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Omar Ibrahim March 26th Anti-Cuts Prisoner Blog – 2nd January 2012

05-01-2012 20:40


Omar Ibrahim March 26th Anti-Cuts Prisoner Blog

Not A Sick Society: A Sick State – 2nd January 2012

Comparing how States deal with dissent

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Avoiding automated facial recognition / computer surveillance

05-01-2012 16:18

There is an interesting article here about how to avoid facial recognition from CCTV cameras, etc.

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Ruling Class Plays Divide and Rule Over Abbott Tweet

05-01-2012 15:50

Labour's Shadow Health Minister Diane Abbott is facing widespread media calls for her resignation this afternoon, after Tweeting that "'White people love playing 'divide & rule'". The instant furore illustrates much that is malevolent about the corporate media, and ironically enough provides a perfect example of how the ruling class plays divide and rule.

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European Day of Action against Capitalism: March31

05-01-2012 14:39

Left Wing Organisations and Libertarian Base Unions Call for an International Day of Action against Capitalism on March 31st, 2012

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Venezuelan prison occupation

05-01-2012 14:00

1000 friends and family members of inmates are currently occupying a prison in Venezuela. This in protest against the judicial system, and prison conditions and brutality. The Venezuelan government believes the occupation to be part of a CIA backed plot to destabilise the country.

Around one thousand friends and family members of inmates held within Venezuelan prisons, have today entered the Yare prison near Caracas, and have refused to leave. They are made up of around 800 women, 150 children, and a handful of men.

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The murder of Stephen Lawrence & institutional racism - an overview

05-01-2012 13:18

The deeper exploration of the facts surrounding the murder of Stephen Lawrence & the expose of institutional racism in the UK, most particularly the revelation that whilst the original prosecuting officers were knee deep in association with criminal activity with a father of one of the accused (David Norris), one can also question how at the time of the non-investigation into Stephen Lawrence's murder, a public trial into the death of young David Norris' uncle also called David Norris who was a police informant which was happening at the same time may have threatened to expose criminal cartels operating in 3 specialist police squads operating in south-east - one of which included association with gangster Kenneth Noye (who is/was also a freemason).

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'Resistance' comes to Bristol

05-01-2012 12:55

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Solar powered cinema in running for national award

05-01-2012 10:40

A solar powered cinema has been shortlisted to win an award this month. The Sol Cinema from Swansea is currently in competition with arts groups from across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

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Merry Christmas for all? (Athens)

05-01-2012 08:43

A brosure from Athens regarding X-MAS and the cities problems. Things have turned bad over there.

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B&K Universal March - Hull - This Saturday!

05-01-2012 00:50

Campaigners are preparing to march and rally in Hull this Saturday against the
plans to construct a laboratory beagle breeding farm in the area.

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Oil Shock - The No Growth World

05-01-2012 00:25

The price of oil hits you at the pump, in your food bill, and everything you buy. What if you can't afford it? Radio Ecoshock 120104 Oil Shock the Post-Growth World with Jeff Rubin, Charles Maxwell from ASPO 2011 and interview with Italy's Ugo Bardi on climate change vs. peak oil.

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Blood and Honour Uk Leak

04-01-2012 19:38

From Anonymous hack of German Blood and Honour websites

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Wukan Peasant Victory Sets Stage For Chinese Turmoil

04-01-2012 17:23

Villagers building barricades in an effort to prevent police attack
The villagers of Wukan in south-east China appear to have won a victory over the misnamed Communist Party regime, and prevented the sale of some communal land. This triumph is the result of direct action, direct democracy, and the community's ability to get the word out, in spite of government censorship. These factors will be crucial in 2012, as factory workers come into conflict with multinational corporations in the cities.

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre still in Deliberations over Israeli Apartheid

04-01-2012 16:57

Posted on 4th January 2012
A follow up on London’s Shakespeare’s Globe Theatres response to being informed that they are scheduled to host Habima National Theatre of Israel, who wilfully & regularly perform in the illegal settlements of the West Bank to audiences where Palestinians due to their ethnicity are excluded from attending.

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Institutional racism still present in the police

04-01-2012 16:55

Today two of Stephen Lawrence's murderers were sentenced. Met police chiefs have been out in a public relations frenzy to paint themselves as finally having overcome the 'institutional racism' that the Macpherson inquiry found them guilty of. But recent news of racist coppers who would have been sacked in any other job keeping their jobs suggests otherwise.

