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Report by an ISM volunteer in Qalqilia

19-07-2005 10:38

Here's a report I've been sent by a friend who is taking part in solidarity work in the occupied Palestinian territories, against the building of the 'security fence' AKA apartheid wall.

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G8 Media Items

19-07-2005 10:31

"...fields that were trampled by protesters and journalists"

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Sheffielder Against the G8

19-07-2005 10:22

Video Police guarding the Stop The War stage from pesky anarchists
I'm from Sheffield I went to the G8 protests.

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Ex-ambassador Craig Murray on Iraq and the London bombings

19-07-2005 09:46

"It is a foreign policy of oil grab cloaked in hypocrisy, and the impact of that policy on Muslims, that has caused this hate."

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Margaret Hassan - a letter to Iraq (BKH)

19-07-2005 08:18

Will King George get brave and take the next reckless step?

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Miscarriage of Justice: Ivan Milat

19-07-2005 06:43

The 474D adequately lists my issue
Most people appear to think once I got arrested-charged with Belanglo that alone meant I was guilty. The producer of the ABC program 'Australian Story' was awarded a logie for that particular story they contacted my friend before hand and he watched the show. They told me that award night the producer said on air "There is still time Ivan to come clean about it ". Well actually I already had, before the program was aired-during its production.

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Baxter visit convinces Burke of need for royal commission

19-07-2005 01:11

Royal Commission into prisons and detention centers
Well our prisons and institutions have all fallen by the wayside so why not have a Royal Commission into prisons and detention centers? Seen as how the punishment appears to be the same even for an alleged terrorist who can be treated like the worst of the worst criminals, regardless if any case has been made against them in a court of law.

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A Warning from Israel

18-07-2005 21:42

What May Come After the Evacuation of Jewish Settlers from the Gaza Strip

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We Go About Our Business

18-07-2005 21:32

The London and Iraq bombings, that took place recently are as a Londoner making me very concerned. What with all the inuendo and blame flying around. The prime minister B.Liar seems to me to be distancing himself from all the events to take the focus off the War In Iraq ! Peace. Kev.

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NF tossers hold shit demo.

18-07-2005 21:28

It's called a phone Terry, you press the buttons and talk into it...
On Saturday the roving Burberry convention that is the National Front tried (unsurprisingly) to drum up some cheap publicity for themselves at the expense of the London bombing victims. The ‘Anti Islam’ march achieved absolutely nothing other than confirm their status as the saddest bunch of fuckwits on the far right.

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Ginger vs the G8

18-07-2005 20:17

Complete darkness. He was trapped on all sides. His ginger hair nostrils quivered as the odour of stale urine reminded him of where he was and more importantly, his purpose. He had to get out and he had to get out fast. The rumble of the tracks below indicated that the train on which he was travelling was slowing down....

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refuse idcards

18-07-2005 17:10

free stickers
calling all people who are against our governments proposed idcards system, are giving away free stickers which are intended to raise awareness for the no campaign and we invite people to requst them for free, from us and join us in raising awarness about idcards.

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New global push for restrictive seed laws: imposing agricultural apartheid

18-07-2005 16:33

There is a new phenomena spreading around the world - the spread of extremely restrictive seed laws. A new series of articles, in the latest issue of GRAIN's Seedling magazine, has found that many countries are being pushed into embracing some of the world's most repressive laws: seed laws.

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Reviewing Pre-1950 Iraqi History: Part 4

18-07-2005 14:48

Part 4 of a short review of pre-1950 Iraqi history for US and UK anti-war movement activists.

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Pentagon: Eastern European bases for fighting in Middle East!

18-07-2005 13:54

And the UK? - The U.S. Army is conducting joint military exercises this month in Bulgaria and Romania as a key test of Pentagon plans to develop Eastern European bases as staging areas for fighting in the Middle East.

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Disinformation as a Strategy of Power

18-07-2005 13:40

"What caused this development? How could an economic system be built where ever-larger parts of the population are excluded from sharing in growth?.. In neoliberalism, the person is not regarded as a person but downgraded to mere labor power.."

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London ESF Arrests Update - final

18-07-2005 13:14

The final case of people arreste & charged during the London European Social Forum was supposed to be heard today at Southwark crown court.

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Life in Al Amari Refugee Camp - child's perspective - Tues 19th

18-07-2005 12:48

Meet the chidren from Al-Amari refugee camp on the West Bank

Tuesday 19th July, 1-2pm

At: United Reform Church, Banbury Road, Summertown, opposite South Parade.