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Happy Birthday Camp Titnore!

27-05-2007 13:26

CAMP Titnore in Worthing, West Sussex, has this weekend been celebrating its first anniversary.
And as well as celebrating the achievement of the last year, it is looking ahead by calling for more people to join the occupation and for solidarity action against the businesses threatening to destroy the countryside location.

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Police State

27-05-2007 11:13

The government is considering giving police officers across the UK "stop and question" powers under new anti-terror laws, says the Home Office.

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Fixed up for the hols, old bean? How abite a week in the Kempinski Grand hotel?

27-05-2007 09:14

The unelected masters of the universe will be meeting next week to discuss more ways of making the poor even poorer and starting more wars. Here is some info about their venue with a few photos.

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Video: Balata Camp Incursion May24

27-05-2007 07:42

On May 24, the Israeli Occupation Forces stormed Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus (Palestine). Several people got arrested.

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Care for a stop and a quiz?

27-05-2007 07:22

The Home Office is planning to give police new powers to "stop and quiz" anyone nationwide in a new set of anti-terror laws that are to be put before Parliament.

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Globalization And Democracy: Some Basics

27-05-2007 07:13

The goal of the transnational corporation is to become truly transnational, poised above the sovereign power of any particu­lar nation, while being served by the sovereign powers of all nations. Cyril Siewert, chief financial officer of Colgate Palmol­ive Company, could have been speaking for all transnationals when he remarked, “The United States doesn’t have an automatic call on our [corporation’s] resources. There is no mindset that puts this country first.”[i]

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Iraq war funding bill fiasco masks collusion between Bush and Democrats

27-05-2007 06:55

On May 22, 2007, Washington’s Democrats obediently capitulated to the Bush administration, handing Bush a war spending bill completely stripped of conditions that would, in any way, slow the administration’s relentless Middle East conflagration. In fact, the new bill is an even more egregious blank check for a massive “surge” of Bush administration violence throughout the region, opening the door for a war with Iran. New Iraq “benchmarks” pushed by the Democrats themselves will result in new atrocities and more bloodshed, funded by the Democrats themselves.

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2005.07.04 Faslane

27-05-2007 03:10

G8 actions Faslane, gathering at the gate "brunch not bombs," with songs, statements, She Boom drum ensemble, Samba band

G8 actions Faslane, featuring Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army(CIRCA) and Rinky Dink crew(bicycle powered music)

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British Oppression Downing Street protest - the usual suspects strike again

26-05-2007 22:56

Well, well, well, or not, as the case may be. Friday 15th June appears to have a "Muslim" protest organised at which Muslims are urged to "Respond to the call of Allah and the Messenger." This apparently, means that Muslims should protest against British Oppression outside Downing Street, although this is likely to have to be outside the fortress gates of Downing Street, rather than immediately outside the front door of number 10, if it even gets that far because Downing Street happens to be part of an exclusion zone that prevents the population of the UK from protesting against anything, much less British Oppression, anywhere near Parliament or Downing Street without first having obtained express permission for so doing. Of course, there is nothing oppressive about having to obtain express permission from the very State against whom you wish to protest, unless it happens in some far off land such as Uzbekistan. Doublethink is good for you and better for your country.

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The Iron Wall with Atef Masad

26-05-2007 22:41

Screening of The Iron Wall and a talk/discussion with Atef Masad on his recent trip to Gaza
8pm Thursday June 7th
Gregson Community Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster

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Hamburg street chaos

26-05-2007 21:34

G8 Critical mass disrupted by police and St Pauli fans take over streets of Hamburg.

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US steps up threats against Iran over nuclear programs

26-05-2007 19:38

The US administration has responded belligerently to the latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report on Iran’s refusal to suspend its nuclear programs by calling for a third UN resolution and tougher penalties. The report, which was sent to IAEA member states on Wednesday, sets the stage for a further heightening of tensions in the Persian Gulf, where the US navy provocatively began a major exercise the same day.

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Bash The Rich - Toffs Out Ladbroke Grove November 3rd

26-05-2007 19:15

March on David Cameron's house: Against luxury apartments and for affordable housing

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West Midlands Climate Camp Meeting, Wed 30th May

26-05-2007 17:39

The last meeting was really well attended and felt very positive,
supportive and exciting. After the packed meeting the Climate Campers
decided to meet next Wednesday at the Spotted Dog, Alcester St, Digbeth at

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Ritzy Cinema staff strike against poverty pay.

26-05-2007 17:26

Despite its trendy reputation as a favourite haunt for Brixton’s liberals the Ritzy Cinema is being far from kind to its staff. If you go to the Ritzy during the Human Rights Film Festival you will get see many worthy productions that rail against the exploitation of workers across the globe. Meanwhile the cinema is paying its staff the minimum wage of £5.35 an hour in the most expensive city to live in the country….

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Tesco truckers' strike: 25% of normal loads going out

26-05-2007 16:17

Only 25 per cent of normal truckloads of groceries and supplies are getting out of the Tesco distribution depot at Livingston near Edinburgh as the strike by drivers takes effect, according to reliable inside information given to the T&G section of Unite - the union.

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Manifesto 2007: Tearing Down the Seven Pillars of Neoliberalism

26-05-2007 14:55

In June 2007, the governments of the seven most important industrial countries and Russia will meet at a G8 summit in Heiligendamm. Neoliberal globalization and deregulation orient economic policy in the profit interests of international financiers and corporations. The G8 is an institution without legitimation.

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C4 Jon Snow calls for revenge attacks on Russia - what's his agenda?

26-05-2007 13:58

This week, Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow took a personal interest in asking if the UK would launch a revenge attack for the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Snow has developed a new found concern for the people of Chechnya following the death of Litvinenko. So much so, he now thinks the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is a bad man because he has access to gas and other reserves and is not playing ball with corrupt western power brokers. So what is Snow's agenda?

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The World says: “Hands Off John Bowden!”

26-05-2007 12:41

Report on the International Day of Solidarity in support of John Bowden.

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Photos of London Critical Mass, May 25th

26-05-2007 10:12

Friday nights critical mass was massive with with no indication that the traditional monthly critical mass bike ride was endangered by the recent court ruling that organisers of such a ride might be breaking the law.
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