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Why Aren't These Girls In Uniform?

19-07-2004 15:25

Bush's daughters: Barbara and Jenna

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Animal Testing - Why ?

19-07-2004 15:22

Animal Testing - why do they do it ?

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Information Request

19-07-2004 14:58

I am currently preparing a piece and request information

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Iraq, Racism, Women, Islam and Rights

19-07-2004 13:54

Mohammad Abdul Rahim’s Assassination in Iraq by Islamists; British National Party and Racism against Muslims, ‘Minorities’ and Immigrants; Honour Killings and the New World Order and Refugee Rights.

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Sharon says all jews must return to israel from France.

19-07-2004 12:53

Sharon said that all french jews should go to israel as fast as possible ,starting today .
This open invitation to the french jewish citizens,totaly shows the way these perverts like sharon see the world.

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EU shares Islamic Republic's crimes!

19-07-2004 12:43

Omid Habibinia in Zahra kazmi's memorial
This is Omid Habibinia's Speech in Zahara Kazemi's memorial in Switzerland June 24, 2004 Iranian/Canadian Journalist who was last year Killed under torture.
Yesterday the trial hearing an intelligence agent accused of her murder abruptly ended while the lawyers objected the proceedings.

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19-07-2004 12:34

The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) site seems to have disappeared leaving a dutch message of 'This domain name has been reserved by a customer of XS4ALL' ... anyone shed any light?

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Beyond todays luxuries lies a future hell.we all know it.but what is one to do?

19-07-2004 12:32

We all have been thinking for some time what s going on in the world today.we all want to understand the plans of those who seem to have plans ,and we all want to feel safe for our future,for our life,that we will never grow hungry or die of some form of violence.
And we all know what truth and lie is and we can sure all tell them apart.Except those who have interests to say otherwise.....
So what are we to do today amidst all these lies that seem to govern our lives ?are we to start behaving likewise?are we to take the christian stance and hide behind some religious lies instead?
This article will try to explore in simple terms what we can do to be happy in our lives from now on.
It defines today as the present time that was thetime of awakening,the time of understanding and the time of testing the real value of all that our forefathers built to protect us from making similar mistakes like them in the future.
And we decided that they were wrong ,that we didnt need the UN,the world organisations,only that we should care for our own backsides,and we should keep all else at a safe distance ,preferably dead.....

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Pirate Stations: People's Radio or Hate Noise?

19-07-2004 11:51

Some local pirate radio stations broadcast homophobic dancehall reggae music. Should activists use state means to silence them?

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Leaving the lemon tree

19-07-2004 11:41

The 50th anniversary of the State of Israel is not such a happy occasion for Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes. A research associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London remembers an idyllic childhood which was cut short.

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mossad agents Killing Oz Tourists to Steal their Identity to use in Terror Opps

19-07-2004 10:19

The Israeli Mossad agent Zev Barkan has been running Asian criminal gangs used to obtain Australian Identity documents and other passports stolen from Australians Killed in Asia, a New Zealand security official has said.

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neo-cons target Iran

19-07-2004 10:06

Is this the start of an invasion of Iran?

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Paul Foot

19-07-2004 08:59

Paul Foot, veteran campaigning journalist has died of a suspected heart attack aged 66.

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Israel Splitting Families Apart

19-07-2004 08:19

Israel plans to renew its controversial Citizenship and Family Unification Law this week
denying the right of residents of Gaza and the West Bank to obtain Israeli citizenship through marriage.

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Newstead Treefest, Nottinghamshire : The Pictures

19-07-2004 00:36

Newstead Treefest, Nottinghamshire : The Pictures
A weekend festival focusing on music, arts, crafts, health and the environment held on a reclaimed Greenfield site formerly the location of Newstead Colliery in Newstead Village, Nottinghamshire.

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Greet BP at their private view of 'Mummy', British Museum, 6pm Monday July 19th

19-07-2004 00:00

BP, sponsors of the British Museum's exhibition 'Mummy - the Inside Story', will have their own private view of the show on the evening of Monday July 19th 2004.

Come and greet them if you can, and express your sympathies for the way they are forced to make a living in a sunset industry that is almost universally despised.

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French Jews 'must move to Israel'

18-07-2004 21:53

Remember the story of the woman who made up the story about being attacked in Paris ..
yeah certain howls of anti semtex and all that .. well surprise surprise ISRAEL CALLING !!

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has urged all French Jews to move to Israel immediately to escape anti-Semitism. He told a meeting of the American Jewish Association in Jerusalem that Jews around the world should relocate to Israel as early as possible.

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cops show no respect to youth at 'respect' festival

18-07-2004 21:46

copy of email sent to the Mayor of London: -

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Sherborne Sainsbury's Special – the complete moo-down on the day..

18-07-2004 20:47

1. Grouping for a walk down the high street.
17 Cows and 5 Milkmen visit Sainsbury's in Sherborne, Dorset, to demand GM-Free Dairy Products and Fair Prices for Farmers.

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The **EUROPEAN SOCIAL FORUM** comes to London!

18-07-2004 20:46

Hello, this is the text of a leaflet which I recently picked up and I have typed it up and emailed it in order to promote the ESF.

Please forward this email to anyone - groups or individuals - who may be interested.