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MoD to waste more money on a new cruise missile

08-05-2002 09:33

USA, UK to consider supersonic cruise missile

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UN(4 what it's worth) condemns Israel over Jenin

08-05-2002 07:16

The United Nations General Assembly has passed a
resolution condemning Israel's military action in the
West Bank's Jenin refugee camp.

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Apology For the Algerian Insurrection

08-05-2002 02:16

I started a (very bad) translation of the book in French "Apologie pour
l'insurrection Algérienne" written by Jaime Semprun and published in 2001.
The whole book in French:

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Colombian Tribe Topples Mighty Oil Giant

08-05-2002 02:12

Colombian Tribe Topples Mighty Oil Giant
There's not much good news coming out of war-torn Colombia these days. Friday was a notable exception. With no great fanfare, Occidental Petroleum, the multinational giant that has gained infamy in environmental circles, announced at its annual shareholder meeting in Santa Monica, Calif. that it was relinquishing control of Siriri, the oil block in Colombia on the ancestral land of the U'wa people.

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Rational for Suicide Bombers?

08-05-2002 00:28

Israel: Soldiers killed mother and children after being spooked by snapping of tank tread.

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14days that changed France

07-05-2002 23:00

A wind of madness has crossed France. After two weeks of unbelievable agitation, the country seemed to come back to itself. But between April 21 and May 5, France sounded as a brakeless train crossing an endless dark tunnel! We saw in the Parisian demonstrations black people dragging their suit bags behind them! And they were not necessarily Africans.

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Tantra, Zen, and Natural Hygiene: The Cure to War and the Path to Pure Health

07-05-2002 22:07

Tantra, Zen, and Natural Hygiene: The way to end all wars and achieve pure health and joy.
"If society is allowed total freedom about joy, nobody will be destructive. "

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bomb' kills 15 near Tel Aviv

07-05-2002 21:57

Many people were reportedly in the building
At least 15 people have been killed in a suicide bomb
attack at a reception hall on the southern outskirts of
Tel Aviv.

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who says the corporate media desn't cover demonstrations?

07-05-2002 19:50

'the guardian' gives big coverage to demonstration! oh wait it's the zionists...

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Labour's Road to Social Fascism

07-05-2002 19:15

David Blunkett has been Home Secretary for just nine months. His predecessor, Jack Straw had succeeded in making the last Tory Home Secretary, Michael Howard, renowned for his rabid authoritarian views, look mild. Blunkett has followed in Straw’s footsteps and built on his legacy.

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End Zionist terror: Support the Intifada!

07-05-2002 19:10


Get in contact to build a serious support for the Palestinian people against fascist occupation by the imperialists' Zionist allies!

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ANL & Searchlight support Zionists?

07-05-2002 17:51

Can someone please explain why neither the Anti Nazi League nor Searchlight have made any statements to condemn the IDF massacre at Jenin? Does their failure to make any comment on zionist racism towards the Palestinian people represent some kind of indirect (and unspoken)support for the zionist war criminals?

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are the swp hijacking rts events

07-05-2002 17:49

RTS misrepresentation and SWP bandwagon jumping?

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Labour flunkeys allow UK terrestial TV to dance to Murdoch's tune

07-05-2002 17:16

Fatcat-lover Toady Blair and his flunkeys give corp media more opportunity to speak with one totalitarian voice

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8th team of death fast have started walking to death

07-05-2002 16:48

8th team of death fast have started walking to death

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Arab & Jewish women speak out against the holocaust in Palestine

07-05-2002 16:47

Tuesday 14 May 2002, 7pm, Conway Hall
Speakers: Nawal el Saadawi (Egyptian feminist author and activist) & Selma James (co-ordinator of the Global Women’s Strike)plus two eyewitness accounts from Palestine and a Non-party-political Speakout.

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Festival of alternatives... continued

07-05-2002 16:40

Just a few reports from the festival as it continued after mayday itself - there were loads going on these are just the few i visited, maybe others could add their reports underneath

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Interview:Sue's Child Saved by Alt/Cancer Treatment

07-05-2002 15:43

Recent interview with Sue Best, whose son Billy is 7 years cancer free from Hodgkin's Disease using so-called alternative cancer treatments, 714X, Essiac Tea and a strict diet.