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"Raising the Temperature

25-07-2001 05:22

Corporate power will not be given up voluntarily - non-violent mass action is needed.

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MAPS..? G-8 - 2002

25-07-2001 04:31

Mpas are availible at Calgary's IMC.

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Police display IMC " weapons" in Genoa

25-07-2001 03:19

Police display weapons from IMC raid

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hype by 'child savers' is big business--WATCH OUT!

25-07-2001 01:26

"The problem with children, and with working class children in particualr, was that they refused to be integrated smoothly into an oppressive society.
The child savers turned political problems into adjustment problems. Instead of seeking political solutions to the problems of young people, they chose therapeutic remedies, thereby deflecting critisims of capitalism onto its victims."

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Demo in Bristol at the Italian Consular Office

25-07-2001 01:24

Demo in Bristol at the Italian Consular Office
We had a demo in Bristol at the Italian Consular
Office in Bristol. About 50 people turned up to show
their solidarity and respect for the dead and injured.
after 2 hours we moved on to the BBC.

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Journalists Condemn Police and Demand Probe Into Genoa Violence Against Media

25-07-2001 00:57

Media Release - July 23rd 2001

The International Federation of Journalists today accused Italian police of violence against media staff and heavy-handed tactics that "have put reporters at risk and show contempt for press freedom" in the confrontation with protestors at the G8 summit over the weekend.

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Statement of the father of Carlos Guiliani

25-07-2001 00:53

This statement was read out at Monday evening's protest outside the Italian Embassy. It is from the father of Carlos Guiliani the young man shot dead by Italian riot police in the Genoa protests against the G8 summit.

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PublixTheatreCaravan NOBorder NONation arrested

25-07-2001 00:10

at 22.07.01 activists of the "PublixTheatreCaravan NOBorder NONation" were stopped by the italien police in the eastern part of recco and got arrested.

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Thousands protest against G8 police

24-07-2001 23:37

Tens of thousands of people, many shouting "killers, killers", have protested throughout Italy against the use of police force that left one person dead and more than 230 injured at the G8 summit in Genoa.

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Genoa solidarity demo in Hamburg, Germany

24-07-2001 23:08

Genoa solidarity demo in Hamburg, Germany
Another demonstration in solidarity with the prisoners in Genoa took place in Hamburg today. It was the third action in four days. All over Germany, there have been more than 30 actions, demonstrations and protests so far.

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Join the border-camp in Frankfurt (Germany)

24-07-2001 21:56

Join anti-racist border-camp!

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Today 24 july the italian guy protesting in front of the italian embassy in Lond

24-07-2001 21:13

Today 24 july the italian guy protesting in front of the italian embassy in London still in there

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Anarchists in Hereford

24-07-2001 20:09


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Thousands turn out in peaceful demonstrations accross Italy

24-07-2001 20:08

Citizens turned out in their thousands across Italy to protest against the events at the weekend in Genoa, G8.

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Info from GSF plus info on demos in Italy and Britain

24-07-2001 19:57

The Genoa Social Forum is continuing its legal and medical services. The first address is for legal help concerning those arrested, the second relates to medical assistance being given to demonstrators (and perhaps those who never checked into hospitals).

Here in the UK there will be a protest outside the London Italian Embassy again on Saturday - 2pm, Grosvenor Square

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Reuters report on Amnesty and Genoa

24-07-2001 19:55

Reuters Story about Amnesty and Genoa

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say cheese

24-07-2001 19:52

noises to make you look at security cameras, goody.

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24-07-2001 19:46


Nicola Doherty and Richard Moth, two Globalise Resistance members, have been arrested by Italian Police after the Genoa protests at the weekend. Both work with adults with severe disabilities and are members of Unison trade union. Nicola was on her first demonstration. Neither were involved in any violence during the protests in Genoa.

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Who is "Canaghan"? Reports from Genoa hospitals on Brits there

24-07-2001 19:11

Thanks to Cecilia for finding the following news... A hospital in Genoa says they have a Brit called Canaghan. Does anyone know him? Also no record of Dan MacQuillan, John Blair or Lawrence Miles in any hospital (although will verify later). Sky has had surgery, "can walk" but still under armed guard, we think. No latest on Richard or Nicola.