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Activist Summit opens in NYC

10-11-2001 06:55

US Strategy Summit on Global Corporate Power and Democracy opens in New York City (USA), with a panel discussion

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A cautionary tale ... does any of this ring a bell?

10-11-2001 03:33

those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

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Where were you?

10-11-2001 02:06

Anti-war protestors don't give a shit about Africa.

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WTO in Qatar 9th Nov 3 articles from the guardian.

10-11-2001 01:27

1.WTO in Doha world's trade ministers attempt again to decide on new trade agreements. The issues. 2.A gulf waiting to be bridged If Doha trade talks fail the developing nations, Ajmir Khan's descendants will still have to fish for jobs abroad. 3.Don't suppress trade, warns WTO chief Friday November 9.

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Expanded s11 big investor trading scam article listing

10-11-2001 01:03

S11 Short Selling Bibliography- Updated and expanded long list of s11 insider trading scam by big investors
Last night I posted an article and due using a computer which was acting odd,
the post posted vertically. My apologies. I have not only corrected
the situation, but have found MANY MORE ARTICLES WITH MORE
DETAILS THE TRADING SCAM. I also am not charging for people
to view it (as should everyone--it's an ethical duty,
since spilling the beans on these assholes may prevent a police state!!!

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09-11-2001 23:46

ORGANIZERS! Help do your part to promote the international day of protest against the war on December 22, with a few clicks of a button!

MASS ACTION IS ABSOLUTLEY NECESSARY, more bloodshed and starvation is imminent, and citizens in the U.S. and allied countries are losing freedoms rapidly!

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Broadband Version of Tariq Ali Anti-War Video

09-11-2001 22:23

Broadband Version of Video of Tariq Ali speaking out against the Afghan war in Manchester.

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09-11-2001 21:40

The worldwide popularity of ATTAC, an association that
promotes controls on the financial markets, has inspired an
attempt to set up an ATTAC group in Britain.

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More pics from anti-wto Trade Justice Parade, london, 3rd nov

09-11-2001 21:23

More pics from anti-wto Trade Justice Parade, london, 3rd nov
more pics from the 5000 strong ngo organised parade demo in london on 3rd November
report at: (article 1)

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09-11-2001 20:44

(I sent this letter to all Indymedia sites..the replies, follow the letter ....)
I sent a photo to an american friend - it was about a man and his grand-child crying because of the kidnapping of his wife by slave dealers in the Iranian border... - this is his reply...
An exemple of Manufactured Consent.

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500 march in Bankok against wto

09-11-2001 19:50

Protesters seek end to WTO role
Groups believe talks hurt developing world
Ranjana Wangvipula

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Protest against WTO in Iran

09-11-2001 19:33

Iran: Workers take part in protest rally against WTO, globalization
Nov 9, 2001
Iranian news agency IRNA

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N9 WTO in Brazil: 400 protesters e 120 policeman in Sé Sq

09-11-2001 18:53

by Brazil Indymedia 9:23am Fri Nov 9 '01 (Modified on 9:32am Fri Nov 9 '01)

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Massive anti-war demonstrations in Greece

09-11-2001 18:17

Massive anti-war demonstrations in Greece
On Tuesday, November 8, coordinated anti-war demonstrations took part in every major Greek city. The demonstrations, supported by the whole spectrum of left-wing parties and groups and the many anti-war coalitions that have been created since the S11, were massive and vibrant, living up to the expectations of the organizers. As usually, however, there was little or no coverage by the mainstream media. (article 1)

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Thousands demonstrate against WTO - trade union demos

09-11-2001 18:10

Thousands demonstrate across the world - list of scheduled protests below including those reports that have come in - from (check the site out!)

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electrohippies 2nd WTO Electronic Action - NOW!

09-11-2001 17:32

The Doha Trade Talks, Qatar
the electrohippies 2nd WTO Conference Action

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Gaping holes in the 'cia vs Bin Laden' story

09-11-2001 17:18

Jared Israel asks some pertinent questions about Bin Laden's connections with the US.

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stop gas pipeline threatening uncontacted tribes

09-11-2001 15:34

Brazil's government-owned oil company, Petrobras, is seeking quick approval for a 520 kilometer natural gas pipeline that risks opening up the most isolated and best-preserved section of the Amazon to large-scale logging and ranching, as well as devastating a completely isolated, uncontacted indigenous group. Amazon grassroots organizations are asking the president of Brazil's Environmental Agency (IBAMA) to postpone public hearings on the Environmental Impact Analysis and to give due consideration to practical, safe alternatives to the pipeline.

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Christmas is Cancelled

09-11-2001 14:58

Santa says: Because of the terrorist war in Afghanistan, I have decided to cancel Christmas. My reindeer have voted unanimously to go on strike due to the threat of low-flying cruise missiles and bunker-busting bombs. Sorry kids, maybe the fun will be back on in a hundred years or so.