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Week End of resistance to the THT lines Cotentin-Maine, in Normandy

11-06-2012 08:52

Call out for a week end of resistance to the High Voltage Power Lines (THT) Cotentin-Maine, in Normandy

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Support John Bowden - Today!

11-06-2012 06:46


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Themis Rendered After Tipping the Scales for Manning & Assange

11-06-2012 03:16

J6 BRISBANE SOLIDARITY WITH BRADLEY MANNING - Themis Rendered After Tipping the Scales for Manning & Assange, Demanding Obama be Put on Trial for Torture & Assassination
by Ciaron O'Reilly, presently Brisbane, Australia
"Bradley Manning Remains in Chains for Us, We Remain on the Loose for Him!"

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Victory: Bath Drones Conference Relocates

10-06-2012 22:55

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Technology Will Not Save US

10-06-2012 21:02

Michael Huesemann, co-author of "Techno-Fix: Why Technology Won't Save Us or the Environment" interviewed by The Extraenvironmentalist. Then "Alternative Radio" founder David Barsamian recorded in Vancouver: what should we do? Radio Ecoshock 120613

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Squatting against austerity: Occupy Pisa grows and evolves (Italy)

10-06-2012 20:54

Squatting is on the rise again in these times of austerity (see for example the recent occupations of flats in Southern Spain, mostly carried out by housewives and families). An Italian project that’s caught my attention since its beginning is in Pisa, where last year’s Occupy protests evolved into the reappropriation and transformation of abandoned buildings for the benefit of the local community.

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Are we being fooled on a mass scale?

10-06-2012 19:10

Working-class Tory voters go against their own self-interest. But it's not just working-class people. The rich and powerful put a lot of effort into fooling the majority. It has worked in the past and is still working today.

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'occupy windsor' eco-village attempt

10-06-2012 18:01

a group calling themselves 'diggers2012' have travelled overnight to windsor great park having identified disused land on crown estate. they are hoping to set up a sustainable camp, but have already had pre-emptive injunctions served on them, and threats from police

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Brighton solidarity for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid

10-06-2012 17:42

Solidarity night as part of the International Day of Solidarity for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners

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Drone Conference in Bath Defeated

10-06-2012 16:13

Before the main protests had even begun, Bath Stop The Drones campaign gets to make a sigh of relief after Clarion Events and their international drones conference backs down.

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Demonstation held against Sequani animal abusers

10-06-2012 15:49

Protest held against animal torture at Sequani animal lab in Herefordshire...

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Call to mobilise against the UK G8 2013

10-06-2012 15:48

This is a call for all of those who wish to mobilise for a MASS
MOBILISATION against the G8 summit in the UK in 2013.
A initial meeting will take place on SUNDAY the 15th JULY, from 11am to 6pm, at the COMMUNITY BASE centre in Brighton, hosted by people from the Smash EDO campaign.

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Until Our Land Is No More.

10-06-2012 14:55

The city of Bonn hosted the UN Climate Change Conference last month (14-25 May). Over 3'000 representatives from 181 countries participated in the talks which are supposed to outline an extension for the Kyoto Protocol (1997). This is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change, and the mandate ends later this year. The signing parties of the Kyoto Protocol recognises that developed countries are principally responsible for the current high levels of greenhouse gas emission as a result of 150 years of industrial activity, and places heavy burden on these nations under the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities". The Kyoto Protocol commits parties to invest in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and emission trading.

Talks in Bonn received little media attention. Similar talks were held in Durban late last year, where participants agreed "in a balanced fashioned" to establish a universal legal agreement on climate change no later than 2015. Rio de Janeiro will host what is expected to be the largest conference in world history later this month. Known as Rio20 (a 20 year follow-up of the breakthrough 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development), this conference will attempt to renew political commitments to sustainable development. The conferences in Germany and Brazil essentially tackle the same issue on different levels: Rio20 is organised by UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), a part of the UN Secretariat that was considerably expanded after the Millennium Declaration was completed in 2000. Although global warming is recognised, UN DESA will act as a forum for sustainable development and environmental compromise. Bonn on the other hand is supposed to act as a pure catalyst for a renewal of an improved version of the Kyoto Protocol.

As many climate change conferences, targets were set high in Bonn and dismally thrashed by developed and emerging economies who are unwilling to compromise economic growth in the name of the environment. Many countries were represented by transnational unions, such as the European Union and Least Developed Countries (LDC). The second day of negotiations was for example abruptly terminated due to developed countries' unwillingness to discuss formerly decided agendas. YOUNGO, a youth society under the UN Climate Convention umbrella, were not allowed to show a banner saying "Are YOU on OUR side", a slogan used to question developed countries' commitment to climate negotiation, during their presentation.

So where do the marginalised communities, the people who are most likely to cross sovereign borders and be displaced, the ones who will lose their land, come in this picture?

