay Area of California.