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Change in Iran

13-07-2009 13:14

women on the streets
The people of Iran have already effected change. They may not yet have overthrown the Supreme Being and his evil regime, but they have changed the world view of Iran. We now see a different Iran. The hated 'turnip tops' (the ayatollahs and mullahs) are isolated. This has only been possible through various networks and individuals.

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Muslims under attack at Macomer

13-07-2009 13:11

For approximately four months now, muslims in Macomer prison, Italy, have been subjected to some truly sickening abuses. Unfortunately as the months drive on, so too does the oppression that they suffer.

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Alton Food Festival 2009

13-07-2009 12:56

Alton Food Festival
Alton Food Festival is an annual event held in July, part of the Hampshire Food Festival, a month long county-wide event held each summer. This year it was held on Saturday 11 July 2009.

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Dear Mr. Miliband...

13-07-2009 11:59

They believe in justice, they believe in the rule of law and this country doesn't get involved in where are the two remaining British residents in Guantánamo Bay? Before Miliband & Co. disappear for their lengthy summer holidays (until October), please drop them a daily email and ask them where Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Belbacha are...

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Get off the Fence: Naomi Klein and the Boycott Movement

13-07-2009 11:37

Transcript of Naomi Klein Lecture in Ramallah
Posted by RORCoalition on Fri, 07/10/2009 - 07:03

Below is a transcript of Naomi Klein's speech at the BNC-organized event in Ramallah on 27 June 2009. The speech was transcribed and edited by Toufic Haddad for The Faster Times

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Athens: Mass anti-racist march ends in serious clashes

13-07-2009 09:35

from libcom, 8 July 2009:

The first mass anti-racist protest march of the week, organised by anarchists, clash[ed] with strong riot police forces and a handful of collaborating nazis leading to long street battles around the coveted Agios Panteleimonas area.


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UK blocks 5 arms export licences to Israel (out of 182)

13-07-2009 09:23

5 down

177 to go

hardly an embargo

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Call for Global Action Day in support of Vsevolod Ostapov

13-07-2009 07:25

On April the 4, 2008, Moscow cops beat up and arrested seven young men near metro station Sokolniki in Moscow. Now one of them faces up to 5 years of prison.We ask you to support the Global Action Day in support of Seva Ostapov on July the 18th and carry out solidarity actions.

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Rhondda Youth Fight for Jobs Protest a Success

13-07-2009 01:10

A march/demonstration took place through Tonypandy, Penygraig and Porth to demand more jobs, better pay and better opportunities for the young in the Rhondda Valley.

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The perfect Wave cannot be arrested! Call in solidarity with the students arrest

12-07-2009 22:41

Hi everybody, my name is Valentine I'm a student at the University of Turin (Italy) and I'm part of the Italian students movement, the "Onda Anomala". I pray everybody to read these 2 petitions, sign them and set about them. In particular we need the support of movements and academic and intellectual world. We need your support by signing these petitions as soon as posible because on Thursday the first trial will take place.

For any information see our webpage:

thank you everybody!

Valentine -Onda Anomala Torino

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July Events at 56a Infoshop, London (Film and Zines)

12-07-2009 22:22

Here is this months events at 56a Infoshop in South London, a social centre now in its 18th year of operation. As usual there is the monthly screening of films about work presented by Full Unemployment Cinema. Also there is a special weekender organised to show our finally rejigged Zine Library.

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Workers' Fightback: Update 10

12-07-2009 21:41

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Benefit gig for Swat Valley Refugees NO BOMB NO BOSS NO BORDER

12-07-2009 20:59

Fighting between the Pakistan army and the Taliban in the Swat Valley has
left millions homeless. Donations from this event will go towards the Edhi
Foundation’s relief work in Pakistan.

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Time is Running Out... (re. Guantánamo)

12-07-2009 19:25

The LGC and Cageprisoners held a public meeting in support of Shaker Aamer, the last London resident in Guantánamo Bay. Attended by 100 people, it is essential that action is taken now to bring Shaker and Ahmed Belbacha, from Bournemouth, back to the UK immediately!

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Sheffield SWP cash-in on job losses

12-07-2009 16:12

Exposé on the scandalous behaviour of local Socialist Workers Party (SWP) branch raising money for their organising fund through exploiting the public's sympathy with sacked workers.

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Prevent donated blood being sold for profit

12-07-2009 15:55

At present freely donated blood can be sold at a profit by private hospitals.This is news to most donors.Please sign the petion on the Downing Street website calling on the Prime Minister to prevent this

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There is no time to act but now! Camp for Climate Action in Scotland 3-10 August

12-07-2009 15:17

For a week of low-impact living and high-impact direct action, keep 3-10 August free and join us in Scotland to take direct action against the root causes of climate change and ecological collapse. This summer the struggle against a capitalist system intent on extinguishing life on the planet will hit the Firth of Forth!

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Issue 683 - Bobbies on the Bleat

12-07-2009 13:23

SchNEWS has cast our cynical eye over the HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) report about the policing of the G20 protests... plus, the biggest Chinese government massacre since Tiananmen Square, an update on the military coup in Honduras, Israeli warships board Free Gaza Movement boat on humanitarian mission, Rossport pirates attack Shell supply ship, and more...