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Solidarity with Manning & Assange: A year in pictures and links [Part 2]

WISE Up for Bradley Manning | 01.01.2012 18:29 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War

Part 2: September - December 2011

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Both Bradley Manning and Julian Assange continue to suffer the wrath of the US Empire for their parts in exposing its crimes, corruption, deceit, bullying and other nefarious activities. They continue to need our support and solidarity into this new year: Bradley Manning is still in detention (19 months and counting) and now waiting to hear the outcome of his pre-trial hearing; Julian Assange is appealing the extradition decision against him at the Supreme Court at the beginning of February; a Grand Jury in Virginia, US, continues to investigate Assange and WikiLeaks.

Links to reports on the newswires

2 Sep 2011 - Catholic Worker solidarity with Manning and Assange at GCHQ

5 Sep 2011 - Guardian Initiates WikiLeaks Ass Kicking Party...

7 Oct 2011 - Blockade of Downing St on 10th anniversary of war on Afghanistan

31 Oct 2011 - War Resisters Ciaron O'Reilly and Ben Griffin speak out for Bradley Manning

1 Nov 2011 - Catholic Worker sermon on steps of St Pauls calls for solidarity with Manning and Assange

2 Nov 2011 - Solidarity with Julian Assange at High Court Extradition Appeal Ruling

11 Nov 2011 - Alternative Armistice Day event in London

25 Nov 2011 - US Ambassador confronted at St Paul's with 'Free Bradley Manning'

5 Dec 2011 - Solidarity with Julian Assange at High Court

5 Dec 2011 - High Court rules that Assange can seek appeal to Supreme Court

13 Dec 2011 - Veterans gather at US Embassy to demand release of Bradley Manning

16 Dec 11 - Solidarity with Bradley Manning in Wrexham

16-19 Dec 2011 - Four days of solidarity with Bradley Manning in Wales

17 Dec 2011 - Solidarity with Bradley Manning at Menwith Hill

17 Dec 2011 - Solidarity with Bradley Manning outside US Embassy

20 Dec 2011 - US plane sabotaged at Shannon warport

29 Dec 2011 - Occupy Northwood Military HQ

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Two more strips of photographs from the US Embassy, 17 December

02.01.2012 11:49

Thanks to Grey Photography for the images for both these strips, also for the middle image in the strip from 17 Dec at the Embassy above.

Grey Photography:

WISE Up for Bradley Manning