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Hunt Sabs Benefit - Taunton: Sickwax / King Tuts Revenge / Room 4 1 More / Hacksaw

02-10-2010 17:22

Sickwax / King Tuts Revenge / Room 4 1 More / Hacksaw @ The Winchester Arms, Taunton
SICKWAX ---- Dub fueled Bristolian hip-hop mixed with dubstep & jazz

KING TUTS REVENGE ---- Bouncy south-west ska punk legends

ROOM 4 1 MORE ---- Fast melodic punk rock from Devon

HACKSAW ----Bristol based 2-piece pop-punk

A share of the door takings will go to Bristol & Bath hunt sabs.

Free & tasty vegan food as per usual!

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Challenging The Jurisdiction Of The Judiciary Within England & Wales

02-10-2010 16:40

At 10.30am on Monday 4th October 2010, Mr. Grant of Campaign For Truth & Justice will appear on invitation by the establishment to the Royal Court of Justice, where he aims to lawfully CHALLENGE THE JURISDICTION OF THE JUDICIARY WITHIN ENGLAND & WALES, with documented evidence of the same Judiciary’s violations of national and international laws.

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£400M research - No Nuke Dump Site in W Cumbria

02-10-2010 15:51

Professor David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow
Prof David Smythe (Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow), an earth scientist who was employed by Nirex to find a nuclear waste repository in West Cumbria, is not opposed to geological disposal in principle but he says the scientific research carried out in the 1990s which cost the public purse £400M shows that -
No site in West Cumbria is suitable for geological disposal of nuclear waste!

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Ecuador's Correa Haunted by Honduras

02-10-2010 14:25

"The co-ordinated actions in various cities, the takeover of Quito's airport by a section of the armed forces – all this indicated a planned coup attempt."

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Ahava shut down by Lock-On

02-10-2010 12:44

Cycle delivery of concrete block

The Ahava store in Covent Garden's Monmouth Street has been shut down since 11.30 this morning after BDS campaigners entered the store and locked onto a concrete block. As this report is being written police are attempting to chip away at the block with a hammer. It lloks likely to take them some some time

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Riots in Amsterdam against the squatting ban

02-10-2010 12:43

Mass demo, a squatted house and street battles. Fuck the Krakverbod!

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Notttingham mobilises to save services

02-10-2010 10:24

As cuts in services begin to bite, resistance is springing up across the country and Nottingham is no exception. Locally there are a number of campaigns around a number of issues. A well attended meeting organised by the Trades Council was the catalyst for the emergence of a new anti-cuts coalition called Notts Save Our Services.

On the newswire: Notts Save Our Services is launched | Budget cuts: There has to be a better way | Report on Broxtowe anti-academy meeting | Notts anti-cuts meeting report & anarchist leaflet | Nottingham Students Unite to Fight Education Cuts | Resistance to new academy in Broxtowe

Notts SOS launched on September 29 as millions of workers take to the streets across Europe in a Day of Action to protest against government-imposed austerity measures. In Spain, trade unionists held the first general strike in eight years, while in Brussels up to 100,000 demonstrators marched against austerity, while a small group clashed with police.

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This Week in Palestine Week 39 2010

02-10-2010 10:03


Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for 25th, September through October 1st, 2010

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Anti-open cast Action gathering at the Happendon Wood Action Camp

02-10-2010 09:23

This weekend environmentalists and communtiy activists from accross the UK will converge at The Happendon Wood Action Camp to take part in the site's first action gathering. The gathering lasts all weekend and Monday. Visit the website for info.

Today, Roderick Macpherson and Scottish Coal representatives visited the site and served court citations for the 22nd of October, after which eviction papers are likely. During his visit he was pelted with eggs. Members of the National Eviction team, a private company of bailiffs, visited the site earlier this week.

