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Manchester Plane Stupid disrupt aviation industry conference

16-06-2009 14:56

Campaigners disrupted an airport industry conference today using rape alarms tied to helium balloons . The protesters from the group Manchester Plane Stupid entered the Manchester Central conference venue (formerly GMEX) and sent five bunches of helium balloons reading 'Happy Retirement' to the top of the ceiling where they remained with the alarms ringing. This occurred at exactly the time when the industry delegates were posing for a photo shoot for the launch of a new carbon reduction scheme at European airports which will not include emissions from aircraft.

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call out to anti-fascists-Anti-Shell protestors in Ireland face fascist Shell se

16-06-2009 14:42

Shell's security company IRMS linked to fascist group.

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Negotiations with SOAS Director have resumed. Threat of eviction lifted for now.

16-06-2009 14:28

Meet for the planned Demonstration today at 4:30pm at SOAS steps.

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A busy week here in Mayo

16-06-2009 14:13

Work continues in Glengad, but so does action resisting the pipeline. The Rossport Solidarity Camp is active and running, so please come and visit! Come and see what is happening with your own eyes, and bring whatever skills and talents you would like to share. Here is a five day update.

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SOAS - Eviction. 3pm apparently. EMERGENCY. Injunction served on occupation

16-06-2009 13:41

Please get down here now and get in contact if you know anything and can help.

Thanks. Get down here.

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Letter to the United Nations Exclude Bayer from Global Compact

16-06-2009 11:47

The Coalition against Bayer Dangers, an international network based in Germany, today urged the United Nations to exclude the chemical and pharmaceutical corporation Bayer from the UN Global Compact. In a complaint to the Compact´s Executive Director, Georg Kell, the group points to Bayer´s recent serious violations of the Global Compact´s principles and integrity measures.

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NATO's War Plans For The High North

16-06-2009 10:20

"There are lessons indeed. US troops fought on Russian soil and ended up on the losing side. This is not the lesson that Levin and the political and military leadership of NATO countries as a whole have learned and so risk repeating them on a far grander and more dangerous scale."

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SOAS occupation - Demonstration today at 4.30pm

16-06-2009 09:03

16th June - TODAY
4.30pm SOAS steps

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The truth about fascist National Front past of Britain's two new BNP members in

16-06-2009 08:59

Newly-elected BNP Euro MPs Andrew Brons and Nick Griffin like to present themselves as plain-speaking politicians eager to put across the ordinary man and woman's point of view.

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Remember Gaza - Demo outside EDO tomorrow 3.30pm

16-06-2009 06:21

Wednesday June 17th -Remember Gaza: outside EDO/ITT from 3.30pm (please note the earlier starting time).

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Ahmadinejad cartoons in the British press

16-06-2009 02:09

Daily Telegraph, 14 June 2009

Cartoons of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the British press published in the wake of his re-election.

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BNP Victory rally at the Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool on Saturday June 20th

15-06-2009 22:58

Hundreds of BNP fascists will be gathering at the Kimberley Hotel in Blackpool on Saturday June 20th, you celebrate the fact that they are now a mainstream political party.

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protest with us please

15-06-2009 22:56

In Ireland we heard 5000 people protested against abuse in privatised institutions.
This is for all those people that went to that protest and also for all the English people who are against childabuse, childsexual exploitation, slavery of children in workingplaces (from 6 years old and they get no school) all these things. If you do not like these things to happen in the Netherlands they do happen all the time. They Dutch private companies take 10000 children per year more than last year and they beat them and kill them and no one gets punished.

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Taser Frenzy in Nottingham.

15-06-2009 22:50

Evening all.

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Nopretence post-action statement

15-06-2009 21:50

On Sunday, June 7th a group of anarcha-feminists took the Stage at the Anarchist Conference 09 to protest about sexist oppression within the movement. They projected a film and read out a statement.

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Tyting Farm eviction alert

15-06-2009 20:20

A call-out from Tyting farm community...

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15-06-2009 20:10

With exiled Iranian socialist Yassamine Mather and Israel socialist Moshe Machover.

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A Different Perspective on the Iranian Elections

15-06-2009 19:09

Iran is in a very strategic location for the expansion of US imperialism and control of oil in the Middle East. Military Force by the United States has already been threatened, but has drawbacks. However, the CIA is an expert at fixing elections and stirring up violence and street demonstrations in other countries until an overthrow of that government occurs and one more favorable to US imperialism takes its place.

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Dutch animal liberationists imprisoned, new address

15-06-2009 16:51

In April ELP reported the jailing of a Dutch animal rights activist, Peter Janssen, who has been accused of involvement in a raid on a mink farm. A second person who was arrested at the same time as Peter was later released without charge. However since then ELP has learnt of a third arrest. The third person is Naomi van der Pol and she has been remanded into custody. Naomi has been in prison for a month and a half now without any support, so it is vital we send her lots of messages of support from all around the world.

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Speak out against Racism and Deportations - 13 June

15-06-2009 16:40

A young demonstrator
Around 70 people protested against the UK's inhumane and racist immigration laws outside the Angel tube in London on Saturday afternoon, 13 June, 2009. Pictures Copyright (C) Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.