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Students Union of 45,000 members facing closure

29-10-2004 23:09

At a recent meeting with University managers, members of the Students' Union Executive Committee were confronted with the news that the University intends to close down the Students' Union facilitates.

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Protest letter to the Prime Minister of Mauritius

29-10-2004 22:11

Mauritius is about to join UPOV and is adopting the UPOV model Plant Breeder's Right law instead of the African Union model.

This would be a disaster for the Mauritians and bad for Africa as a whole.

Below there is a URL link that leads you to a protest letter addressed to the PM of Mauritius.

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USA: police kills 22-year old girl with "non-lethal" weapon

29-10-2004 22:06

60.000 to 80.000 people celebrated the victory of the "Red Sox" in Boston. However, police went crazy and shot a 22-year old girl with a "non"-lethal weapon in the eye. She died.There was no specific action she did, there were no "riots" around her, nothing. She was just celebrating and chanting with others.Meantime police is trained to see the enemy in us, the people: this is what we learn from this murder.

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Anarchists plotting to disrupt top summit

29-10-2004 20:31

Anarchist N5 plot exposed by Brighton Argus.

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Sheffield to host G8 Justice ministers summit in June

29-10-2004 17:55

The G8 ministers of Justice and Home Affairs will meet in Sheffield in June 2005.

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social night, open mic & jam @ rampart

29-10-2004 17:54

>>Friday 29th October

Social evening with vegan food, drinks plus open mic and jam session. Bring your instruments, poetry or whatever. Bring an embarrassing record from your vinyl collection to donate and play. Live streaming on rampART radio for those that can’t be here (we hope).

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Forumdiscussion during anti-racist summit from 9-11 November in Groningen, Holla

29-10-2004 17:47

From 9th till 11th November the EU ministers responsible for migration and integration will convene in Groningen, Holland. They will discuss how to manage migration better and how to force people to integrate in a way the EU can benefit from those they can employ and discard of or even destroy the lives of those who are unemployable. This calls for an anti-racist, anti-classist and anti-patriarchate answer. This is why an anti-racist summit is organized during those days. This posting calls on everybody to come over and fight together for equal rights, the right for an existence and for radical changes. Underneath you can find a call to take part in the big demonstration on 10th November and a call to participate in a forumdiscussion on 10th November in Groningen, Holland

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N5: Mainstream media coverage

29-10-2004 17:15

"Anti-capitalists to target conference" - report on N5 action in local mainstream newspaper.

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29-10-2004 16:56

Geoff Hoon could face awkward questions in court, after making explicit threats to launch a nuclear attack against Iraq from Trident System Submarines.

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Screening: New Ruffcuts CDROM

29-10-2004 16:52

Here's the flier/poster for the forthcoming Indymedia/Undercurrents presentation, on 7th November at the Asian Cultural Centre in Manzil Way. Should be good!

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Forthcoming demo against arbitrary detentions, Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes

29-10-2004 16:51

MK Stop the War with the Campaign Against Political Terror plans a demo at HMP
Woodhill (in W. Milton Keynes), provisionally on Sunday 28 November,

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Littlejohn is Dangerous

29-10-2004 16:50

Question Time from Miami featured Michael Moore on the panel, David Frum, Bush’s speech writer, Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton’s senior advisor, Lida Rodriguez-Tassef and Richard Littlejohn.

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Lancet: "100,000 civilians dead since Iraq invasion"

29-10-2004 16:47

New research published in the respected London medical journal "The Lancet" indicates that the civilian death toll in Iraq is around 10 times higher than previously thought.

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Iman: Executing another child in Rafah

29-10-2004 15:58

According to testimonies given by soldiers in the same company to the mass Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, a soldier in the watchtower identified Iman and cautioned his commander shouting, "Don't shoot. It's a little girl."

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All three parties resign from Bristol City Council

29-10-2004 15:42

Bristol City Council will be run by nobody after November 9th

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China Expects the Collapse of the Dollar

29-10-2004 15:31

Since 2001 the US dollar has lost 40% of its value; half of the loss has occurred since April 2003. In 2004 alone, exports from China to the US rose 35%. China depends on American consumers as much as the US depends on China's financing of deficits.

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"Don't Blame the Victims!"

29-10-2004 15:13

Bicester group urges community to welcome refugees

Bicester Refugee Support today urged local residents not to let the appalling way they have been treated by the Home Office affect their attitude towards future residents of the Accommodation Centre which is to be built near the north Oxfordshire town.

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Press Coverage for Nov 5 Anti-Capitalist Action

29-10-2004 13:57

Remember,Remember the 5th of November...

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Ewa Jasiewicz speaking in Glasgow and Edinburgh

29-10-2004 13:32

Ewa Jasiewicz will be speaking in Glasgow after the Pollock anti-war demo about the situation in Iraq but also about the experience of her recent deportation from Israel

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US planned in 2003 to invade Cuba?

29-10-2004 12:13

An American journalist who interviewed a senior officer of the US 82nd Airborne (the parachuting "door kicking" shock troops of the United States) who claimed that in 2003 there was military planning for an invasion of Cuba