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"Go in Ali Baba! It´s all yours."

11-05-2003 09:37

Crime-scene Baghdad: Eyewitnesses report that American soldiers literally opened the gates and the doors to looters of Iraqi museums. Plundered articles were often sold off openly on the streets the very same day.

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3 Al-Jazeera reporters worked for Saddam.

11-05-2003 09:18

I knew it

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sleep free! call or send email.

11-05-2003 07:43

sleep free! call or send email.
sleep free! call or send email.

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Blair=war criminal?

11-05-2003 06:30

Should the Blair criminals face the ICC?

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no place for a woman

11-05-2003 05:28

by lesley abdela
plans to rebuild iraq exclude women

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"Iraqis evict Palestinian refugees"

10-05-2003 23:08

"Iraqis evict Palestinian refugees". What happened to Muslim brotherhood?

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Ken Loach Defends Galloway in Manchester - Video

10-05-2003 22:51

Well known film director, Ken Loach, was one of several speakers defending George Galloway at a packed rally in Manchester on Friday 9th May 2003.

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10-05-2003 22:28



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Experience With Police at A-12 Reaffirms Beliefs

10-05-2003 21:54

[Previously published via Knight Ridder
for the Progressive Media Project.]

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Blair 'worst Briton'

10-05-2003 21:43

Mind control Trash TV occasionally throws up a good'un. Blair was inevitably tops. Thatcher still in at 3rd.The real worst Britons hold all the power and are rarely seen in public

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London Rising Tide, Queeruption & Active present...May 30 benefit

10-05-2003 20:50

Friday 30th May benefit gig
at Chats Palace, featuring
JUHA, Seize the Day & Naked Fusion

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Conscentious Objector Day

10-05-2003 20:07

Celebrate and support international war resisters MAY 15th.

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More Arrests: The War Against Human Rights Groups

10-05-2003 19:37

This is the beginning of the War on Human Rights Groups. It is being perpetuated by the Israeli Defense Forces and aimed, in particular, at those who wish to aid the cause of human rights in the Occupied Territories and in Gaza

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ISM Reports: Charlotte, Radhika, Osama Arrested In Tulkarem

10-05-2003 19:26

The Latest News Of ISM Activist Arrests In The West Bank.

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USS Theodore Roosevelt in spain

10-05-2003 19:10

six thousand american marines arrive for a week of fun

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CorporateWatcH Sheffield

10-05-2003 17:18

Demo in Sheffield

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Pict Defence Force :There Is No Scotland-Only Aberforth

10-05-2003 17:08

The Latest News From Occupied Scotland

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10-05-2003 16:13

On the way to Thessaloniki against the Lordships of th EU! The next EU-summit in Thessaloniki can be blocked! Thousands of demonstrators are planning to come from all over Europe!

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Police action on Mayday was ilegal!

10-05-2003 14:17

The penning in of protesters and holding of them for several hours was ilegal as under section 60 this may only be done if it is believed by the officer in charge that serious disorder will break or if any acts of violence have been committed. On Mayday a crowd of people gathered peacefully to picket Lockheed Martin. Not one incident of violence occurred before or after the protesters were penned in.