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Newer, Quieter Nukes?

22-05-2003 20:33

Afghanowierdness - Afghanistan Nuked?

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Interviews Available: Ending Iraq Sanctions

22-05-2003 20:05

....Author of "Foundations of World Order," Boyle said today: "Bush is basically getting the Security Council to reverse the long-standing Stimson Doctrine: That the world will not recognize the fruits of an aggressive war. But that is exactly what the Security Council has just done."

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What If They Became An Example?

22-05-2003 20:03

It is clear that by adopting a hostile attitude towards the West, whether it be in our own societies or in Western societies, we will only obtain conflicts fostering doubts, radicalism and racism...

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Under Surveillance In Lebanon

22-05-2003 19:43

It is said that Abu Mahjen, leader of Esbat Al-Ansar, has established contact with people who believe in Al-Qaeda's orientations.

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London Cycle Messengers Association to host Euro championships this weekend

22-05-2003 18:56

Cycle couriers from all over Europe will converge in East London for a weekend of competition and fun and partying in celebration of bike culture

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Congo - The war you don't here about!

22-05-2003 18:42

Soon after the 11 September attacks George Bush declared that the US and the world were facing "the first war of the 21st century". He was contemptuously brushing aside a war in which almost 3.5 million people have died. This has been going on since 1998 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Central Africa. It still goes on today.

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Please phone to help Elly

22-05-2003 17:43

urgent please pick up the phone and call

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ISM Reports: Crackdown on the Christian Peacemaking Team

22-05-2003 17:30

The latest ISM media alert.

Why two women went to war (Rachel Corrie & Private Jessica Lynch)_By Naomi Klein

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Narmada Dam Height Goes Up And Up

22-05-2003 16:28

This is the latest news just in from Gujarat and it doesn't look good for Luhariya & Bulgi and, potentially, tens of thousands of tribal villagers.

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Al Yamamah on a bicycle !?!

22-05-2003 16:22

This is about Al Yamamah and the day I felt like Fox Mulder.

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22-05-2003 16:12

Feedback and suggestions invited on COST 281 - A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams - "CONTROLLED AMERICA LECTURE" - Greenpeace Activist News

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Statement on martyrdom operation in Turkey

22-05-2003 16:08

On May 20, 26-year old ex-prisoner Sengul Akkurt was preparing to carry out a martyrdom operation against a target in Ankara, Turkey but her explosives went off before she reached the target. This is DHKC Statement 302, describing the background of Sengul Akkurt and saying that similar attacks will continue.

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22-05-2003 14:33

Papua: soldiers convicted over tribal leader's death
Botswana: harassment of Bushmen continues

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Multimedia Expse' On American Assassination Politics(amsellem)

22-05-2003 14:27

Multimedia Expse' On American Assassination Politics(amsellem)
c 2003 by charles amsellem all rights reserved
Examining the facts of the Robert Kennedy assassination 35 years ago this coming June 5th expose the lies about american political assassinations

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Capitalist website-hilarious

22-05-2003 12:46

Easilt the most hilarious website since sendbacklibert

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Toronto women's community resist guerrilla gardening to reclaim for peace

22-05-2003 12:23

There is a growing resistance in the women's community in Toronto to the "guerrilla gardening group". Women have become aware that there is a male sexual predator in this group and abandoned spaces where communities are trying to grow much needed food are being "occupied" by guerrillas against several local communities' attempts to grow food.Some neighbourhoods are developing a way to reclaim public space for peace and for neighbours in resistance to random "guerrilla attacks".

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G8 - The trouble begins....

22-05-2003 12:03

Geneva is calm and quiet, but the trouble begins.. Come and join us!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Russian Anarchist Newspaper Editor targeted

22-05-2003 11:58

Russian radical magazine editor has flat searched and computer confiscated by masked, armed FSB.

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Africa Liberation Day - Sat 24th May - protest at the World Bank offices

22-05-2003 11:20

Stop the genocide Against African People, Reparations Now!
Rally and demostration at the World Bank Offices
Saturday 24th May 2003, at 11.30am
80 Haymarket (Trafalgar Square end), London SW1
Nearest Tube: Charing Cross
Organised by the Stop All Imperialist Wars Against Africans Campaign.

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22-05-2003 10:38

I want to know what you all think of the authoritarian nature of comments like this...