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NATO expands Afghan war into Pakistan

02-10-2010 08:39

On October 7 the United States and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization military allies will begin the tenth year of their war in Afghanistan, over 3,000 miles from NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The following month midterm elections will be held in the U.S. and NATO will hold a two-day summit in Portugal. The American administration is eager to achieve, or appear to have achieved, a foreign policy triumph in an effort to retain Democratic Party control of the Congress and NATO something to show for the longest and largest military mission in its 61 years of existence.

Not satisfied with the Vietnam that Afghanistan has become, NATO has now launched its Cambodian incursion. One with implications several orders of magnitude greater than with the prototype, though, into a nation of almost 170 million people, a nation wielding nuclear weapons. Pakistan.

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Associated Press, NY Times, Miami Herald Glorify Bear Murder By Arrow

02-10-2010 03:20

Sarah Palin sitting on bear skin
various campaigns to end brutality to bears

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Philippine Labor party, PAL ground crew to support flight attendants strike

02-10-2010 02:30

The labor group Partido ng Manggagawa (Worker's Party) and the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA), the ground crew union at the national flag carrier, both expressed support for the planned strike of the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP).

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Oppose English Defence League in Blackburn Lancs Sat 2nd October 2010

02-10-2010 01:06

The English Defence League [EDL] are going to be protesting tomorrow Saturday 2nd October 2010 outside Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]. They are protesting because KFC serve Halal meat. THe protest will be at KFC Haslingden Road Blackburn Lancashire.!/event.php?eid=157451460934608

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Ed Miliband may have to learn much about Harriet, Gilligan and dossiers!

02-10-2010 00:35

Does Ed Miliband care about Harriet Harman's lifeline to George Galloway? The lifeline was most unexpected. However it is now very much a reality in the East End. By the time George Galloway surfaces in the East End, the lifeline will become quite tangible...It is very likely that George Galloway will stage a very subtle and effective propaganda onslaught of his own…He could not thank Harriet Harman enough, we have found.

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Repression in Brussels

01-10-2010 21:45

All kicking off in Brussels, but a lack of reporting on the UK Indy site. Heavy repression, violence and mass arrests, there is a mass demonstration tomorrow...keep checking the BXL indy site for videos and regular updates.

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‘Not Red Ed’ – reinventing Labour, again and again

01-10-2010 21:45

Amazing, after thirteen years of neo-Thatcherism, the beaten ‘party of labour’ all of a sudden rediscovers its ‘roots’. Who could trust such people? If the whole charade wasn’t such a miserable and desperate attempt to regain the ‘high ground’, Labour’s attempt to reinvent itself again, it would be nothing short of laughable.

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Bristol Indymedia Presents - the Bristol Public Première of 'Listen To Venezuela'

01-10-2010 20:22

Monday 4th October 2010, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol
Bristol Indymedia Presents - the Bristol Public Première of 'Listen To Venezuela'

Monday 4th October 2010, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol
Entry £3/£4 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.)
featured image
Still from 'Listen To Venezuela'

Monday 4th October 2010, 8pm at the Cube Cinema, Stokes Croft, Bristol
Entry £3/£4 (but nobody refused entry for a lack of funds.)

Venezuela has many faces: A South American republic, a former Spanish colony, neighbour to Brazil in the south and Colombia to the west. It has the 7th largest reserves of oil in the world and currently supplies most of the US's daily oil needs.

Politicaly the country has had a turbulent history; wars, revolutions and Coup d'états - the most recent of which was in 2002. Listen To Venezuela takes the viewer into a contemporary revolution and extraordinary experiment in radical democracy and social justice. In Venezuela, people have rejected the savage neo-liberal capitalism that has been imposed the world over. The once marginalised majority have become political actors in a story they have reclaimed from the Venezuelan oligarchy, Western business interests and Washington. This ambitious documentary evokes the scale and difficulties of radical social change in a political and poetic collage.

