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Sheffield to host G8 Justice ministers summit in June

relay | 29.10.2004 17:55 | G8 2005 | Repression | Sheffield

The G8 ministers of Justice and Home Affairs will meet in Sheffield in June 2005.

Here is the press release from Sheffield City Council:

27 October 2004

Sheffield reaches international summit

Sheffield’s reputation as an emerging international city has received a further boost with the announcement by the Home Secretary, Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, that the next G8 JHA (Justice and Home Affairs) conference of interior and justice ministers will take place in Sheffield in June 2005.

The meeting will include interior and justice ministers from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK, and the USA. As Home Secretary Mr Blunkett covers both interior and justice issues in the UK, but each of the other seven countries will be represented by both an interior and a justice minister.

The meeting will look at a number of major international issues. These include counter-terrorism, migration, law enforcement, legal affairs, and hi-tech crime.

The Home Office has been in negotiations with the Council and other agencies for a number of months on arrangements for the summit. The Council’s Chief Executive, Bob Kerslake, has led a team of officers, including representatives from the Sheffield Conference Bureau, in successfully selling Sheffield’s attractions and conference facilities to the Home Office. The summit follows the success of the visit to Sheffield by five of the international interior ministers early this year.

Commenting on the G8 JHA summit coming to Sheffield, Bob Kerslake said: “This is great news for Sheffield, and yet another sign that the city is a major player on the national and international stage. Hosting the summit will boost Sheffield’s profile, and allow the city to showcase itself to the summit’s participants and the watching media.

“The summit will also benefit the city’s hotels, shops, and restaurants, providing a further boost to Sheffield’s vibrant economy.”

Council Leader Councillor Jan Wilson added: “Hosting the G8 JHA summit will put Sheffield firmly on the map. Ministers, their aides, and the world’s media will be able to see for themselves that Sheffield is a city on the up that is at home on the international stage.”


This will be a real opportunity for us to open our arms and give them a real welcome! It would be great to have some dialogue around JUSTICE and ID cards! Does anyone know more details ? The SSF could be a good forum to bring people together and mobilize. Could be a good warm up event for the main G8 in July.

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