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What about MP's who represent the constituency?

04-02-2002 19:52

The U$ plans an Orwellian perpetual war- what you can do to stop them

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IMC journalists jailed in NYC

04-02-2002 19:40

Two reporters of IMC have been arrested while covering protests

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Our Tube Is Not For Sale!

04-02-2002 19:12

Protest at the London Underground Board meeting
Thursday 7 February
55 Broadway SW1 (St James Park Tube)

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Hackney targets the vulnerable in its FREEDOM PASS curb

04-02-2002 18:12

Hackney's plan to cut 20 per cent of its FREEDOM PASSES is blatantly unfair. “We are calling on everyone affected or concerned by these cuts to come to an open meeting on Monday, 18th February,2002 at 6pm in Chats Palace, Chatsworth Road, E5, to discuss various challenges to this policy,” said a member of the Save Hackney Disabled People’s FREEDOM PASS campaign.

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People's march on Internet towards Porto Alegre 2002

04-02-2002 18:00

People's march on Internet towards Porto Alegre 2002
The Net surfers of the whole world are invited to join to the demonstrators of Porto Alegre by visiting February the 4 and 5 the Internet site with the following address

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Farnborough Airfield Judicial Review

04-02-2002 16:53

From the crowing of the local councillors one would think that some amazing victory had been won, that a landmark judgement had been handed down by Solomon. Had that been the case, why crow over a victory over the local community? The truth was somewhat different: the judge made no ruling as the case was not placed before him, the case was settled out of court, with a minor victory to the local community, and as for the £20,000 costs an entirely fictitious figure to make it look as though the councillors had achieved something.

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Plymouth Nukiller Dump

04-02-2002 15:45

Aerial photo showning is Devonport docks, site of recent protests against the arrival of a Trident nukiller submarine.

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UK GM site locations

04-02-2002 13:49

Last week the Government announced the locations of it's latest round of genetically modified(GM) crop Farm Scale Trials (FSTs)

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Finland 1st in Enviromental Sustainablity. US 51st, UK 98th

04-02-2002 13:16

Finland leads the world in environmental sustainability, according to a 142-nation study released today at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, held this year in New York. The study ranks the United States 51st. The United Kingdom is an appalling 98th. The worst 'developed' country by far.

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video footage of Chinese / Irish Anti-Racist rally at GPO, Dublin, 2nd Feb '02.

04-02-2002 12:17

a few mins of video footage, in three different formats: realvideo, asf and mpg:
1. streaming realmedia file, use realplayer
2. streaming asf file, use windows media player
3. mpg downloads *in three segments*, use realplayer to view. (article 1)

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04-02-2002 11:08 produces excellent coverage of US terrorist attacks on one of the world's poorest countries.

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Clergy to join Big Blockade of Faslane base

04-02-2002 10:58

CLERGYMEN are planning to force sheriffs to send them to jail as part of a new wave of direct action against the Faslane nuclear base on the Clyde.

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Images from Munich

04-02-2002 05:35

Images from Munich
Images from Munich

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The Shirley Kermali Story

04-02-2002 04:12

Native American Shirley Kermali is in a Portland, Maine prison. Why? She has no birth certificate! Born illegitimately in the Virgin Islands, unregistered, brought up by foster parents in Trinidad, fled to the USA after being sexually abused, married to a Black Foot, she went to Canada to buy bibles and was refused reentry. Read on.

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A Common Denominator

04-02-2002 04:03

What do Socrates, Tom Paine, Martin Luter King, Jr., John Nash. Ronald Reagan and Shirley Kermali, a Black Foot native American, have in common? World citizenship!

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"Revolution is Main the Trend in World Today" MPP Slams Avakian's CoRIM again!

04-02-2002 03:59

"Revolution is Main the Trend in World Today" MPP Slams Avakian's CoRIM again!
Red fraction communists slammed the RCP again in a statement released this week by the MPP, saying, inter alia, "They are trafficking with the people's wars in the world in order to sell their "Maoism made in the USA"...spreading capitulation under the pretext of "negotiations" in the third world...This fake "Maoism", "moonshine Maoism"... "fighting red banners with red banners"...the CoRIM [is] doing exactly what the enemy wants".

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Excellent report of Saturday's WEF protests in New York

04-02-2002 02:52

WEF Update: Police Aggression Designed to Undercut Peaceful Protests
Kathy Rosenfeld/Chicago Indymedia

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87 Arrested in NY as cops attack protestors again! (sunday)

04-02-2002 02:18

87 Arrested in NY as cops attack protestors again! (sunday)

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5th feb: DAN take on the council leaders for ILC

04-02-2002 02:05

PLain txt articles, disabled peoples direect action network (DAN) take on Birmingham City Council leaders to demand the promised centre for independent living run and controlled by disabled people.

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Another World is Possible in New York

04-02-2002 01:56

According to the mainstream media the anti-globalisation movement collapsed with the World Trade Centre on September 11th. But on Saturday 2nd Feb, 15-20,000 peaceful protesters marching on the WEF meeting in New York, demonstrated that the movement in America is alive and kicking.