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Carnival Against Vivisection, peoples reactions, a very personal perspective.

26-08-2008 16:32

Some thoughts on the Carnival, Peoples reactions and some things worth bearing in mind.

Plus a copy of a flyer I was given.

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FIT Team Photographers Earn More Than Coppers!

26-08-2008 15:24

Well, it was like getting blood out of a stone but we finally got some answers from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) about the FIT team photographers who’ve been following activists and footie fans round for the last few years.

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Palestine Today 082608

26-08-2008 15:23

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday August 26th, 2008.

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The Recession - London Public Mtg with Paul Mason and Graham Turner

26-08-2008 13:14

Paul Mason, Economics editor of Newsnight & Author of Live Fighting or Die Working - How the Working Class went Global and Graham Turner, author of "The Credit Crunch" will be discussing the recession and what it means for us. The meeting is hosted by the People Before Profit Charter. All welcome

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Support Portuguese anti-GM activists.

26-08-2008 11:50

All over Europe, citizens engage into civil disobedience and direct action in resistance against cultivation of genetically modified crops. Only in Portugal, people that have applied this strategy are officially labeled as terrorists. Please help pulling the Portuguese activists out of their isolated position and express your solidarity by signing the petition!

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The Giri Raja Chicken

26-08-2008 10:50

Can a new breed of chicken help break the stranglehold of industrial farming?

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"Pride is a Protest" - Bradford MSGI marches at Manchester Pride

26-08-2008 09:54

UMSU and MSGI protesters
Several representatives of University of Bradford's MSGI society marched at Manchester Pride 2008 to proclaim "Pride is a Protest", along with several other groups.

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No Border Fest

26-08-2008 08:36

On the first weekend of October, we will be hosting a benefit weekend of punk, ska and folk. All profits will go to No Borders South Wales.

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Over 50 activists in Sweden storm monkey testing laboratory

26-08-2008 08:04

Early monday morning a vivisection laboratory in the Stockholm area was stormed by anti vivisection activists

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Barclays ATM glued

25-08-2008 23:15

Shortly after workers fixed an ATM in the westcountry (we wonder why it was broken in the first place.....) militants visited the capitalist machine and applied liberal amounts of super glue to the card slot.

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Carnival Against Vivisection - Creative ideas - Crimthinc Anarchist Cookbook!

25-08-2008 23:10

We have been leafleting and fly posting in our area recently using the English and Polish flyers downloaded from what more can we be doing to let the world know about the Carnival, the plight of animals in labs worldwide and our fellow activists stuck in jails around the world.

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Tensions Begin on Eve of DNC

25-08-2008 22:01

Anti-capitalists reclaim the streets of downtown Denver to kick off DNC Protests, met by police in stand-off

Two pink tanks blasting raucous music and masked protesters carrying signs such as “It’s the $y$tem, Stupid”, “No HOPE in Capitalism,” and “Riot for Peace” took over the downtown of the Mile High City on Sunday on the eve of the Democratic National Convention.

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The Arab League criticism on the Darfur ICC charges against Bashir is rejectable

25-08-2008 21:38

Regarding her criticism on the possible ICC charges against the Sudanese president Mr Bashir,in respect with Darfurian war crimes, the Arab League is showing a morally rejectable point of view and is measuring the double standard

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Devonport submarine base blockaded by Trident Ploughshares, one arrest

25-08-2008 21:20

Blockade at Camel's Head (S. Lasenby)
Around thirteen activists from anti-nuclear direct action group Trident Ploughshares took the police by surprise when they blockaded Devonport naval dockyard, near the centre of Plymouth, in the early hours of Friday, 22 August, 2008. One man was arrested. The Royal Navy base is used to refit nuclear submarines, including the Trident nuclear missile-carrying Vanguard fleet based at Faslane, Scotland.

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Anti-Hunt Protest in Worcester - stop Cameron!

25-08-2008 19:17

David Cameron will, if he gets the chance, legalise hunting. Join the protest when he`s in Worcester this coming Friday.

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Swissair 111,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,Morris Talansky,AIPAC Attorney Neal Sher

25-08-2008 18:52

:Morris Talansky the New York rabbi who bribed Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in danger of being investigated in the U.S.. Rabbi Talansky s far more than a far right wing Jew who resides outside Israel - Talansky is a big investor in ImageSat of the Israeli government's military public company Israel Aeronautics Industry and is sueing it for not selling its satelite images to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela among others in order to increase his stock investment.

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Pesticides cause mass death of bees

25-08-2008 15:40

The German Coalition against Bayer Dangers today brought a charge against Werner Wenning, chairman of the Bayer Board of Management, with the Public Prosecutor in Freiburg (south-western Germany). The group accuses Bayer of marketing dangerous pesticides and thereby accepting the mass death of bees all over the world.

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Palestine Today 082508

25-08-2008 15:27

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday August 25th, 2008.

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Read This B4 Planning Any Future Actions

25-08-2008 15:24

Devilvision: The World's New Wireless Grid.


The last 90 minutes of this show is an interview by Gina Romano ( with author of Devilvision Bill Gallagher ( of Hachita NM on ENMOD and chemtrails.

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ALF Target; Barclays, Glaxo, McDonalds, Burger King & Hens Liberated

25-08-2008 15:18

23rd-25th August