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London Rising Tide benefit tonight, Friday Sept 24th, Rampart St., + update

24-09-2004 00:10

This Friday 24th from 8-late there's an London Rising Tide benefit at the Rampart St. E1 social centre, with...
* quality dinner
* films of oil, climate chaos & resistance (including 'Cheeky Apocalypse', 'Oil Be Damned', 'The Curse of Oil' & 'Don't Worry')
* live tunes from The Tell, Godlike Animals as well as the decks
* acoustic jam, open to all

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Activists occupied the offices of the London branch of the Commonwealth Bank of

23-09-2004 19:05

Activists occupied the offices of the London branch of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia on Monday 20th September. The bank is the largest shareholders in Gunns, who are responsible for logging in old growth Tasmanian forests. They also act as bankers for the Eden woodchip mill in New South Wales, responsible for turning pristine wilderness into bog roll, killing countless rare and beautiful species in the process.

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What would John do?

23-09-2004 18:56

Ask yourself the question - and then ask what you are doing.

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Peaceworkers execution claim

23-09-2004 18:52

group claims to have murdered 'Bridge to Baghdad' workers in Iraq.

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An Inventory of Iraqi Resistance Groups

23-09-2004 17:16

This small essay by Samir Haddad and Mazin Ghazi in Al Zawra (Baghdad), September 19, 2004 provide a portrait of the different resistance groups operating in Iraq. I cannot vouch for its accuracy, but it is an interesting addition to the information normally available to us in the UK. What it shows is that the resistance movement is happily organized in many distinct and only partially overlapping networks. It will not be easily uprooted.

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All The Nice Girls Love a Failure

23-09-2004 16:36

Oxford Trades Council 'celebrated' the '84 -5 Miners' Strike, without making any attempt to learn political lessons from that catastrophic defeat for organised labour.

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23-09-2004 16:09

A Blessing on the Olive Trees! and the people of Palestine!
No Justice. No Peace.

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Crucial No Star Wars Fylingdales demo this Saturday, with Thom Yorke

23-09-2004 15:52

Crucial demonstration at Fylingdales Star Wars base this Saturday. Bush plans to announce the start of Star Wars within weeks. Join the demo, help mark the start of Keep Space for Peace Week and raise your voice againgst Star Wars. With speakers including Thom Yorke and CND Chair Kate Hudson, entertainment and a peace march to the radar. All support needed!

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Quit Iraq, and quit fast. It's that simple

23-09-2004 15:14

The brave recourse now is to realism, to admit that a war which cannot be won should soonest be abandoned. Britain should leave Iraq in January, whatever a new American President decides.

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Another action against marine quarrying

23-09-2004 14:35

Some time during the weekend of 3-5th of September, RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) were again targetted in opposition to the quarrying of the sea bed of the English Channel.

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Indymedia writing workshop - Tuesday 28, 6-8, The Drum: yay!

23-09-2004 13:31

Yes, it's that time again! The next Indymedia writing workshop is coming up...
Tuesday 31st August
National Centre for Popular Music
Paternoster Row

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Carbon sinks

23-09-2004 11:05

Why ignorant rock stars and other arses really should shutup etc...Ignorant liberals strike again. No to Greenwash.

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CA at Labour Party Conf

23-09-2004 10:41

.... till your bloody and theeving power be rooted out of the Land

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The end of DESO

23-09-2004 10:40

Report of the demonstration at the Governments Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO), who employ 600 civil servents to export arms from UK-based arms companies.
The demonstration on 21 September was also on the United Nations International Day of Peace.
Report by Jack Durrell for Campaign Against Arms Trade, who organised the demonstration.

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100 Couriers Strike at SMS in London

23-09-2004 10:17

Couriers in London on strike for one week complain of management intimidation, exploitation and how their employer SMS is delivering passports using insecure scab labour. Organisers have been sacked and the workers call on TUC to support them. Where is the London media they ask.

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THE REVOLUTION HAS NOW BEEN TELEVISED -review of GWS Venezuela debrief 2004-9-18

23-09-2004 04:20

review of the Global Women's Strike's debriefing on the recent recall referendum in Venezuela, with Selma James and Nina López (who were in Caracas as invited International Observers) speaking, plus premiere of their new documentary, "Enter the Oil Workers!"

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Beirut Declaration Sept 2004. Assembly of Movements for Peace & Global Justice.

23-09-2004 02:32

Declaration of an international strategy meeting of anti-war and anti-globalisation movements in Beirut, Lebanon on 17-19 September 2004. Attended by hundreds of delegates. The Lebanese welcoming committee included Hizbullah, The Lebanese Communist Party, The Lebanese Socialist Party, Coordination of Domestic Associations and Al-Leqaa Club.

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23-09-2004 00:10

“Israel would be a much safer place to live if it would give up warfare and weapons and become civil-ized, if it would give up expansion and land grabbing and become decent and humane, if it would care about the ‘other’ and not only about more and more land, if it would stop being an occupier fretting over ‘demography’ and become a democracy caring about justice, liberty, and bread for all. “