Climate-induced migration is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history people have migrated in order to avoid famine and to seek new opportunities in other regions. Migration is the most effective remedy against poverty, thus economic migration. However, in the post-WWII world with increasing migratory patterns and stricter border regulations combined with rising sea levels and intensifying extreme weather events, communities are subjected to isolation and an unequipped refugee support system. The vast majority of people who experience climate-induced displacement will most of the time migrate locally and internally. Nevertheless, those who cross borders due to climate related events are not protected under the 1951 UNHCR refugee definition.

Bangladesh is a fitting example: high population density, political uncertainty and frequent natural hazards are huge barriers for development. In a report by Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF 2011) it is revealed that there is a "strong link between declining environmental conditions and migration". Forty-six countries - home to 2.7 billion people - are considered to be at high risk of conflict due to the combined effort of socioeconomic and political instability, and the severe effect of climate change.

UNHCR explicitly state that they do not have the resources or mandate to intervene in environmentally driven situations except for exceptional cases. In Europe, only two countries have made provisions in their national asylum and immigration policies by recognising people fleeing environmental disasters. This is a great leap in sculpturing customary international law and setting an example, but Sweden and Finland have been unable to employ them practically.

The Maldives have experienced an 8 inch sea level rise in the last century and has an average natural ground level of 5ft above sea level. The very existence of the Dhivehi people is threatened. Former President Nasheed published plans to purchase land from India, Sri Lanka and Australia as he does not wish for his people to be "climate refugees living in tents for decades". The very identity of the people of the Maldives is facing depletion because of loss of territory. Even if this exceptional event grants the Dhivehi people refugee status, it is nowhere near a remedy for the loss of their land.

Rio20 is partly a celebration commemorating the past 20 years of dedication to sustainable development and partly a platform to undertake new commitments. Investing in clean energy and moving away from coal dependency are necessary measures. However, little is being discussed about the depletion of small island states and what legal protection they have. In my opinion, these people are the most vulnerable, the most marginalised because their fate will uncontrollably develop in whatever direction large economies decide. Climate change is a very inconvenient truth (pun intended). By ignoring it we are denying the cultural heritage and civilian rights bestowed upon thousands of people; from the Polynesian region to southern Asia to the Caribbean islands. The Conservative government in Canada for example withdrew from Kyoto Protocol last year, claiming that the burden for the Canadian household was too heavy. Germany on the other hand leads in its initiative to make itself as sustainable as possible: on May 26th, 22 GW was extracted from solar power, supplying half of the massive country with clean energy. Let us instead encourage green innovation and demand legal recognition for the people who may lose their land. Most of all let us celebrate new commitments for a sustainable world.


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Budget Bristol

10-06-2012 14:55

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Liverpool Combats Workfare

10-06-2012 13:24

Over the coming months claimants/activists in Liverpool will be combating Workfare.

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Report says ‘so-called’ NGOs are driving the “Commodification of Nature” in Chia

10-06-2012 12:44

** Attempts to appropriate the Lacandón Jungle by multinational corporations

** Indigenous communities of Montes Azules are at risk of eviction by federal authorities

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EDL Thugs Attack Hebden Bridge

10-06-2012 12:42

Anti fascists attacked in Hebden Bridge

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Solidarity with Bradley Manning, 6-8 June

10-06-2012 11:56

Four solidarity events by supporters from the WISE Up for Bradley Manning network took place on Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th June as Bradley Manning was back in court for another pretrial hearing. These were in Chester, London and Exeter as well as Brisbane, organised by our man in Oz, Ciaron.

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pre-injunction served on windsor eco-occupation

10-06-2012 10:55

a group calling themselves 'diggers2012' and loosely affiliated with the occupy movement, are on route to a piece of disused land on the windsor great park estate. yesterday, as they set off from syon lane community allotment, police served a pre-emptive injunction on them forbidding them from entering or camping on crown estate land.

video by diggers - free for non-commercial credited use - other rights reserved - contact diggers2012


the diggers2012 have identified a forgotten area of the windsor great park with abandoned farm buildings.

to show an alternative to our "system of crisis", the group plan to grow food, live sustainably and restore and build structures in a responsible way.

they are calling for the right for everyone to make use of otherwise disused land to live on in a sustainable way, free of febt and rent.

they had planned and publicised journey, starting from the long-established syon lane community allotment yesterday, camping overnight, and aiming to take over the disused land this afternoon.

at the start of their adventure yetsreday, thames valley police arrived with two high court injunctions relating to the whole of the great windsor park and also identifying other smaller areas of crown estate in the vicinity.

the police admitted they cannot lawfully prevent the potential trespass from going ahead, without a warant from the high court for the breach of the court order, but they are escorting the group, who at midday today are just a few miles from their target. the main group from syon numbered 20, but a few more have just joined and others are expected to meet up earlier.

if you are interested in the project and wish to become involved, look at their website and get in touch. all committed people are welcome. see on the website what you will need to bring etc.