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Manchester Gay Pride 2007 - Pix 2

28-08-2007 16:44

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street / Canal Street area.

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Manchester Gay Pride 2007 - Pix 1

28-08-2007 16:40

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street / Canal Street area.

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Nottingham Market Sq Demo against deportation flights to Congo

28-08-2007 16:14

A (Temporary) Victory to the campaign against deportations of 'refused asylum seekers' to DR Congo!The Home Office say they will not attempt to remove any refused asylum seekers on the 'Charter Flight' scheduled for Thursday or any other flight, pending the AIT Country guidance case.

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Anarchist Federation meeting cancelled tonight

28-08-2007 16:07

Fascist threats - police shut pub

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plans to corporatise camden market

28-08-2007 15:56

planning permission is being sought to destroy camden market stables and herald in the corporate chains. there's a govt e-petition against the proposal to sign - who knows, it may help. otherwise, at least spread the news as it seems many people aren't aware of it.

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Repression against radicals in Osaka!

28-08-2007 15:17

In a climate of repeated evictions and targeted arrests, a well-known activist of the occupation movement in Japan is arrested before a protest against the World Championship of Athletics which is not only a protest of the event for evicting 20 squatters from one of the biggest parks in Osaka, but also a protest against the emperor's increased political importance in Japan. This pre-emptive arrest is an unusually repressive step and deserves attention. Please forward widely!

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George Monbiot Updates His Global Warming Book

28-08-2007 15:15

Here is a portion of George Monbiot's speech at the Camp for Climate Change in London Aug. 18, '07. He has been studying and writing about global warming for over twenty years and is the Author of "Heat" which is about climate change and what needs to be done about it. He explains that because of recent scientific discoveries the book needs an extreme update.

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Don't Deport Subramanium Alosius Jude Christie

28-08-2007 15:01

Jude Christie
Jude arrived at Gatwick on June 15th 2007 and asked for political asylum as he feared for his life if he went back to his native country, Sri Lanka. He has been in various detention centres for the last 2 months. He has been physically put on planes on three occasions (15th, 24th, and 30th July 2007) to be forcefully removed. Fortunately, on all three occasions his lawyer managed to get the removals stopped.

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Tents standoff at smashEDO Camp

28-08-2007 14:57

Update from the smashEDO peace camp.

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UK condemns Pegah

28-08-2007 14:38

The pressures of all the world are not enough for the United Kingdom, the Iranian lesbian will be deported if she will not succeed to proof her homosexuality.

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Smash EDO Camp threatened with forceful eviction 14:00 Tue. GET DOWN THERE

28-08-2007 13:07


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Police Threatening to Evict Smash EDO Protest Camp

28-08-2007 12:43

Sussex Police are on site and have given campers till 2:30pm to leave

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Privatization Endangers Democracy

28-08-2007 12:38

Neoliberal hegemony or market radicalism is a danger for democracy because economic mechanisms replace politics. Neoliberals change the understanding of justice in society. The less generous the social benefits, the more powerful must be its security machine.

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SOCPA - nelson mandela plea tomorrow 10.30am (wednesday)

28-08-2007 11:48

a call-out to people who care.
nelson mandela is visiting parliament square tomorrow. he may not be aware of the terrible civil rights violations that the 'serious organised crime and police act' has led to in this area. it is important that he is made aware - that this hypocrisy is unveiled.

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Photos from the No Border camp and actions in Ukraine

28-08-2007 11:13

entrance to the camp
Here are some belated photos from the no border camp and actions in Ukraine (11-20 August 2007).

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anti-bomb pair in Brighton rooftop protest

28-08-2007 08:25

Two anti-arms trade protesters are currently occupying the roof of Brighton arms manufacturers EDO MBM's second site in Fishersgate, near Brighton. The pair scaled the factory roof in Mill Road this morning and other protesters are holding a demo outside. This action is part of the week-long action camp against EDO MBM, which produces bomb components used in the bombing of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

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Neocons One Step Closer to Attacking Iran

28-08-2007 00:33

Now we have the Big Lie in regard to Iran, as preposterous and nonsensical as Iraq’s illusory weapons of mass destruction.

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Haringey Council loses 14.600 households from its housing waiting list

27-08-2007 23:47

Haringey Council has quietly deleted 14,600 households from its council housing waiting list. The council carried out a so-called 're-registration' exercise that resulted in the de-registration of 59% of applicants. Campaigners are calling on the council to reopen the list, and make new efforts to reach the huge number of deleted households.

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Smash EDO [photos]

27-08-2007 22:04

Smash EDO camp
Smash EDO camp

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International Strike 9-11-07

27-08-2007 21:05

GENERAL STRIKE IN USA on Sept. 11, 2007 – 9/11
“No School * No Work * No Shopping. Hit the Streets”


Mass March in Washington DC