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perpetual war, perpetual terror

21-12-2003 02:51

an analysis of the military industrial complex and its role in perpetuating the so called war on terror

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Stagecoach suck

21-12-2003 02:22

Stagecoach bus company rip us all off, and make me really angry

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the stupefication of a nation: corporate media propaganda

21-12-2003 01:57

an examination of corporate media's role in the mass manipulation of the american public and its significance on democracy

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Save Tibet... why?

21-12-2003 01:09

The Tibetan Photo Project provides a view from the inside of Tibetan culture
Whats in it for the West to help save Tibet?

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PACA clear the fur out from the Worcester/Hereford regions

21-12-2003 00:56

Other outlets in the Hereford and Worcester areas successfully targeted in the last four months by PACA - West Mids were: Madeleine Ann, Designer Depot and Allsports in Worcester. Robes and Janet Elizabeth in Hereford.

The following article taken from the Ledbury Reporter 19th December.

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Tibetan monks using camera for first time in effort to save culture

21-12-2003 00:48

Tibetan monks try to maintain their culture in exile
Tibetan monks living in exile are using the camera for the first time in their efforts to document and preserve their culture. The site has been linked by Harvard Asia Center for the Sept. visit by the Dalai Lama and also by Africa and Asia studies at the university of London and is building a voice for the Tibetans and their cause

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Interview with a Tibetan Lama

21-12-2003 00:36

Lama Agha
A rare look at the perspectives of a Tibetan lama living in exile.

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Mayday 2004

20-12-2003 17:43

mayday 2004 site info?

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>>DIRECT ACTION - JAN. 31st, 2004 against Borders, states and capital

20-12-2003 14:02

>>DIRECT ACTION - JAN. 31st, 2004 against Borders, states and capital

Europe-wide day of action in solidarity with immigrants, called by migrant
groups from around Europe. A gathering is being organised, for January 17th. More details soon:

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Anna Scher Theatre Protest Tonight 20/12/03

20-12-2003 13:02

Protest Tonight outside the Anna Scher Theatre (Reclaim our Theatre) 6.30/9.00pm

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No to the Wall Means No to the Geneva Accord

20-12-2003 11:25

The Geneva Accord, if it succeeds, will be a major achievement for Zionism in negating and erasing history, denying Palestinians their inalienable rights, and deeming the Palestinian future to ghettoization and enslavement for the sake of the Jewish state.

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Shaheedah in Nablus, Palestine

20-12-2003 09:45

The roads from Asira Shamaliya to Nablus city, the regional capital, have been closed for some time. Those trying to brave the mountain trails or skirt around settlements risk military aggression. Kamleh Mohamed Asa'd Sawalha was a recent victim.

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20-12-2003 08:43

Peace on earth

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Issue 3 of the Cambridge NewsWire

19-12-2003 23:47

Here is the third issue of NewsWire, the print edition of Cambridge Indymedia... please read and distribute!

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Bayer - Closed for Xmas

19-12-2003 23:34

Activists visited the offices of PBI Home & Garden, a Bayer owned company in Hertfordshire. They stuck up anti-GM posters, glued the locks to the front door and intercom and spray painted "NO GMO".

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Breaking The Silence - Statement and Recommendations to the CFSAC

19-12-2003 22:32

Please read this and then pass it on to other activists, media contacts, friends, family, and anyone else you know ? The issue of toxic chemicals and multiple vaccines has come to the forefront once more following the docu-drama based partly on Andrew Wakefield experiences after discovering measles virus in the gut of children who developed regressive autism shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine, and partly on the horrendous experience by those affected. Those who saw "Hear The Silence" will understand the lengths the medical establishment and governments will go to in order to silence the truth. Please help, break the silence !

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Accidents Involving Nukes

19-12-2003 22:26

It took six years, but the London Guardian has forced the Ministry of Defence to hand over a list of 20 nuclear accidents from 1960 to 1991. Reporter Rob Evans kindly supplied The Memory Hole with the actual document, which is not otherwise online. He wrote the following story based on this hard-won information:

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G8 2004:COINTELPRO in Savannah

19-12-2003 22:15

Cops stake out G8 event in Savannah. Ga. Activists demand that city gov't buck the Patriot Act and flush the political police. (Hational Coalition to Repeal the Patriot Act- )

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Break the walls of prison! Freedom for Michel Gaucher!

19-12-2003 18:50

We call all social forces and independent beings all over the world to reunite and to stand against the injustice done by our government(s). These protests are going to launch an attack on the social conformity of happy consumation and its ignorance of the repressive and cruel reality.

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19-12-2003 17:38

Is schnews offline?