The Northampton Chronicle reported that a Northants police officer was found guilty of gross misconduct after sending racist and sexist texts to other officers was still in his job. And at the end of last month a Leicestershire officer who called "foreigners" "scum" on his Facebook page got to keep his job whilst being investigated. The responses of their forces to these officers' racist behaviour suggests that they do not consider it gross misconduct at all, but worthy only of a slap on the rest. They certainly do not seem to think that racist attitudes are a problem whilst on the beat.

There are, of course, much more serious incidents like the alleged attack on Khurum Ali Khan by West Midlands police in November, the mysterious death of Smiley Culture whilst police raided his home, not to mention the police and IPCC cover up around the killing of Mark Duggan. Over Christmas, the family of Indian student Anuj Bidve, who was shot in Manchester, complained bitterly about the way the Greater Manchester Police had dealt with his murder. His brother-in-law said "[The UK authorities and police] have to help us to believe again that Britain is not a racist place."

Inquest, an organisation investigating deaths in police custody has said that "a disproportionate number of Black people and those from minority ethnic communities have died as a result of excessive force, restraint or serious medical neglect. We believe this is indicative of institutional racism in the criminal justice system." IPCC reports reveal that despite 333 deaths in police custody between 2000-2010, no officer has ever been successfully prosecuted in relation to those deaths. The families of many of these people hold an annual march for justice to Downing Street and this year their peaceful protest was attacked by police.

No justice. No peace.

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Demonstration in support of Ruhul Anam

04-01-2012 14:55

Supporters gathered outside Nottingham Magistrates this morning to call for justice for Ruhul Anam. Ruhul was in court for Upper Tribunal immigration hearing. He has been in immigration detention for the last 3 years and 9 months and is currently detained at Morton Hall IRC in Lincolnshire. The Court of Appeal has already determined that the first 18 months of his detention was unlawful and Ruhul has won the right to argue that his entire detention has been unlawful in the High Court.

Ruhul has spent his time in detention well, extensively researching immigration law and helping his fellow detainees to make their cases, and often, to win them. He has recently had an important role in producing Speak Out, a newsletter for detainees that is being distributed in detention centres. After such a long period of time in detention, much of which has already been declared unlawful, supporters, which included many of Ruhul's family members who had travelled from London, hoped that Ruhul would be able to win recognition of his right to remain in the UK, the country he has lived in since he was 13.

Ruhul's barrister argued that, with the unlawful detention case still pending, the immigration hearing should be adjourned because its outcome would affect the extent to which his client could rely on arguments around the Ruhul's right to a private life and right to a family life. If Ruhul wins his case in the High Court then it will demonstrate that the Secretary of State unlawfully deprived him of these rights by isolating him from his family and community in detention centres for the past 3 years 9 months, a powerful argument in his case.

At first the judge was adamant that the case should go ahead today, but on realising that a decision made before the High Court could be undone by its decision, she changed her mind. The hearing is now adjourned for a month, which should allow time for the High Court case to take place, and will be transferred back to London.

Ruhul was disappointed. He wanted today to be his day in court and to get one step closer to freedom. We hope he will get that next month instead.

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Solidarity with Manning & Assange: A year in pictures and links [Part 3]

04-01-2012 11:35

Court solidarity with Assange and remake of Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues

Part 3: A selection of photos and links missed from parts 1 and 2.

Part 1 is here
Part 2 is here

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Occupy Nigeria: Civil Society, Labour Unions To Engage In Series Of Mass Action In January 2012

04-01-2012 09:01

A coalition of Civil Society in Abuja said that it would begin a mass protest come January 2012 tagged (Occupy Nigeria) over the controversial fuel subsidy removal.

This revelation was made today by the National Convener of the group ,Jaye Gaskia, at a press briefing. Gaskia said that the group would mobilize all Nigerian and other organized bodies for permanent street protest which would cut across the country if Government go a finally go ahead with the removal of the fuel subsidy.

The group which comprises of Action Aid , United Action for Democracy (UAD), Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Legislative Advocacy Center (CISLAC).

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The Occupy Movement Is In Danger From Within!!!

04-01-2012 00:43

CIA funded "Informants" or "New World Order Facilitators" who specialise in sophisticated intelligence gathering techniques, are working as informants within Occupy groups worldwide!!!! OR NOT as the case may be.