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Preparing for a warm winter in Copenhagen: A guide to the COP15 protests

17-11-2009 17:55

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This December the United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP15 will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Those organising the conference claim it aims to be a step towards the building of a ‘new global climate treaty’ in an attempt to tackle climate change.

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Houses remains empty while waiting list soars

17-11-2009 16:50

Manchester’s social housing waiting list is mounting as the local council struggles to halt the current increase. Official statistics show an estimated 13,000 homes are currently unoccupied in Manchester. Meanwhile, the waiting list published in June details more than 23,000 people waiting to be re-housed – an increase of 1,768 in 12 months.

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Berlin and Prague through Seattle to Copenhagen

17-11-2009 15:18

If 1989 saw the birth of democracy and 1999 its coming-out party, then 2009 in Copenhagen will see its coming of age.

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Black Flag 229 released online, 230 launched

17-11-2009 14:55

Following a successful launch at this year's London Anarchist Bookfair, the Black Flag collective is releasing its previous issue, 229, online as a PDF download and is also offering a teaser to the new magazine.

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Syndicalist and working class history at Durham Bookfair Nov 21st

17-11-2009 14:44

New information about a lost chapter of County Durham and working class history is coming to light. Here, a press release which describes the search for relatives of Percy Fisher and further research which is being carried out in South Africa.

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G8: Swiss stun grenade case due to conclude on Friday

17-11-2009 14:14

Guy Smallman's injured leg, Geneva 2003
A six-year fight for justice by photojournalist Guy Smallman will come to a conclusion in the Swiss city of Lausanne on Friday 20 November.

At 9am the Federal Court will hear Mr Smallman’s final appeal in the case against the State of Geneva. Unusually, this will be heard in public.

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‘End bloody oil!’ Indigenous women bring the fight against Tar Sands to Manch

17-11-2009 12:41

Three indigenous women from Canada are visiting Manchester as part of a 10-day UK tour to raise awareness about the Alberta Tar Sands. Dubbed ‘the most destructive project on earth’, the Tar Sands are devastating indigenous communities and driving global climate change.

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Voting Opens for Angry Mermaid Award for Climate Lobbying

17-11-2009 11:03

The Mermaid is angry about corporate lobbying on climate change solutions
A new award - the Angry Mermaid Award - has been launched to shame the corporates and corporate lobby groups which are lobbying to sabotage effective action on climate change. Eight candidates have been shortlisted for the award and voting is open online at until Sunday 13 December

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ITT Corp. Take 73% Drop in Profits Due to Deadly Products

17-11-2009 09:09

Not content with mass murder through its arms manufacturing business (including EDO MBM in Brighton), ITT Corp.apparently found other ways to kill people with its civilian water pump division which till 1985 used asbestos gaskets in its products.

Unusually for ITT, this time profits have been hit hard rather than increased by sales of life destroying technology.


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Urgent Action: stop deportation of mother and baby

17-11-2009 08:06

Last week a passenger protest saved Rose-Jane and baby Natale from deportation, when some passengers on the Nairobi-bound flight refused to fasten their safety belts after receiving leaflets at Heathrow. But now the Home Office is trying again. Another deportation attempt is set for Wednesday 18th November. Please help.

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Czech president signs Lisbon Treaty/ResultofEU dirty deal regarding human rights

17-11-2009 03:28

With the EU guarantee to the Czech president, that the Czech State should not be exposed to property claims of expelled Germans after World War II, the EU not only implicitly consents with ethnical cleansings, it is also highly hypocritical, since the EU regularly points a finger to human rights violating countries like Sudan, Myanmar and Iran
It is high time the EU should look in its own mirror, among else with regard to police abuse, racism and violation of the rights of migrants and real or alleged terrorsuspects

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US and China free to pollute (by Latuff)

17-11-2009 02:43

US and China free to pollute
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Action Alert - Contact Bradford Uni About Their Vivisection

17-11-2009 00:59


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Melbourne Cup of Horse Blood Bigger Next Year

17-11-2009 00:52

With constant encouragement from the Australian Victorian Animal Slaughterhouse Governments The Melbourne Cup of congealed Horse Blood will be much bigger next year. Most importantly horse-death trainers from the UK will be given the horse-blood dyed carpet if they enter their soon-to-be-dog-meat thoroughbreds in cruelling two-mile race in Melbourne in 2010. It's up to UK defenders of animal rights to stop them going

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For the life and freedom of Cesare Battisti

17-11-2009 00:44

Cesare Battisti is on hunger strike since friday, november 13th, in a brazilian prison he is being kept for more than two years, even after he was granted a political refugee status by brazilian government.

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The London Climate Camp presents: The Great Global Warm Up: day of workshops

16-11-2009 23:19

Day of workshops, debates, talks and more!

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A TALE OF MIGRATION TO THE "FREE WORLD" - Afghanistan to Britain

16-11-2009 22:39

the horrors faced by migrants coming from afghanistan into the EU.

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EDL in Nottingham: Information for Action

16-11-2009 19:43

The EDL are planning to demonstrate in Nottingham city centre on Sat 5th Dec. Autonomous antifascists will be there on the day to stop them. What follows is some practical information, gathered from experience resisting previous EDL mobilisations, for those who are planning to take action on the day.

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Drones: A slam-dunk weapons system or our ticket to hell?

16-11-2009 19:36

"This, then, is the future that you can see just as well as I can. When the Obama administration decides to up the ante on drone use in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as it's soon likely to do, it will be ensuring not the end of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but the long life of robot war within the US's ever-more militarized society. And by the time this set of robotic dreams fails to pan out, it won't matter. Yet another mini-sector of the military-industrial complex will be etched into the American grain.

Whatever the short-term gains from introducing drone warfare in these past years, we are now locked into the 24/7 assassination trade - with the US's own set of non-suicide bombers on the job into eternity. This may pass for sanity in Washington, but it's surely helping to pave the road to hell.

Haven't any of these folks ever seen a sci-fi film? Are none of them Terminator fans? Are they sure they want to open the way to unlimited robot war, keeping in mind that, if this is the latest game in town, it won't remain mainly an American one for long. And just wait until the first Iranian drone takes out the first Balochi guerrilla supported by American funds somewhere in Pakistan. Then let's see just what we think about the right of any nation to summarily execute its enemies - and anyone else in the vicinity - by drone. "

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Palestine Today 111609

16-11-2009 19:22


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday November 16th, 2009.