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Amerijet - Flying Primates for Vivisection

24-10-2010 22:51

"Yeah, I'm coming for you again today...I'm gonna kick your ass"
- Animal technician inside a laboratory, commenting on injecting restrained

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NUS and UCU anti-cuts national demonstration; London; Wednesday 10 November

24-10-2010 22:48

Join the march on the streets of central London to fight against the looming, savage education cuts.

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Anti cuts demo takes place in Cambridge - hundreds attend.

24-10-2010 21:09

Some of the corporate media were paying attention..
Yesterday afternoon (Saturday 23rd October 2010), I witnessed history repeating itself, as in response to Tories doing what they always do when they're in power, hundreds of Cambridge people came out onto the streets in protest against the forthcoming proposed cutbacks in funding to the public sector and welfare.

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State Repression in Iceland - RVK9

24-10-2010 20:48

Protests at Althing (parliament) 4 Oct. 2010
As we speak, Iceland’s first post-collapse trial is taking place. To no-one’s surprise, the accused are individuals from the most radical part of the uprising that toppled Iceland’s government during the winter of 2008 and 2009. The people – anarchists and radical leftists – are now facing somewhere between 1 and 16 years in prison, will they be found guilty of attacking the parliament.

They are in desperate need of support and solidarity actions from abroad.

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Australian Union President, Kevin Bracken – A true working class hero!

24-10-2010 20:41

Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia Kevin Bracken
Secretary of Maritime Union of Australia Kevin Bracken has received literally thousands of thank you's from around the world for his brave stance for 9/11 Truth! Standing his ground even after being directly verbally bashed by the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard saying he was "stupid and wrong" and having his own leadership comrades buckle at the knees if the face of unfounded ridicule. Rather than running for cover Kevin with his chin in the air has reiterated his position defying any to debate him on the issue! As usual all media presstitutes have refused, as there is obviously "no debate to have". It seems that the vast majority of the public disagree and would like to see such a debate but none of the so called "journalists" dare to tread such a path.

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Anarchist bookfair this weekend - but where are all the anarchists?

24-10-2010 20:40

Went to High street kensington this afternoon to see around 30 people having a counter demo against the edl... but...

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Criminalisation of Protest and Dissent in Britain

24-10-2010 20:22

Criminalisation of protest and dissent is now a common feature of neo-liberal governance. Here is a chance for you to share your experiences and thereby contribute to a chapter on the situation in Britain for a book on criminalisation of dissent around the world.

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Birmingham Spy Cameras - police meeting Monday 25th October

24-10-2010 19:52

Public/ open meeting at 11.30 AM TOMORROW - Monday 25th Oct

West Midlands Police Authority are holding a meeting about the issues surrounding the controversial 'Project Champion' spy cameras, which was suspended in July.

There will be a response from the police and the police authority to the recent independent review into the fiasco. There will aslo be a report from the chief constable regarding "the future of the cameras". Th...en the public (who are allowed to attend, but not speak, I'm told) will be ejected. The meeting will continue in closed session behind closed doors with the public excluded while talks are carried out in secret.

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Notts Cuts Watch #2

24-10-2010 19:27

An (incomplete) overview of how the age of austerity has affected Notinghamshire over the last week or so.

Local councils

NOTTINGHAM City Council and Notts County Council both predict that next year will be their toughest of the next four as they face Government cuts.

Chancellor George Osborne said all councils would face a Government reduction of an average 7.1 per cent for each of the next four years.

But Nottingham City Council predicts it will face a 12 per cent cut in the first of these years.

And Coun Kay Cutts, leader of Notts County Council – which has already pledged to save £69 million next year based on an 8 per cent Government grant reduction – says they may now need to find an extra £5 million to £6 million, as they expect a 10.4 per cent reduction next year.

City council leader Jon Collins said the review’s detail showed councils will face toughest cuts in the first year of the four-year plan. He said: “The scale of the cuts will have an impact that people will see, there will be less services provided. You can’t balance the budget without affecting care services, children’s services, protective services.”

Spending Review: Councils predict next year will be the toughest, Nottingham Post

Nottinghamshire County Council

NOTTS County Council on Thursday voted to implement £75m worth of saving cuts over the next four years.

Councillors debated 164 proposals to help the authority save £150m and gave the green light to more than half.

The savings, known as ‘category A’ proposals, will be made shortly, while the rest will be put out to consultation.

During the day-long debate, Opposition councillors accused the Conservative leadership of imposing “chilling cuts” because they believed the private sector should do more.

Day-long debate over ‘chilling cuts’ at County Council, Nottingham Post

Public transport

BUS and rail passengers in Notts face price hikes as a result of the Government spending review.

