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Campaign Against Charter Deportations To Cameroon

02-09-2009 07:40

UKBA have served 'Open ended removal directions' on an unknown number of Cameroonian families, individual men & women, who are all currently in detention. They have not and will not be told the date/time of the removal, only that it will take place before the 15th September 2009. It may well happen this week.

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Sept 4 international mobilization: Latin America free of US bases & intervention

02-09-2009 07:28

4 September 2009 International Mobilization ON THE PATH TO PEACE, declaring Latin America as a ZONE OF PEACE, free of US military bases and intervention.

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Athens: Bomb explodes outside stock exchange

02-09-2009 07:01

A bomb, believed to be from Revolutionary Struggle, was detonated outside the Athens Stock Exchange. A woman passing by had minor injuries due to flying glass.

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Noisy activists dig up dirt on Zippos Circus

02-09-2009 03:07

Activists in the South kept the noise and pressure up on Zippos at Southsea Common today as we descended on their show with more knowledge than ever about their dark and dirty past.

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Oil Company's Best Kept Secret

01-09-2009 19:51

Details of Offshore Europe Exhibition and general invite to attend.

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Free the Cuban Five! week of action in support of Cuban Five. 6 and 12 Sep 09‏

01-09-2009 19:24

invites you to get involved in a week of Action in support of the Cuban Five locked up for 11 years in the US.

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NATO official: Iran could fire conventional or nuclear missiles into Europe

01-09-2009 18:31

Daily Telegraph, 2007

Echoing the six-month-long intensive propaganda campaign before invading Iraq in 2003, the leading members of the NATO Alliance (US, UK, Germany, France) and Israel are desperately trying to show Iran as a threat, without presenting a shred of evidence.

Now, an anonymous “NATO official” is claiming that Iran is posing a threat not only to Israel, but also to Europe. Even more astonishingly, after 4 years of constant scare-mongering over “Iran’s nuclear threat”, this official is reverting to Clinton administration’s “Iran’s ballistic threat” propaganda.

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Rethink Afghanistan - Security

01-09-2009 15:48

The sixth installment of Robert Greenwalds documentary 'Rethink Afghanistan' has just been released onto Youtube.

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Tower Hamlets Strike Update from the picket-line

01-09-2009 15:38

We have had two days of very active and effective picketing. The strike is solid with support from the vast majority of teachers with only three or four people going in. Many students stood with us on the picket lines and refused to enroll in solidarity with the teachers.

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Palestine Today 090109

01-09-2009 15:35

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday September 1st, 2009

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Direct action against climate criminals

01-09-2009 15:09

direct action against climate criminals

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01-09-2009 14:35

South Yorkshire's first eco village is about to be set up! Do you want to live more cheaply in a shared community space? Come and join us, build your own eco home, share skills, and work together for a better environment. No experience required contact -

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DSEi warm-up demo at EDO tomorrow

01-09-2009 13:12

The noise demo at EDO tomorrow (4-6) will have a DSEi theme in preparation for the London demos next week.

Monday September 7th - ITT are organising a conference at the QE2 conference centre for the delegates at the DSEi arms fair. We'll be there to make some noise from 9am.

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Middle Class Concentration Climate Camp: Some thoughts

01-09-2009 12:39

Carnival 2009
I went to two mass events last week, Climate Camp on Blackheath and Carnival in Notting Hill. If you want to see diverse then Carnival is where it's at. Not only is it made up of the funny-sounding 'normal' people having a great time together but you get the sense that these people are also a bit more (funny sounding again) 'real' and unselfconscious than the people I found at Climate Camp.

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The Camp is not yet a "middle class liberal disaster"

01-09-2009 11:13

A response to criticism that the Camp for Climate Action has become a "middle class liberal media disaster"

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Clarissa Dickson Wright - B list celebrity - pleads guilty to hunting

01-09-2009 11:04

The so-called "celebrity" Chef, Clarissa Dickson Wright, has pleaded guilty to hunting.

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Autonomous Anarchists for Earth Liberation

01-09-2009 10:08

Last night Autonomous Anarchists took action against some of Londons biggest climate criminals.

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Climate camp - taking action

01-09-2009 09:09

Climate camp activists are on the move taking action across London now!

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London No Borders benefit - TONIGHT

01-09-2009 09:04

Acoustic fundraiser featuring Steven Finn, The Lorcas and Madame Pepper

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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 1st September 2009

01-09-2009 09:04

Good news 1: Anselme Noumbiwa back in Tees Valley
"Anselme was released from Brook House IRC at 16:00 yesterday and is back home, exhausted but otherwise in good spirits. Speaking from home this morning he sends his heartfelt thanks to all who have been supporting him over the last week. For the time being he is safe but he is not forgetting those Cameroonians still in detention and facing removal by charter flight. He will be with others trying to organize a demonstration against the charter flight to be held outside Home Office Reporting Centre Dallas Court Manchester this Friday coming."
Friends of Anselme