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Thessaloniki Solidarity Demo this Saturday!

05-01-2005 01:54

International Poster
On Saturday 8 January we call all those that have supported and shown solidarity with the hungerstrikers of thessaloniki to meet at the Greek Embassy in London. We have chosen the embassy because it is the symbol of the greek state in London. We hope as many people can attend and make their presence felt.

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The War on Puff

05-01-2005 00:26

US Government policy on harmless herbal substances is insane

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New poetry and arts magazine launched in Manchester

04-01-2005 20:59

Harold Pinter and Adrian Mitchell feature in a new radical poetry and arts magazine launched in Manchester aimed at showcasing new and emerging talent alongside top writers.

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Dissent!/Anti-G8 International Meeting, Feb 2005, Germany

04-01-2005 20:10

The following is a set of texts in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portugese inviting people to an international planning, networking and co-ordination meeting for all those involved or interested in radical resistance to the 2005 G8 Summit.

As the text explain, a fuller invitation and the draft agenda will be posted to in the next week or so.

Please forward the following translations to the relevant e-lists and groups, post on other websites, print in publications etc...

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Day of action Feb 15-what we gonna do?

04-01-2005 18:08

what we gonna do????

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Brighton Fans release Single in support of new Stadium at Falmer

04-01-2005 18:03

Brighton and Hove Albion fans have released a single in support of their new ground
at Falmer.

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Please donate to Via Campesina Tsunami relief and reconstruction fund

04-01-2005 17:22

Please donate to Via Campesina Tsunami relief and
reconstruction fund

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They went to war on a lie

04-01-2005 17:09

This is a New Year poem to welcome in the year which with any luck will see the back of Tony Bliar.

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Dear friends of peace and justice

04-01-2005 16:03

The recent disasters in south asia have rightfully attracted the attention of the world as humanity responds with the desire to support and assist that I believe is our specie’s nature when confronted with such need. However, we also know that this system has a compelling desire to divert our gaze from another and ongoing disaster of it’s own making. That is why I have sent to you these reports on the plight of the Iraqi people struggling against continuing war crimes and occupation. It is our duty and it is in our interest to put an end to this clear “crime against humanity.”

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Support The M&S Picket

04-01-2005 14:32


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How To Opt Out of Yahoo Surveillance

04-01-2005 13:19

Yahoo is figuring out new ways of tracking it's YahooGroup users to make money out of them. Find out how you can easily stop them using you!

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Robert Fisk Interview - Middle East in 2004

04-01-2005 13:15

ROBERT FISK: Well, I think that the whole project in Iraq is finished. We are not being told by Mr. Blair in my case and Bush in yours that this is the case, and perhaps through their own misjudgment or their own fantasies, they don't even accept this themselves. But the American project for democracy or whatever its real purposes were, for oil, economic expansion, Middle East fit for Israel, whatever it may have been, that project is finished. It is hopeless. It cannot succeed.

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East Timor: New Law to Stifle Political Dissent

04-01-2005 11:26

From Human Rights Watch
East Timor: New Law Aims to Stifle Political Dissent
- President Gusmao Should Veto Bill Threatening Free Expression and Assembly

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Three brits killed

04-01-2005 03:11

bulls eye! brit scum fragged in iraq...

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Iraqi election officials quit over death threats

03-01-2005 22:27

Please find an article that was found online about the election officials who have packed up and left.

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Iraq's communications cease for upcoming election

03-01-2005 22:19

As the elections draw closer in Iraq the co-alition forces with the Interim government have decided that silence speaks a thousand words.
Up to the end of the elections all communications within Iraq have ceased, they are effectively cut-off from the world and each other. In a country fighting for basic rights there has descended a new method in the fight against ‘Insurgents’, which I call QUARANTINE IRAQ

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Earth First! Winter Moot 2005

03-01-2005 22:10

The Earth First! Winter moot is being held on 4-6th of February 2005

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Freedom of Information Act, now effective

03-01-2005 21:10

The FOI Act is only part of the new openness package. Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs), which implement an EU directive, come into force at the same time. These provide a more powerful right to information about pollution, conservation, the natural environment, land use, road building, genetically modified organisms, air and water-borne diseases, food contamination and many other issues.

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Mexico's economic miracle.

03-01-2005 19:28

Yes, the all reaching touch of globalisation has benefited everyone at every level of Mexican society. Ricardo (pictured below) is a young man with his finger firmly on the pulse of the free market. With the help of a corrupt local doctor he maintains a permanent open wound to attract the sympathy of passing American tourists. “The trick is…” he says “…to ensure that the leg remains infected enough to dribble puss and attract flies without having to be removed. This could cost, and the local begging market is already oversaturated with amputees”. On a good day Ricardo will earn even more than his twelve year old sister who earns 36 cents an hour making Nike trainers in a local sweatshop. GOD BLESS CAPITALISM!!

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03-01-2005 14:04

It would appear that many aid agencies are giving preferential treatment to rich tourists affected by the Tsunami victims instead of those living in the stricken areas. This alongside the weasel words of Tony Blair apparently supported by George Bush is unacceptable. I am no fan of many NGOs as I see most of them propping up the mess left by oppressive and brutal empirical powers but I truly believe that the only organisation with any real credential is MSF (Medecins San Frontieres) Why do I think this, please read below: