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Straw optimism over anti-war vote

13-04-2005 11:51

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says anti-war activists can be drawn back to vote Labour by other factors.

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FREEDOM march and rally. Sat 23rd July

13-04-2005 11:17

Freedom march and rally in Oxford. Sat 23rd July 2005.

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Smashedo meeting - London - Tonight

13-04-2005 08:46

There will be a meeting tomight to look at how we can support the SmashEDO campaign, and to prepare for the demo outside the High Court tomorrow morning

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Report from Amman, Jordan with 11photos.

13-04-2005 06:15

This is a 2,700 word article about my impressions and the impressions of others on the current situation in Jordan in the Middle East. 11 labelled photos are attached.

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Help Protect Uncensored Satellite Television for the Chinese People

13-04-2005 05:42

The TV Station that broke the SARS story in China and pressured the Chinese government to admit the crisis, will go off the air in China on April 15, 2005 due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.

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DEATH SQUAD DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ: How America Installed Its Puppets

13-04-2005 04:29

Tens of thousands of Iraqis poured into the streets to say No To America, No to Death Squads, and No to the new puppet government. As Iaqis are conditioned to kill each other it is believed that the "tipping point" of insurgency has already passed.Nonviolant demonstration of peaceful Iraqis might be the only method towards success. prove be the best strategy

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Attention, Web of Publishing house Ultimo Recurso (Last Resource) is inagurated

13-04-2005 00:05


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British elections and immigration MP3

12-04-2005 21:52

nice DJ-mix by DJ Moniker on the major
issue of the upcoming British elections - "clampdown"
on immigration - It's real nice -both major parties'
leaders "sing" in a bloody unison...

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The deportation machine: Europe, asylum and human rights

12-04-2005 21:36

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has published a new study on refugees in Europe. Citing over 200 detailed case studies, IRR researcher, Liz Fekete, shows how opportunist political campaigning puts the lives of asylum seekers at risk.

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Euromayday London!

12-04-2005 21:14


To participate in this years MAYDAY action please send your mobile phone number to: and you will be texted one hour before the action starts on MAY 1st.

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conservative party/ tories/ tory party/ conservatives

12-04-2005 20:46

Check out our latest Conservative website and help us get in by following the 'make your own conserative billboard' advice.
We are not a bunch of self-interested in-bred racist fuckwits but he future of Britain.

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Caterkiller Peterlee (Co. Durham) Blockaded

12-04-2005 19:02

The blockade in progress..
On 12th April 2005, activists from across the North East carried out a blockade of Caterpillar's Peterlee site in protest at their supplying of bulldozers to Israel, used in house demolitions which have made 50 000 homeless since 1967, and killed dozens.

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Sonae factory threaten local website

12-04-2005 18:55

Sonae factory threaten local website with solicitors threats and accuse website of damaging reputation of Sonae.

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Antonio Téllez Solá has died

12-04-2005 17:51

The collective members of the Kate Sharpley Library are sad to report the death of Antonio Téllez Solá 1921-2005, anarchist militant and historian.

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London Motorway Inquiry - Inspector resigns after protests

12-04-2005 17:40

At a pre-Inquiry meeting into a huge new motorway through East London, Inspectors stormed out after residents protests. Today it has been announced that the Head Inspector has resigned.

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Aqaba workshop tackles societal attitudes towards AIDS patients

12-04-2005 17:33

AMMAN - Addressing social stigmas faced by AIDS patients in Jordan was the focus of a three-day AIDS workshop, which started in Aqaba yesterday.

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Bombings in volatile area as US contractor kidnapped in Iraq

12-04-2005 17:30

RAMADI (AFP) — Three suicide car bombers blew themselves up outside a US military base in a volatile area of Iraq near the Syrian border on Monday, as a US contractor was kidnapped in the Baghdad area.

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Help put pressure on DHL 'couriers to the animal abusers'

12-04-2005 16:50

DHL are still top courier service for both Sequani Limited animal testing labs and Huntingdon Life Sciences

After twelve demos at their Tewkesbury HQ (local supplier to Sequani Limited) over the past year, plus numerous other demos in the UK and around Europe recently , DHL are finally showing cracks in the companys resolve regarding its couriering for the vivisection industry.

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12-04-2005 15:53

The recent coverage of a demo last Saturday in Swindon is whatIndymedia should be all about, excellent coverage of an excellent campaign on the dysfunctional planning system in Swindon.

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Take to the streets at Longbridge

12-04-2005 15:25

The government provided a £6.5 million loan for Longbridge this week.