Low-income rural bus services and evening and Sunday services will also come under threat as a 20 per cent reduction in subsidies from 2012 will make some unsustainable.

It comes as a double blow to passengers as Notts County Council recently announced it was reviewing all 290 bus services that it subsidises – saying that the private sector could fill the gap.

But the announcement that the Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) would be cut by 20 per cent means there is even less chance private companies will be able to afford to step in.

David Thornhill, chairman of Notts Campaign for Better Transport, said: "A lot of bus operations are very marginal – on a knife-edge.

“Twenty per cent is quite a big cut and that will be sufficient to push them over into running at a loss and bus companies will withdraw those ones.”

Campaigners say an expected 8 per cent rise in regulated rail fares, which include season tickets, will also make train travel even more unaffordable.

At present the annual increases in regulated fares are capped at 1 per cent above the retail price index (RPI) inflation level. But Chancellor George Osborne said that from 2012 the cap will be RPI plus 3 per cent which, if introduced for next January, would mean season tickets going up almost 8 per cent.

Bus and rail passengers in Notts face price hikes due to spending review, Notingham Post


THE Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review will have a devastating impact on housing in Nottingham, Shelter has warned.

The charity claims the impact of slashing low-cost house-building and cuts to housing benefit, coupled with the lack of a long-term vision to solve the nation’s housing crisis, are likely to increase housing need in Nottingham.

Already the city is seeing nearly 9,400 households on housing waiting lists, with the average house price in Nottingham at £105,000, while the average salary is only £22,695.

Recent research has highlighted that some households in Nottingham will be an average of £56 a month worse off as a result of government cuts to Local Housing Allowance.

Shelter warns spending cuts will have devastating impact on Nottingham, Nottingham Post


A SCHOOL will apply for academy status – despite many of its staff being opposed to the move.

Governors at Kirk Hallam School, Ilkeston, voted on the proposal at their meeting last Wednesday, following the recommendation of the head teacher.

If the school is successful in its bid to becomes an academy it would be run entirely by an appointed trust set up by its governors.

Ilkeston school to apply for academy status after close vote, Nottingham Post


NOTTS Police’s deputy chief constable, Chris Eyre, says the force faces tough challenges in the coming years in light of the Government Spending Review.

Government funding is to be slashed by 20 per cent over the next four years.

And the force will be further hit as other grants which fund police community service officers and neighbourhood schemes as well as other extras are also being cut.

“We won’t know the exact extent until December, but we have a team looking into how savings can be made,” said Mr Eyre. He added that at the same time as making savings, the force is looking at how it can continue to cut crime.

How the police will be effected by Spending Review, Nottingham Post

Voluntary sector

MANAGERS at Notts homeless charity Framework were left reeling after they were told the county council was considering cutting up to £15m from its Supporting People’s programme over the next four years.

Up to 400 jobs could go at the charity, which relies on the programme for 65 per cent of its income.

It was expecting £6.6 million next year, already down by £1m, but must now wait and see how much will arrive.

Nottinghamshire Voluntary and Community Sector Infrastructure Consortium Board, made up of various organisations, said the cuts would have “serious repercussions”.

Board member Fiona Simpson, said: “The voluntary sector in Notts is realistic of the need to trim budgets but the proposed £1.37 million of cuts to over 120 groups and organisations will have a devastating effect on a sector supporting the most disadvantaged people.”

The consortium said the cuts would end services which support those living with domestic violence and activities for older people.

On Thursday, PM Dave Cameron promised to get his housing minister to look at Notts County Council’s plans to slash spending on vulnerable people. Cameron and Nick Clegg visited Welbeck Primary School in The Meadows on the day after the “Comprehensive Spending Review,” then attended a question and answer session at George Spencer Academy and Technology College, in Stapleford.

Anger over county council cuts proposals as Notts charities face ‘devastation’, Nottingham Post
Cameron makes Notts charity pledge following council cuts, Nottingham Post


On Monday, 5-600 people gathered to protest pay cuts for school support staff.

The latest single status proposals will mean massive pay cuts for many school support staff. Some Teaching Assistants will lose as much as £7,000 per year – with no pay protection, meaning salaries will drop from April 2011.

Average pay cuts for TA’s would be 25%. Other staff would also lose pay and possibly annual leave.

Although the council have now agreed to delay the timetable for implementation to allow for more discussion with the trade unions, the proposals have not changed

Unison Demo Re: cuts for school support staff, Nottingham Indymedia

NOTTINGHAM residents went to 10 Downing Street on Wednesday in a bid to urge David Cameron not to slash funding for council house improvements.

Three Nottingham City Homes tenants handed over a petition with more than 1,000 signatures calling for continued investment in refurbishing council houses.

It follows news that the Secure, Warm, Modern programme, which is replacing thousands of old windows, bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems in city council houses, is under threat.

There were fears that the £165 million scheme, expected to run until 2013, could be scrapped or reduced, following Thursday’s spending review.

Nottingham residents take campaign for home improvements to Downing Street, Nottingham Post

Youth Fight for Jobs held a national day of protest on October 20th to tell the government loud and clear that they do not agree with the cuts. They especially want to organise young people – whether workers, students or unemployed – into a campaign to defeat the ConDem cuts package.

‘Youth Fight for Jobs’ on the Notts SOS Market Square demonstration on 20th October, Notts SOS

On Thursday October 21st, Notts County Unison organised a demonstration at County Hall, West Bridgford against the cuts advocated by the Tory-led authority. Coming the day after the Coalition Government’s “Comprehensive Spending Review,” the event attracted around 500 people, a mixture of council workers, service users, campaigners and local residents.

County Hall anti-cuts protest, Nottingham Indymedia

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Halloween Zombie Film Fest

24-10-2010 19:26

Feeling and looking like death warmed up
after last nights halloween party ? Don't be
alone! Come along to Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd,
Easton for films before, during and after
Sunday cafe, as usual from 6.30pm.
Free Halloween Zombie Film Fest!!

Sunday, October 31st starting at 4pm at Kebele...

Feeling and looking like death warmed up
after last nights halloween party ? Don't be
alone! Come along to Kebele, 14 Robertson Rd,
Easton for films before, during and after
Sunday cafe, as usual from 6.30pm.

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Journal Racailles numéro spécial

24-10-2010 19:22

Journal Racailles numéro spécial mobilisation en téléchargement libre :

Bonne lecture !

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BNP stand violent convicted criminal in Croxteth By-Election

24-10-2010 19:08

The British National Party’s candidate in the upcoming Croxteth council By-Election has a conviction for violently assaulting a political opponent during the European elections two years ago.

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Audio: John Pilger at the Anarchist Bookfair

24-10-2010 18:22

Journalist, author and documentary filmmaker, John Pilger, will spend half an hour talking with a member of the London Anarchist Bookfair collective about current world issues. This will be followed by a question and answer session with those at the meeting. John has been a foreign correspondent and a front-line war reporter since the Vietnam War in 1967. He is an impassioned critic of foreign military and economic adventures by Western governments. Come to listen and participate in the meeting. Afterwards John will stay around to do book signings.


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Dick Cheney Was Right! Torture Works.

24-10-2010 17:30

That's if you are torturing for the explicit purpose of having torture victims confess to crimes they didn't commit.

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Ian Lehair, London Fire Brigade Union

24-10-2010 17:22

Ian Lehair, London Fire Brigade Union, London Region, speaking at the start of the anti-cuts march to the TUC in london, October 23rd, talking about fire fighters one day (8hrs) strike and the scabs from AssetCo (

Later that day around 200 firefighters confronted the scabs who were returning 27 engines to the fire training station at Southwark whilst police tried to push them back and threatened them with arrest.

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Michael Bradley of right to work

24-10-2010 16:22

Michael Bradley speaking at the start of the anti-cuts march to the TUC in london, October 23rd:

See report : Radical Workers March as Firefighters Strike


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Audio: Michael Albert - Parecon Intro

24-10-2010 16:22

In the first of two talks Michael Albert (founder of ZCom and author of “Parecon – Life After Capitalism”, amongst many other important achievements) will address all the key issues that anti-capitalists face today.  Combined, the ideas presented in these talks constitute a comprehensive program for economic transformation.  Anyone serious about organising for an alternative economic system should not miss this opportunity to engage with one of the leading revolutionary thinker / organisers of the day.


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London CAAT at the Baby Show

24-10-2010 16:22

London Campaign Against Arms Trade descended on the Baby Show to raise awareness of their links to the DSEi arms fair

London CAAT members turned up at the Baby Show in Earls Court to highlight that the owners of the show, Clarion Events, also run the DSEi arms fair. Many leaflets were handed out (Babies Not Bombs), including some by a full grown baby. A few attendees of the show were horrified by Clarion's ownership of DSEi and some exhibitors also expressed sympathy with us. London CAAT will be at another Clarion event, the Spirit of Christmas Fair in Olympia, from 11am on Sunday 7th November. This is the day after CAAT's National Gathering so why not make a weekend of it!

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UAF national Demo, Sat 6th November, Central London

24-10-2010 15:46

A national demonstration against racism and islamaphobia organised by Unite against fascism in Central london on Sat. 6th November.
Coaches available from Oxford.