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Bhopal - A not so Merry Christmas

04-01-2003 22:24

December 3rd saw the 18th anniversary of the criminally negligent disaster in Bhopal. With Dow's CEO promising to think on the lessons this disaster has taught them, Dow continues to stamp down on dissent, and shows utter contempt for its legal and moral responsibilities.

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Brazil Buys Food not Fighter Jets

04-01-2003 21:11

At last! Brazil's new and democratically elected leader cancels fighter jet order, and none of our 'great leaders' can be bothered to show up to his inauguration ceremony...

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Minute by minute: Demonstration against repression and for freedom Valencia

04-01-2003 17:56

Minute by minute: Demonstration against repression and for freedom Valencia

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Is Pakistan Next?

04-01-2003 16:48

As thousands of Pakistanis prepared to demonstrate Friday against the possibility of a U.S.-led war against Iraq, American troops based in Afghanistan threatened to complicate U.S.-Pakistani relations by asserting they have the right to cross the border into Pakistan in hot pursuit of enemy fighters.

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Two informative articles about Bhopal and Dow

04-01-2003 13:36

Recent short articles about Dow Chemicals refusal to compensate victims of Bhopal chemical explosion and pollution tragedy which has cost the lives of upwards of 20,000 people.

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UK Independent Reporter’s Undisclosed Venezuela Conflicts

04-01-2003 08:32

A Brit Reporter’s Undisclosed Venezuela Conflicts
Phil Gunson (“freelance correspondent” for The Independent) and Eric Ekvall Are Upset with Narco News

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Why we don't need the police (pigs)

04-01-2003 01:18

A small article on why we don't need pigs to "police" our society, the only one that needs a force to "enforce" order is an authoritarian one.

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unacceptable outcome

04-01-2003 00:44

man jailed for untidy garden.

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dow chemical sues penniless bhopal survivors

04-01-2003 00:43

no wonder dow is wealthy. How low can you go?

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Google News: "anti-war, Iraq, demonstration" Brings-Up 17 Pages Of News Articles

03-01-2003 23:12

Well you may not hear about it in YOUR local paper, but evidently there is a lot of anti-war protests out there. By typing "Anti-War, Iraq, Demonstration" 17 pages of newspaper articles appeared. Below, is page one:

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The truth about more brit dirty dealings in Ulster released in another 30

03-01-2003 21:12

The Brit cabinet secret Ulster policies of the 1970's are only allowed to be revealed only after 30 years, due to the official secrets act. I look forward to the passage of another 30 years to allow the revelation of more Brit DIRTY DIRTY DEEDS and dirty doings. The Omagh bomb, the murders of Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson and Marty O Hagan.

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movement of the imagination at the esf

03-01-2003 20:41

movement of the imagination at the esf
link to artwork done during November's European Social Forum

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10 million march to stop war (The Mirror)

03-01-2003 19:54

TEN million people are expected to join a worldwide protest next month against war on Iraq

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The Iraq will attack US Homeland

03-01-2003 19:11

The Iraq will attack US Homeland
Every time you believe administration statements can't become more stupid they become still more stupid!

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Help conscientious objectors in Israel

03-01-2003 19:03

information about conscientious objectors in Israel and a request to sign a petition against their mistreatment.

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Important message from Hackney Unison

03-01-2003 17:03

Please circulate!!

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Refugee detention centres burn across Australia

03-01-2003 14:12

The refugee tragedy in Australia continues, as five detention centres burn and refugees are faced with harrowing treatment, deportation and indefinite detention

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Weather Modification

02-01-2003 23:09

Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1970: "Technology will Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1970: "Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised…Technology of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."

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Palestinian – Al Qaeda Connection

02-01-2003 22:42

Update on the ongoing Palestinian – Al Qaeda Connection

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EU to pursue thought crime (format-corrected repost)

02-01-2003 16:27

The Council of Europe has ruled that member states must pass law to criminalise not only the expression of certain views or publishing of certain insults on the internet, but even the "aiding and abetting" of someone else to do so. The thin end of a very wide wedge.