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Vicenza, thousands march against the enlargement of the US base

23-01-2007 18:16

Vicenza, Italy: thousands march against the enlargement of the US base after the big demo of 2th dec with 30.000 people and after the P:M: Prodi said YES to the projcet of the new base. The day before 7-8.000 marched in the night agaisntthe base.

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Reports of Unnanounced Anonymous Action at EDO

23-01-2007 17:48

EDO MBM are Brighton's very own arms delers, see

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Outlaw UK's Uranium Munitions - Public Lobby

23-01-2007 17:25

Please help support the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium's lobby of parliament on February 7th 2007. Lobby packs are available from and all are welcome at the public meeting in the evening.

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Chris Cole Prison Address

23-01-2007 17:18

Chris' Prison Details

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The WSF, the wider SF movement and the re-writing of history!

23-01-2007 17:01

Orwell would have recognised this articles re-writing of history!

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OAXACA: Testimony of a Oaxacan student kidnapped and interrogated

23-01-2007 16:46

English language translation of a testimony of a student who was abducted and interrogated for 2 days with 2 others. Original version in Spanish here:

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MediaWatch about institutional racism in Polish media spreading race prejudices

23-01-2007 16:18

Any reaction welcomed to solve this controversial problem! Please react, we are too weak to do anything alone!

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CIA report: governments complicit in systematic torture

23-01-2007 16:05

After one year's activity, the CIA investigation committee today approved the final report on its work by 28 votes to 17 with 3 abstentions. The report comes up for a vote in plenary on February 14th.

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John Taylor Caldwell 1911-2007

23-01-2007 15:57

The Kate Sharpley Library are sad to report the death of John Taylor Caldwell, veteran Glasgow anarchist and comrade and biographer of Guy Aldred.

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Holocaust could take place here!!

23-01-2007 14:25

Taken from YouGov polls.

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Campaign links for free at the Million Campaign Homepage

23-01-2007 13:52

We have 1,000,000 pixels to give away free to 1600 organisations and individuals furthering social and environmental harmony in the UK.

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ELF Strikes Against ALCAN in Iceland

23-01-2007 13:42

Areas in the Icelandic highlands that are threatend by ALCAN´s expansion:

Thjorsarver (listed by the international treaty of Ramsar as one of earth´s most important wetland areas, Lake Langisjor, one of Europe´s most beautiful lakes, the River of Thjorsa and numerous geothermal fields all over the Icelandic highlands.

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More Employment Needs a Different Distribution

23-01-2007 13:19

More employment comes through reduced working hours and public investment more than tax subsidies. The state (in Germany, Great Britain and the US) destroys jobs. The global attack of neoliberalism has gravely damaged the democratic welfare state.

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Manchester No2ID Meeting, Thursday 22nd February 2007

23-01-2007 12:05

Manchester No2ID Logo
The next Manchester No2ID meeting will be at 7pm on Thursday 22nd February, at
the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester.

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Manila. On the 20th anniversary of the Mendiola massacre

23-01-2007 10:30

Protesters clench fists as they march during the anniversary of the Mendiola massacre in Manila January 22, 2007. Demonstrators marked the 20th anniversary of the Mendiola massacre, commemorating 13 protesters who were killed and 80 wounded by a hail of bullets from policemen and soldiers

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23-01-2007 10:28


At, you can download and watch a 25-minute
interview (Spanish, with English sub-titles) with Porfirio Domínguez
Muñozcano, a Oaxacan arquitect almost beaten to death by Mexican ‘security’

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Selected Articles on the Proposed US-Israeli Nuclear War on Iran

23-01-2007 09:59

“We bring to the attention of our readers a selection of Global Research articles, which document various aspects of US-Israeli war preparations. It is essential that this information reaches the broader public. We invite our subscribers and readers to distribute and forward these articles far and wide.”

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aldermaston shut down

23-01-2007 09:43

A group of eight activists from Scotland blockaded the entrance to AWE Aldermaston this morning at 6.45am.

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Corporate Control of the Media

23-01-2007 08:54

If You Are Concerned
Sen. Bernie Sanders: If You Are Concerned About Health Care, Iraq, the Economy, Global Warming You Must Be Concerned About Corporate Control of the Media

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U.S.-tailored Iraqi Oil Alarm for Producers, Consumers

23-01-2007 08:35

While the Iraqis were busy counting their death toll of more than 650,000 since March 2003, the United Nations busy counting their dead of more than 34,000 in 2006 only, the Pentagon counting more than 3,070 American deaths and the U.S. treasury counting more than $600 billion of taxpayer money spent so far in Iraq , stealthily and suddenly the U.S. occupation’s oil prize rang louder than the war drums.