The directors Mike Wayne and Deirdre O'Neill spent 11 months in Venezuela and made the film while they were working there. They will introduce the film and do a Q&A after-wards.

| | map for cube cinema | Next film night: Monday 1st November – Wikileaks & Rethink Afghanistan |

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Right to Work invite their priveledged elite to enter the 'exclusion zone'

01-10-2010 19:44

While (albeit grudgingly) accepting the change of route for the main march, the Socialist elite get to go to a 'rally' at a pub just yards from the Tory Party Conference!

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Policing of 'noborder camp' in Brussels violates basic civil rights

01-10-2010 19:27

The Brussels noborder camp has been met with high levels of police action.

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CUTZ: this week in Bristol and beyond ...

01-10-2010 19:26

So, there's nothing happening 'til the Comprehensive Spending Review you say?

(Most links deleted to avoid spambots)
Dedicated to Will. He'd know what this means. Shine on.

50 Unison members in leisure centres, country parks and car parking services were out on strike last weekend. Swindon Borough Council have withdrawn extra pay for staff working unsociable hours. This works out at between seven and 14 per cent of the workers' wages.
Swindon Unison:

Bristol City councillors have now rubberstamped their plan to cut redundancy payments and pay protection for any redeployed staff (reported last week) as they gear up to make 1,000 staff redundant. The GMB says they will ballot for industrial action on the issue.

The T&G (Unite) and Unison both objected to the plans but seem to be keeping their powder dry on this one. Perhaps they're looking toward even bigger challenges ahead such as the inevitable ConDem assault on local government pensions?

The decision was taken by the council's Human Resources Committee, the star chamber that will be directly responsible for staffing cuts. Its Chair is Lib Dem Steve Comer who also sits on the National Executive of the defiantly left wing PCS union. Quite how he reconciles his two roles is anybody's guess. Also on the committee is Labour's Sean Beynon who owes his seat on the council directly to money and campaigning from the membership of the T&G (Unite). The rest of the committee consists of Tory accountant Geoff Gollop, drippy liberal Fi Hance - who works for drippy Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams - and Lib Dem cabinet member, Mark Wright, a confused working class Tory. Their addresses are online.

Bristol City Council's Cabinet say they are already £2.2 million overspent on this year's budget. It was £5.5m but it has been reduced largely through £3.3m worth of staff cuts branded as "vacancy management". This means low-paid, low-status job vacancies are left unfilled and the staff that remain are worked like dogs by the management to get the work done. Trade unions have yet to find a response to this widespread management tactic.

The University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust that runs the BRI is cutting costs by about £18 million this year. That's around five per cent of their budget. Similar cuts are expected at the North Bristol NHS Trust responsible for the Frenchay and Southmead Hospitals. A cost-cutting merger of the trusts is also on the cards in the next few years. Health spending is supposed to be ringfenced from cuts.

The Bristol Evening Post continues to be the local market leader for human interest stories about public service cuts and their effect on the wider public. War veteran Bernard Warren has dementia and terminal cancer and has been assessed by the local NHS as "not being ill enough" for his care to be fully funded under the Continuing Care scheme. Latest news is that he has fallen and broken a hip a day after NHS assessors claimed his risk of falling was too low for him to receive full healthcare funding. NHS Bristol “are sorry to learn of Mr Warren's fall.”

Bristol City Council have gone very quiet about the £12m earmarked in March 2009 to refurbish Millpond and Whitehall primary schools. Have these projects been cut?

Buddies, a co-operative providing after-school care at Air Ballloon School in St George has been suddenly shut down due to “financial difficulties”. "[Buddies] risked the school itself getting into financial difficulties,” said the headteacher. No plans have been announced to replace the service.

Welcome to 'Silcon Gorge' the creative industries hub of the UK: this year's Bristol Schools Technology Grant has been slashed by £500,000.

More education cuts are coming soon in Bristol. "Detailed budget plans will be announced in the next few weeks," promises schools boss Annie Hudson.

Trade Unions are warning that thousands of defence jobs in the Bristol region are at risk as the government embarks on its slash and burn-style defence review. Around 13,000 workers are employed in defence-related jobs in the area and two major aircraft programmes – the A330 refuelling plane and the A400M military transport plane made by Airbus at Filton and Rolls Royce at Patchway - may be targeted.

