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Critical Mass

21-01-2003 14:39

Critical Mass against war
26th January, 2pm, meet Hunter Square, by the Tron
Kirk, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

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Voice of New York website nuked in cyberwar

21-01-2003 14:35

Voice of New York website nuked in cyberwar
Check this voxnyc web page out - the article posted below was the last known item on the front page - apoparently the owner of the site was a thought criminal and, as such, had to be eliminated. As you can see the website is now some weird bland tripe - - recently it was brilliant anti-war site. One assumes that it was the 'incitement' to kill GW Bush that led to its closure - but the argument the article follows is tight. By his own logic Bush should commit suicide. Unless he is an occultist and a liar of course. In which case he can happily live by double standards one presumes.

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Smash the pro car nutters!

21-01-2003 14:14

Support the congestion charge and smash the pro car nutters...

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MOD charters Vessels

21-01-2003 14:07

Companies supplying vessels to MOD for Iraq

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Support the Congestion Charge

21-01-2003 14:05

Support the London Congestion Charge, crush the pro car lobby...

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Christians from north London in prayer for peace.

21-01-2003 13:53

Christians from north London in prayer for peace.
Last Sunday Christians of all faiths from North London marched on a pilgrimage praying for peace in all Christian Churches in Muswell Hill, North London.

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Only the US matters

21-01-2003 13:42

Ariel Sharon yesterday dismissed European peace efforts as anti-Israeli.

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Colonialism & Reality

21-01-2003 13:42

Colonialism has gotten a bad name in recent decades. Anti-colonialism was one of the dominant political currents of the 20th century as dozens of European colonies in Asia and Africa became free. Today we are still living with the aftermath of colonialism.

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northwood tree pic

21-01-2003 13:15

tree top view of blockade of northwood base sun 19th jan 03

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Bhutanese refugee crisis

21-01-2003 12:42

Bhutan a small landlocked Himalayan Kingdom in south Asia is at present is in great political and humanitarian crisis. The country's one sixth of the total population was forcefully evicted by the Royal Government of Bhutan for raising voice in support of Human Rights and Democracy in the country in 1990.

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Home Office minister's public appearance

21-01-2003 12:04

Home Office minister's public appearance
Thursday 30 January

Pliant and ill-informed Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes MP gives a speech on employment and immigration at the Social Market Foundation, 11 Tufton Street

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Northwood Blockade Timeline 19/01/03

21-01-2003 11:59

Northwood Military HQ Blockade Timeline Sunday 19th January 2003 "DISRUPT THE MASTERS OF WAR"

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Your chance to lobby Education Secretary Charles Clarke MP

21-01-2003 11:07

Tuesday 28 January

London UNISON parliamentary reception 'Building world class education services' includes a speech from Education Secretary Charles Clarke MP. Council Room, 1 Great George Street, contact Paul Ricketts 0207 222 2176.

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Gordon Brown in St James Square tomorrow

21-01-2003 10:47

London Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Clare Short's Department for International Development hold a conference tomorrow (Wednesday 22 January) on global companies' influence in fighting poverty. Speakers include Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown MP and Abdoulaye Wade, President of Senegal. Chatham House, 10 St James' Square, contact Emma Harris 0207 957 5756.

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Together We Can Stop This Immoral War

21-01-2003 10:39

Daily Mirror launches 'Not In Our Name' campaign

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Plan to assassinate the President of oil workers' union

21-01-2003 10:31

The Colombian Oil Workers' Union rejects and condemns a dark plan targeted at the president of their organisation: Rudolfo Gutierrez Nino.

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Hastings Firefighter in Strike 21-01-03

21-01-2003 10:28

Hastings Firefighter in Strike 21-01-03
Hastings Firefighter in Strike 21-01-03 (article 1)

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21-01-2003 09:41


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Israel's human shields draw fire

21-01-2003 08:37

Human rights groups return to court over army's use of Palestinian civilians

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Hard facts!

21-01-2003 08:24

Hard facts!
In effect we don't need any proofs to attack other countries, we attack them quite simply as the case may be