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15-10-2002 11:35


Full article D Notice in UK; Clinton's fines; Gibby Zobel at Brazil election

15-10-2002 11:30

This week's new gear on YZ...

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Che-Leila on radical belgian anti war demo

15-10-2002 10:39

Joaquim Sebastiao Da Fonseca, from Che-Leila youth brigades, an organisation originating in the UK who’s name comes from Che Guevara and Leila Khaled- a Palestinian revolutionary, answers questions following the press conference of the Stop United States Of Aggression demonstration.

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Celldar Project

15-10-2002 09:58

How mobile phones let spies see our every move Government's secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone, at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal

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we caused cancer in the gulf(DU and first gulf war)

15-10-2002 09:23

DU will be used in the next gulf war.

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Stop the War!

15-10-2002 08:18

Stop the War!
London, September 28

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15-10-2002 07:47

They Don't Want Discounts? Give them Television!

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Bali and the rolling back religion

15-10-2002 07:35

Although from the US military, this is an interesting insight into the problem of religion esp. fundamental islam. It totally ignores the role that Israeli aggression plays here but I guess we shouldn't be surprised as it has been written from a US perspective.

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Indict AUC War Criminals Castano and Mancuso

15-10-2002 06:08

For 10 years the US knew that Castano was a deathsquad leading drug kingpin. To clean up their image the Colombain government wants to reshuffle the death squads and ship off a few token leaders to retirement in the US.The world community must just say no and invest the ICC to investigate.

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Great thoughts about the Arabs and Palestinians

15-10-2002 00:09

Good thoughts below

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Lessons in Justice: The Bush European Nightmare

14-10-2002 23:05

Could George Bush and Dick Cheyney be dragged from the Whitehouse inner sanctum to face trial by an international criminal court for war crimes? At the moment, yes!

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How to detect spying elements?

14-10-2002 21:10

We need to know how to get rid of their
spywares, not only computer
spyware but those components that are
silently installed in our homes and offices.

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Scrap Trident Demo Video

14-10-2002 17:56

Video of 12th October Scrap Trident demonstration at Plymouth. In realvideo format - 3min 45 seconds.

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Two Gay Jamaicans Granted Asylum In the UK

14-10-2002 17:16

London 14/10/02 - Two Gay Jamaicans Granted Asylum In UK

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Unbelievable: kids to be encouraged to spy on parents!

14-10-2002 16:23

this is incredible, political dynamite,Pupils as young as 13 are being encouraged to disclose sensitive information
about their parents to the Government to help discover why they might be failing at school. Details of problems such as drink and drug abuse, depression, eating disorders and frequent domestic rows would be sought by advisers

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14-10-2002 15:40

london-wide students' meeting
Don't Attack Iraq
Brunei Gallery, SOAS
6pm, Wednesday 16 October
Speakers include: Tariq Ali, Helen Salmon (NUS NEC), Mark Steel, Pandit G

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Crime figures rise as CCTV expands

14-10-2002 15:32

Hackney council have just announced an expansion of their CCTV facilities to make the streets safer. Yet crime in the borough continues to remain high. Ivan Agenda investigates to see why crime rates are so high and show why council policy has created an environment for the crime to continue.

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Shannon airport anti war mass trespass - report and pictures

14-10-2002 15:02

Saturday saw the largest anti-war demonstration to date at Shannon airport in Ireland. As the demonstration ended a 50m section of the perimeter fence was torn down and up to 150 people entered the airfield perimeter. Report with over a dozen pictures continues at the link below.

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US warned Indonesia to obey or face terror attacks

14-10-2002 14:17

THE United States ambassador to Jakarta, Ralph Boyce, had warned the Indonesian government only a few days before the blasts in Bali that unless it acted against American foes, America would act.

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Corporate Watch news updates 11/10/02

14-10-2002 11:25

Summaries and links of new articles on Corporate Watch website: World Bank, Polish roads program, EU/big pharma threat to food supplements, GM food aid and more.