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As the Bush Regime Falls, What About Iraq, Afghanistan and We The People?

15-07-2003 20:08

With the New York Times publishing in today's paper the "Uranium Quicksand" editorial and with Paul Krugman's op-ed piece "Pattern of Corruption" it looks as though the beginning of the end of the Bush regime is upon us.

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15-07-2003 19:52

Spotted at Fairford Feb. 15th.

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Tenet, Bush and the CIA in October 2002.

15-07-2003 19:39

Thursday, 10 October, 2002,
"The CIA Director George Tenet has become the unlikely source of embarrassment to President George W Bush, undermining Mr Bush's warning of catastrophic threats from Saddam Hussein and exposing disagreements within the intelligence world about the nature of the danger."

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Fun with Powell

15-07-2003 18:35

Some quotes from Powell in March 2003 and July 2003. Search the differences :-)

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15-07-2003 18:26

Phoney says that as no one has ever, ever disputed a word of the Harry Potter books he will be able to get vital and up to date intelligence from them for his next two wars.

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Photo of Demo against Sharon visit to Downing Street

15-07-2003 17:14

Photo of Demo against Sharon's visit to Downing St
This is just a photo, of the Demo against Ariel Sharon on his visit to Downing Street, to have dinner with Tony Blair on Mon 14th july 2003. It was taken at 7:52pm , towards the end of the demo.

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The Forbidden Truths of Sex within Human Society

15-07-2003 16:56

A Truth-based dissection of the genocidally evil methods and doctrines that human societal and governmental leaders use to define, dictate, manipulate, and control the sexual beliefs, attitudes, and practices of their citizen-slaves.

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Venezuelan Community Media Under Attack

15-07-2003 16:12

The year's most serious attack against press freedom

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High Quality Words To Enhance The Sunshine

15-07-2003 16:06

Inspired Words!! Some excellent quotes to add to the good weather, or, to lift any faint spirits.
(Depending on ones positioning on certain issues, of course)

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Irish Herald Slams Dublin Anti-WEF Protests

15-07-2003 15:34

Irish Herald
WEF is Coming to Dublin Ireland

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Statement on 1000th day of hunger strike protest in Turkey

15-07-2003 15:26

A statement published by the DHKC (Revolutionary People's Liberation Front) marks the 1000th anniversary of the Death Fast in Turkey, hunger strike resistance to the state's introduction of isolation cells as a normal practice in the country's prisons. 107 prisoners and their supporters have died in the course of these thousand days. The statement gives an account of events and comments on the behaviour of various political forces within and outside Turkey.

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Utah protesters thank the world

15-07-2003 15:21

Thank you-1
The July 10, 2003 weekly peace vigil rally in Salt Lake City focused on thanking all people around the world who opposed U.S. President George W. Bush's illegal war against Iraqis.

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Rest in peace, SUCKER! (by Latuff)

15-07-2003 15:21

Rest in peace, sucker!
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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London Anarchist Youth Social, 18th July

15-07-2003 14:02

The next London AY social will be held at the new social centre in central London (Venue/contact details at end of message) THIS FRIDAY 18th of July, at 6:30 pm till late...

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Manchester protests against the wset bank wall - video

15-07-2003 11:53

This is a 25 minute edited video of the Manchester protest against the West Bank Wall which took place on 12th July 2003. ,

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Concentric circles of drugs: Broken!

15-07-2003 11:44

Drugs: a way The New Sheffield Social forum might like to deal with this shit:

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Bristol Radical Bookfairs

15-07-2003 10:25

Monthly radical bookfairs start in Bristol from September

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15-07-2003 09:16

Demonstrate against Ariel Sharon at 5.30 tonight outside the Churchill International Hotel, Portman Square near Marble Arch. Tell your friends and bring noise making equipment and cameras.

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Police Camgirls

15-07-2003 04:44

Spotted in Wiltshire this Solstice

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Video clip of Downing Street protest at Sharon's London visit.

15-07-2003 02:35

There were many great chants raised by the crowd during this lively evening of protest against Sharon. This one was about the most direct and epitomised the feelings of everyone there... except the cops of course who just wouldn't comply.