Bristol City Council will be building just 12 council homes in Lawrence Weston not the 76 homes across a dozen sites promised by the council when the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) awarded the city a £5.3 million grant last year . The council has instead been given £775,690 by the HCA and will need to sell 40 existing empty homes to match fund the grant. There are currently about 18,000 people on Bristol's housing waiting list.

Bristol's local transport budget has been being cut by £1.5m

Resturanteur, Mike Bennett, the city council's new 'Director of Place', employed to ‘enhance Bristol’s sense of place’ for £72k a year, has announced that the city needs to promote its quality restaurants better and build some bandstands to attract jobs, money and investment. This view is unlikely to be shared by most mainstream economists.

Thursday found Bennett the subject of a brown-nosing spread in the Bristol Evening Post. Oddly, this highly-paid senior local government officer - who "doesn't do it for the money" - was interviewed in the middle of the day on-site at one of his businesses. Are we paying him to run his business? Or does he have an unusually flexible flexitime arrangement?

More on the Bristol Older People's Forum report - from last week - that found two-thirds of the residents of sheltered housing think the quality of their lives is worse since their resident wardens were cut to save money.

Bristol City Council brings in rules trying to gag staff who speak out on the internet from today despite serious concerns from unions and an independent barrister that their actions may be in breach of the Human Rights Act.

South Gloucestershire Council are cutting 33 per cent of their senior managers in an effort to save £2.2 million a year. Between 25 and 30 positions should go in the shake-up. They are also cutting 317 posts in schools – 10 per cent all of non-teaching jobs – to save a further £12 million.

The Conservative-run council has also decided to close its eight old peoples' homes and is abandoning plans to build two new homes. Instead it will spend money leasing the land to a private company to do it.

Bristol City Council have failed to comply with a Freedom of Information request for performance stats on their controversial and under-fire call centre at Whitchurch. However City Councillor and Cabinet Member Jon Rogers has published some limited stats on Bristol Indymedia.

The latest Bristol City Council cock-up will cost taxpayers at least £30,000. Avon Coroner, Paul Forrest, who was sacked earlier this year, is now being reinstated because the council failed to follow correct procedures when they sacked him. Once reinstated, Forrest will receive £30k in back pay and be suspended - again - on his full pay of £120k a year. Bristol City Council spends £3m a year on Human Resources 'expertise'.

Much of Weston-super-Mare's tourist industry is to be handed over to a private contractor to save cash from council budgets. North Somerset Council will hand over the running of The Playhouse Theatre, The Winter Gardens and the town's Tourist Information Service to contractor Parkwood Leisure.

Lib Dem thick thesp, Simon Cook - Bristol museums boss - has instructed everyone to stop moaning about the £72k he wasted on a set of ordinary-looking museum logos from a Manchester design agency because it's upsetting his museum staff. Not as upset as they are about losing their jobs or being downgraded to fill the multi-million pound funding gap his stupid new Museum of Bristol nobody wanted has created, mind.

Bath and North East Somerset Council are imposing a charge of 3% on council tax payments, planning applications and parking permits when a credit card is used. Nice little earner!

Maskeys the bristol furniture company is to shut down with the loss of almost 90 jobs.

Harvey Nichols at Cabot Circus have announced staff redundancies just days after claiming to have had "double-digit sales growth".

130 workers at Orange in Bristol are to lose their jobs as a result of the merger between Orange and T-Mobile

80 staff working at CPC Packaging in Fishponds have been sent home by administrators appointed six weeks ago.

The GMB claims Sheffield City Council has sent official ‘redundancy notices’ to 8,500 of its staff.

Wages are stagnant, people are lsoing their jobs but it's alright because house prices are up 9% in Bristol says the Nationwide. That means the huge amount of people who can't get housing in the city are even worse off than a year ago.

September Labour Market profile for Bristol:

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