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Photos - FIT & EGT at smashEDO Mayday

05-05-2009 17:40

Photos of FIT & EGT at smashEDO Mayday

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SmashEDO Mayday! Mayday! Street Party 2009 (VIDEO)

05-05-2009 17:28

Video and Demo report from Smash EDO/ITT demo 4th May 2009.

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A Delaration of Separation

05-05-2009 17:23

We want to live in peace and are very tired of beinf exploited by banksters and corporations and we advise those thugs to leave us alone.

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Photos - smashEDO Mayday

05-05-2009 17:13

Photos from the smashEDO Mayday march and street party in Brighton, 4th May 2009

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Raise your voices against repressions by the state of Chiapas, Mexico

05-05-2009 17:00

8 other campaign activists have been unjustly and illegally imprisoned, tortured, badly treated, stigmatized by the media, and are now awaiting possible incarceration for false accusations.

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Palestinian Today 050509

05-05-2009 15:40


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday May 5th 2009.

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HSBC Smashed. Brighton.

05-05-2009 15:16

Last night HSBC bank in Five Ways, Brighton was attacked.

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West Midlands IWW benefit gig - David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker

05-05-2009 14:29

May 25th Bank Holiday at the Wagon and Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham. £6 in. Hard hitting political songs from David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker. A variety of food and stalls in the garden from 6pm with performances following and DJs later in the evening. Fundraiser for the West Midlands Industrial Workers of the World, the fighting union!

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The United Kingdom - a nice place to visit, but don’t bring your kids!

05-05-2009 14:26

A recent report on ( Child Wellbeing has ranked the UK 24 out of 29 European countries with only Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta doing worse. Poland, with an overall rating of 20th, beat us by 16 places on the issue of Child Health (Poland 8th place, UK 24th place); which puts the BNP lie about Poles coming to the UK for a better life in perspective.

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Studley, Peter Jolly's circus

05-05-2009 14:11

Now at Studley car boot site A448 The Slough, Warwickshire B966EX

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Message To All Continents - Global Week of Action

05-05-2009 13:58

Global Week of Action starting Saturday 04 July 2009.

Let's have action around the World.

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Protest against eugenics

05-05-2009 13:53

There is a protest at 5:30 pm on the 5th May, outside the gates of 11 Downing street, against a government eugenics program that will try to identify fetuses that will be born with autism and prevent them from being born.

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To realize our situation and overcome it

05-05-2009 13:20

The subordinates embrace hierarchy and imposition as sacred values; servility and the worship of power is the lifestance they chose and believe in.Let’s face it: the working classes are probably more conservative than the ruling ones.

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'March For Jobs' 16th May 2009, National Demonstration organized by UNITE Union

05-05-2009 12:46

A major demonstration by UNITE centered on Birmingham who's West Midlands area has seen huge job losses the union is running free coaches nationally to enable people to attend!

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A nation of landlords

05-05-2009 11:58

This link is to a Times article about proposals to introduce a landlords register. An interesting statistic is that there are now 1 million private landlords in Britain today. With rents falling and massive arrears building up me thinks it might be time for a rent strike.

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GCHQ update

05-05-2009 11:46

"Spy chiefs are already spending hundreds of millions of pounds on a mass internet surveillance system, despite Jacqui Smith's announcement earlier this week that proposals for a central warehouse of communications data had been dumped on privacy grounds."

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Shell targeted as part of Mayday actions in Brighton

05-05-2009 11:45

This mayday bank holiday saw a huge anti-militarist demo in brighton, aimed at the EDO/ITT arms company. As hundreds of protestors were in the streets of Brighton, the opportunity was taken to also send a message to Shell at their local garage 'Shell out of Rossport!'.

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Manchester May Day Demo - Pictures

05-05-2009 11:32

Still not lovin' police
4th May Demo, No Borders and Anarchist Bloc

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businesses linked to EDO ITT redocorated

05-05-2009 11:23

Businesses reopened this morning in Brighton with a redecoration, with the message 'Smash EDO' thanks to the mayday actions against the EDO arms manufacturers.

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Pictures of Cops on SmashEDO Street Party Demo

05-05-2009 10:57

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Street Party.
Solidarity. Militancy. Dynamism. Action. Diversity