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Call to mobilise against the UK G8 2013

stoptheG8 | 10.06.2012 15:48 | G8 2013

This is a call for all of those who wish to mobilise for a MASS
MOBILISATION against the G8 summit in the UK in 2013.
A initial meeting will take place on SUNDAY the 15th JULY, from 11am to 6pm, at the COMMUNITY BASE centre in Brighton, hosted by people from the Smash EDO campaign.

In 2013 the UK is once again host to the G8 Summit. That means that, for the first time since 2005, the leaders of eight of the world's most powerful capitalist nations will meet in the UK.

We believe that there is an urgent need to oppose the G8, which acts as a facilitator of irresponsible greed, overwhelming inequality and ruthless exploitation of people and natural resources.

The priorities of the G8, as always, will be the protection of corporate interest, and the vast profits that are made from economic crisis as well as economic boom. It is here, at the G8 summit, that the economic, political and military objectives for the year ahead will be discussed and agreed, setting a framework for trade liberalisation (privatisation) and fiscal responsibility (spending cuts). It is here, at the G8 summit, that the policy of the US/UK and EU towards the oppression of peoples, and the militarisation of borders will be developed. It is here, at the G8 summit, that these self-appointed leaders of capitalism will act to assert their control of natural resources, no matter what the cost to people and the environment.

The fight against austerity, inequality and exploitation must be fought on all fronts but the resistance must start here, at the top, where the big decisions are taken and the key allegiances are formed. They must not be permitted to meet here unimpeded, and must be made to understand that wherever they meet, wherever they go, they will be opposed and resisted.


Please note: The meeting will operate on a NON-HIERARCHICAL basis, with a RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY OF TACTICS. As this is a planning meeting, it is NOT OPEN to JOURNALISTS or COPS, who are politely requested not to attend.

For further info on the meeting contact

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