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18-09-2003 14:07

Here We Go Again.

Tuesday September 23rd.
1.00pm at 'The Theatres' Malvern, worcestershire.

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Iraq- Nice little earner cobber.

18-09-2003 13:29

war dividend for bomb contractor.

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18-09-2003 13:11

5th - 6th October
Demonstrate 12 noon-4.00pm, Sun 5th
Trespass: 6.00am to midnight Mon 6th

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Manchester Critical Mass

18-09-2003 13:00

Critical Mass 26th September 5pm meet in Whitworth Park Oxford Road

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Bus driver dispute over

18-09-2003 12:59

Bus Driver dispute over...

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IMC Video looking for footage of DSEI

18-09-2003 12:38

Did you shoot video at DSEI and don't know what to do with it or would like to contribute to a collaborative video project?

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Artist's journey inspires powerful and moving exhibition

18-09-2003 12:31

Making Sense: A Rwanda Story is a powerful and moving exhibition that opened this week at Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery and runs until 23 November 2003. Inspired by the artist Helen Wilson's visit to Rwanda in 2002, the exhibiton features large scale paintings, film, poems and music showing the beauty of Rwanda and the resilience of its people in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide that claimed one million lives in 100 days.

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18-09-2003 12:14

Organisers Link:

ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE: Crashpad accommodation is available on Fri & Saturday nights: £3 Fri night, £3 Sat night, or £5 for both. You will need a sleeping bag & roll mat.

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Cornish Travellers Turn Dump Into Beauty Spot

18-09-2003 12:09

Article from Penwith local paper "The Cornishman"...

A small group of men and women in Penwith have spent the last 18 months turning a former council dump into productive land where they are growing vegetables and sunflowers.

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Shell funds anti-immigrant campaign

18-09-2003 12:08

Shell funds campaign for immigrant ban in the Netherlands, Shell managers help run the campaign.

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The European Education Forum has been opened!

18-09-2003 11:30

Poster EEF in Berlin
This morning the EEF has been officially opened with an introducing plenary. In the early hours about 150 people listened to current information about the situation of education in Europe. Some people performed a rap on Berlin’s financial situation. Here a few photographs…

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message from bristol imc visitors

18-09-2003 11:00

two bristol indymedia volunteers at large (and frequently lost) in sheffield for the week

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Evictions in the Irati Valley, Basque Country

18-09-2003 10:02

Local residents and activists are fighting the eviction of several villages in the Navarra district of the Basque Country, villages that are soon to be submerged in the waters of the Navarra Canal. The Canal will be made possible by the Itoiz Dam, a concrete monstrosity that has been fought against for the last two decades. Help is needed to fight the evictions in artozki, a small village about to drown under an ocean of greed and destruction.

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Activists Boycott Zara Liverpool Store

18-09-2003 10:00

Activists were spotted yesterday on the streets of Liverpool handing out leaflets outside trendy clothes store Zara

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"Report From Baghdad" Part Four--Women in Iraq

18-09-2003 09:06

Women in Baghdad's Univeristy
This is a part four of the six-part series "Report form Baghdad" by Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, to commemorate 6-months commemoration of U.S. invasion of Iraq (Sep 20), and to understand the future of Iraq.

To view the entire series, please visit:

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ID cards get Andrew Smiths support

18-09-2003 08:30

The work and pensions secretary, Andrew Smith, is a strong supporter of ID cards on the grounds that it will go some way to tackling illegal working and benefit fraud.

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ADL Commends U.S. for Veto of Anti-Israel UN Resolution

18-09-2003 04:43

New York, NY, September 16, 2003…The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed appreciation to the United States for vetoing a one-sided resolution considered by the United Nations Security Council, which condemned Israel for potential action against Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat while ignoring actual terrorist action by the Palestinians.

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Anarchist Workers' Network Website now online!

17-09-2003 22:53

The new AWN is being launched at this year's anarchist bookfair, with a number of aims:
* To provide a means for anarchists in individual unions or industries to link up and support each other (including unemployed or retired workers).
* To coordinate campaigns like disaffiliation from New Labour.
* To raise awareness of anarchist methods of organising society and industry.
* To circulate and share news, advice and information.
* Supporting workers in struggle.

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** Sat 27 Sep 12 noon HYDE PARK London ** NO MORE WAR no more lies!!

17-09-2003 21:00


End the occupation
Don't attack Iran / Syria / North Korea
Freedom for Palestine

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Bella y Fea: Mexico Cancun WTO

17-09-2003 20:19

Despite the timidity of the security forces in Cancun our actions were weak and uncoordinated. Our unity and the fighting spirit in our hearts carried the day as we were all deeply affected by the strength of the campesinos and the death of Lee.