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Edinburgh Social Care Workers Fight Back

05-11-2009 22:03

On Sunday 8th November Edinburgh's Support Worker's Action Network (SWAN) will hold its first open organising meeting as it begins its fight back against the budget cuts and competitive tendering it says threatens social care services in the Capital.

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Paul Stott’s “Giving Up ‘No Platform’?”

05-11-2009 20:53

There was an interesting discussion at the Anarchist Bookfair this year by Morris Beckman, veteran anti-fascist of the 43 Group and Paul Stott on anti-fascism past, present, and where we go in the future.

The full text of Paul Stott’s part of the discussion is posted below and on his blog.

Hopefully many who attended the Bookfair and further afield will be able to access this piece of writing and take serious stock of what it says, and, in my opinion, it would be a shame not to see an especially large public national anti-fascist conference come out of it sometime next year…’s certainly well overdue.

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"Afghan betrayal"

05-11-2009 20:36

Independent, 5 November 2009

If your country has been under a brutal occupation for eight years, would you consider working in the service of the occupation forces?

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate betrayal against your fellow countrymen who have been subjected to genocide?

Well, the colonial mentality of the British press would have us believe this is precisely what we should expect from the people of Afghanistan...

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Press Release: Nae Tae G20

05-11-2009 20:24

Press release concerning the planned protests of the G20 in St Andrews this weekend.

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Campaigners hold second protest against Arora Hotels

05-11-2009 19:07

Campaigners hold second protest against plans to turn Gatwick hotel into a detention centre

5th November 2009, 7pm

* Arora Management Services Ltd plans to turn its four-star Mercure Gatwick hotel into an immigration detention centre.

* Campaigners vow to target Arora and Mercure until the plans are dropped.

Anti-detention campaigners are currently holding a peaceful protest at the Mercure London City Bankside Hotel (71-79 Southwark Street SE1 0JA) against what they describe as the hotel company's "cynical, profit-driven opportunism." They are distributing leaflets to staff and guests, demanding that Mercure/Arora drops its plans to turn one of its hotels into an immigration prison.

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Staff at Chelsea Building Society told no unons allowed

05-11-2009 18:16

A manager at the Chelsea Building Society has told staff they are not allowed a union.

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Palestine Today 110509

05-11-2009 17:00


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday November 5th, 2009.

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The Red Bristolian

05-11-2009 16:39

New Bristol Leftist Blog

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Racism and the Censorship of "Gay Imperialism"

05-11-2009 15:42

Peter Tatchell Gags the voices of Lesbian Muslims

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Missing person alert: Ahmed Abdulrahan Mustafa

05-11-2009 14:58

Appeal for help to find a vulnerable homeless man who has been missing for over 3 weeks.

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Anglo Iranian Youth Society Press Conference. Downing Street, London - pictures

05-11-2009 14:29

An End to Religious Dictatorship.
As the Iranian Mollah regime hold its annual anti-US day of protests in Iran, which are met with a new movement of pro-Democracy students angry over the questionable re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President in June, the Anglo-Iranian Youth Society meet outside Downing Street to hold a press conference.

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apex drilling visited - MAINSHILL SOLIDARITY action

05-11-2009 13:16

apex drilling @ bridgend sabotaged by anti opencast activists.

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Leaked George Bush diary extract published online

05-11-2009 13:09

Rumours that one of George Bush's diaries had been 'lost' by his publisher have been floating in publishing circles and on the Internet for several months. Yesterday an extract of the diary was published on an African website - The genuine article or hilarious parody? You decide.

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International Day of Action against Depleted Uranium

05-11-2009 10:37

Target Brimar and the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium will be demonstrating outside Brimar's factory near Manchester on Friday 6th November.

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Climate Change Denial and "Death Denial"

05-11-2009 08:30

Following is an article by George Monbiot on the rise of climate change denial which starkly contrasts this with the increasingly dire warnings from scientists about where we are heading, perhaps 4+°C by 2050. The denial has been stoked up by a massive disinformation campaign as the scientists at have documented. "Denial" and "maladaptive coping strategies" have also been recently considered in an article by Clive Hamilton, how to deal with climate change grief.

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Selex arms company attacked

05-11-2009 04:07

This is the Fuck the War Coalition and we are bringing the war home to those who profit from imperialism. This morning we broke 10 windows on the Selex Galileo building.

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What will Bo Johnson do to help an ordinary London woman in real distress?

05-11-2009 02:35

The Guardian and other British media have hailed Boris Johnson the London mayor in the past 24 hours. His achievement? The reported rescue of a London film director named as Ms Franny Armstrong.

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Shell recruitment event disrupted (video)

05-11-2009 00:30

A couple of weeks ago mischief-makers disrupted a Shell careers talk in Oxford, in solidarity with those around the world affected by their operations. This is the video of the action...

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Veggies News & Events, inc Lincoln Vegan Fair & ARC Meeting

05-11-2009 00:10

Having recovered from the 25th Anniversary Weekend, Veggies Catering Campaign has plenty more events coming up supporting vegan, climate action, anti-militarism and animal rights campaigns. We know these are all inter-related and urge others to make the links and give mutual support too.