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Nottingham Afro-Caribbean Carnival: Day 1

18-08-2005 10:06

The Nottingham Caribbean Carnival is a celebration of African Caribbean culture which will took place this year on 13th & 14th August in the heart of Nottingham's African Caribbean community.

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Support the United Network of Detained Zimbabweans UK

18-08-2005 09:18

On 4th August the United Network of Detained Zimbabweans (UNDZ) and its supporters had a victory at the High Court when deportations of Zimbabwean asylum seekers were halted temporarily until the end of September. The UNDZ needs your support to continue its vital work on behalf of Zimbabweans refugees in the UK.

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War Mother's stakeout of Bush gathering international support

18-08-2005 08:55

Cindy Sheehan makes uk Flagship News Programme

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Native American Activist Leonard Peltier Has Been Moved

18-08-2005 02:18

Freedom For Leonard Peltier

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Lawyers have 14 questions for police who shot Brazilian

18-08-2005 02:09

noteworthy is that 'eyewitness' Mark Whitby told BBC that he say Menezes wearing a thick coat. How could an eyenwitness mistake a denim coat fora thick coat? Who is Mark Whitby?

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Iceland is fascist!

18-08-2005 01:51

police and special forces, called Vicking Squat are following protesters 24h a daz , undercover and not undercover. The state and the immegration office has issued deportation orders for 21 protesters......

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The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove.

17-08-2005 23:34

"The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove".
We need help distributing the 10000+ leaflets door to door in Brighton on Sunday.

Please come to the Cowley club at 12pm Sunday

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17-08-2005 20:40

On Tuesday 16th August at around 4pm the Smash EDO
Peace Camp based in Wild Park behind the arms factory
EDO MBM, was the subject of a threatening police
operation that was only stopped at the last minute by
the intervention of the city council.

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Hardship fund for Gate Gourmet workers

17-08-2005 20:04

Hardship fund for Gate Gourmet workers

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Indymedia Film Nights Manchester

17-08-2005 19:44

free your mind
We met up and worked out some frame works for doing some film nights in Manchester in the months October, November and December.

We thought that three nights at the Dancehouse one every month in October, November and December. And nights in the Basement cafe, one every couple of weeks.

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fascist iceland

17-08-2005 18:20

icelandic government orders deportation of 21 protesters, that took action against Alcoa and the Kárahnjúkar Dam. Methods to capture the people involved are filthy and fascist!!

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West Papua Weekend!

17-08-2005 16:59

Announcing a weekend of events in aid of the Free West Papua Campaign, and its work supporting the oppressed tribal people of West Papua against Indonesian occupation.

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Daughter must pay police who let her mum die.

17-08-2005 15:27

article in the Kentish Saturday Observer. Aug 13th.

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Video: Bristol Journalists in 'Day of Action' to defend local press

17-08-2005 14:59

Video Videostill: interviewing one of the journalists at the action
On Tuesday lunchtime (16th August 2005) there were lots of people clustered around the Evening Post building in Bristol – these were workers and National Union of Journalists members – there to protest at the cuts that the Evening Post owner, Northcliffe (owned by Daily Mail and General Trust PLC – the group also owns Venue, Bristol Observer,, Western Daily Press, Metro and much more!)

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Menezes murder story unravels

17-08-2005 14:58

IPCC investigation shows the Police statements were patently false

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17-08-2005 14:19

Basrah under the control of the British troops since May 2003 has become tolerant of Shia extremism (Talaban style) as long as they do not point their guns towards the occupiers.

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police attempt eviction of EDO camp

17-08-2005 12:49

the police tried unsuccessfully yesterday to brutally evict the Smash peace camp taking place in Brighton yewterday, They arrived at the camp in the woods behind EDO's factory at around 4pm with a council ranger to inform the 5 people on camp that campers had until 6pm to vacate the camp. The council would then seize any remaining property.

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saving iceland electronic blockade TODAY!

17-08-2005 10:46

Electronic blockade Wednesday 17. August from 10 am.

Lets force Landsvirkjun to face up to what we think of their destruction of Iceland for their own personal profit and that of multinational corporations.

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The Angry Brigade

17-08-2005 10:33

Described as 'mad', 'terrorists', 'adventurists', or at best authors of 'gestures of a worrying desperation', the Angry Brigade were condemned without any attempt to analyse their actions or to understand what they signified in the general context of the class struggle in course.

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Jean Charles was wearing a denim jacket, not a bulky winter coat!!!

17-08-2005 10:25

Leaked Secret Documents Confirm Police Lied About De Menezes