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Sheffield G8 Corporate Reports

17-06-2005 22:06

Links to mainstream media reports of the Sheffield G8 actions, feel free to post more links as comments :-)

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text for the moosletter from the Buisness community

17-06-2005 19:26

The leaflet that was given out by company directors and GM researchers to Sainsbury's staff at their HQ on Thursday. Micheal Meacher the former environment minister attended.

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Text of the Moosletter from farmers

17-06-2005 19:23

The leaflet distributed to Sainsbury's staff by farmers, in the rain, on Wednesday morning.

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GM moosletter text from the womens institute

17-06-2005 19:21

The Womens Institute launced the week of demonstrations outside Sainsbury's HQ in London. This is the leaflet they handed to arriving staff.

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video from 16/06 (last one!)

17-06-2005 18:05

last video i took

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Direct Action Affinity Group Training 19th June - PROPOSED TIMETABLE

17-06-2005 17:22

for the G8, DSEi and beyond...
Sunday 19 June @ the Institute for Autonomy, 78 Gower St, London WC1 (Nearest tubes: Russell Sq, Goodge St, Warren St, Buses: Tottenham Court Rd.)

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Class Act

17-06-2005 17:01

The sentiment behind the prohibition of panhandling is disguised behind the word “aggressive”. But really, this is about the creation of a class of untouchables and the creeps that don’t want to touch them.

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Papuan Activists in Prison

17-06-2005 16:24

Two Papuan activists, Filep Karma and Yusuk Pakage, have been sentenced to 15 and 10 years in prison respectively for raising the Papuan flag on ‘Papuan independence day', December 1st, 2004. For this ‘crime' they were charged with ‘treason against the state'.

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17-06-2005 16:18

By Grattan Puxon

A dramatic legal victory this month
has highlighted the possibility that the
UK government would face international
condemnation should threats to bulldoze
Britain's largest Gypsy settlement be
carried out.

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video from 16/06 (part3)

17-06-2005 16:05

another video

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17-06-2005 15:44

A broad network of Activist groups today announced that they are to set up an Eco-Village to coincide with the G8 summit at Gleneagles. 5000 people will gather outside Stirling to build the camp as an example of sustainable ways of living and non-hierarchical methods of organizing in direct response to the G8s poverty making, undemocratic and ecologically devastating policies.

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Sainsburys demo- moosletter from parents

17-06-2005 15:26

Text for the leaflet distributed to Sainsbury's staff outside their HQ this morning. Over 400 were handed out by parents and kids.

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Anarchitecture Week 2005

17-06-2005 15:01

17 - 26th June 2005

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Asylum Profiteers 'The Angel Group' sponsor Celebrating Sanctuary in Brum

17-06-2005 14:47

The Angel Groups tent at Celebrating Sanctuary
The euphemistically titled 'Celebrating Sanctuary' event during Refugee Week in Birmingham is mostly funded by The Angel Group. The Angel Group is a corporate housing provider contracted by the Home Office's National Asylum Support Service (NASS) to house refugees. The Angel Group fund the week-long event in Birmingham's City centre to the tune of £50,000.

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Amnesty International speak out on Roy Bennet

17-06-2005 14:23

Continued detention of Roy Bennet is a gross injustice
Amnesty International today expressed its very great concern at the continued detention of Roy Bennet, the opposition Member of Parliament (MP) for Chimanimani

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How Much is Enough?

17-06-2005 14:14

"The world has enough for everyone's need, not for everyone's greed." The fear of the further spread of the western lifestyle and economic mode with frequent flier rebates is at the center of political debates. Life without resource-intensive lifestyles should be encouraged.

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a banquet on devonshire green

17-06-2005 13:51

make poverty history banquet on Devonshire green

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Clare Short sucks

17-06-2005 13:25

Did anyone see Clare Short on Question Time last night?

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Six die in Burundi church massacre, two more killed in other attacks

17-06-2005 13:25

"The first criminal attack was committed in one church at Muhuta district where a group of FNL fighters fired in the church and killed six people including a pastor. They also injured seven others," [army spokesman] Manirakiza said.

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2nd Leaked G8 Climate Declaration Draft going Backwards (download here)

17-06-2005 13:06

Following the leaking of an initial G8 climate position paper (see another later set climate documents have been leaked. It seems that after pressure from the US the already poor plan for action is being watered down still further.