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Richard Tomlinson of MI6 and his blog

10-07-2006 22:58

Craziness erupts in readers' comments section of The Big Breach author's website

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Open Boat Day 2006 Pictures and Story

10-07-2006 22:41

Some merchandise.
On Saturday (8th July 2006) the third annual Open Boat Day took place near Jesus Green Lock.

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Fireworks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

10-07-2006 22:21

This is a bloody good concise piece of journalism. 600 words. Oh - and it makes me want to spit.
Unapologetically reproduced here from "Prensa Latina", please contact the author before reproducing - I'm assuming copyleft.

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Racists deserve headbutts

10-07-2006 22:05

Racists deserve headbutts
Racists deserve headbutts (alleged!)

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Sharrow Festival 2006

10-07-2006 21:02

Sharrow Festival this year was a good as ever with a great turnout, fantastic bands and a fine show of community policing by the boys in blue.

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Sheffield Gay Day

10-07-2006 20:48

Picnin in the Park event @ Endcliffe Park, 2pm Saturday 12th August

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10-07-2006 20:32

A 3 part documentary began on BBC2 at 7 pm tonight with the second and third ones on Monday 17 and 24 th July.

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G8 Background : St Petersburg Media & Local Events

10-07-2006 20:29

St Petersburg Times (1)
The G8 Summit in St Petersburg is having major impacts on the lives of ordinary Russians and visitors and students in the country. This is the first report from embedded contacts.

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London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset/Lecturer Denounces Critics on 911

10-07-2006 19:57

The complete inability of the War Criminals to prove their Official 911 Conspiracy Theory, in nearly four years, coupled with the desperate measures being employed to silence critics and skeptics, pretty much proves the case.

All that is missing now are the details.

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No M1 widening benefit gig

10-07-2006 19:55

there is a benefit gig on Saturday 15th july at the maze, mansfield road, Nottingham. 9pm till late, £3-50

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War of the words, "Insurgance" the spirit of every great revolution, EVER!

10-07-2006 19:36

This contribution is an audio track i have produced, dedicated to the efforts of all those participating in the 2005 protests in Scotland. It is my hope that it will remind people of efforts already made and raise spirits of participants this year.

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The Fate of Incapacity Benefit

10-07-2006 19:14

The Welfare Reform Bill was presented in Parliament last week, with far-reaching implications for the country’s two and a half million Incapacity Benefit recipients.

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City of God Screening @ Everything4Everyone

10-07-2006 17:52

City of God, the moving and brutally real movie depiction of favela life in Brazil, will be showing at 'Everything4Everyone' on Tuesday 11th July.

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The Build Up To World War 3 Begins In Shanghai

10-07-2006 17:33

The growth of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), particularly the meetings emphasis on security and defence and the new membership applications, are creating worldwide tensions similar to the standoff before the Second World War.

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Five more US soldiers charged in rape-murder atrocity in Iraq

10-07-2006 17:16

Four active duty US soldiers have been charged with participation in the “rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman and three members of her family,” the US military stated in a news release on Sunday. A fifth soldier is accused of dereliction of duty for failing to report the crimes.

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Camden Priest Spends 'Night On The Tiles' in Roof Occupation.

10-07-2006 17:05

A North-London priest has occupied the roof of his church in Camden in order to raise enough money to fix the roof so that it can remain a shelter for Camdens homeless.

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Palestine Today

10-07-2006 16:29

Today in Palestine

Palestine Today service of the International Middle East Media Centre on Monday the July 10th, 2006

Israel’s massive assault on Gaza continues leaving three persons killed and four injured as Israeli warplane fires missiles into residential areas, Across the West Bank, the army continue their campaign of house raids and taking people prisoner while in Hebron they issue orders to close 1000 Palestinian shops. These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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"Brian Haw: The Polished Mirror"

10-07-2006 15:53

Tony Blair is forced to drive past Brian Haw’s five-year-long peace vigil on the eastern edge of Parliament Square each time the prime minister travels from Downing Street to the House of Commons. Yes, Virginia, there is justice in this world after all. We needn’t wait for God nor history to judge the PM, as he suggests.

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10-07-2006 15:53

Cuba: spearheading the Latin American revolution

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10-07-2006 15:52

Can anyone provide any information on the article appearing in the Asian Today newspaper in the Midlands regarding the fraud by British Red Cross in providing assistance in the Pakistan Earthquake of 2005.