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ISM Reports: 5th Day of Incursions into Balata Camp

26-05-2003 16:43

The Latest ISM Activist Report

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Culture for all

26-05-2003 16:43


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An adult attitude towards Enforcement Act

26-05-2003 13:16

What makes it so different and interesting to other Laws? How can it be used and how it is being used, and what are the possible consequences of abusing it.What makes it so different and interesting to other Laws? How can it be used and how it is being used, and what are the possible consequences of abusing it.

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European Constitution: free market compulsory

26-05-2003 11:48

Despite euro-sceptic propaganda about a 'Soviet Union of Europe', the draft European Constitution is a generally right-wing document.

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26-05-2003 11:42

Jenin :: 24.05.03

>> I then saw that the second throng of soldiers had 4 shebab blindfolded infront of them - again, using them as human shields. They beat them sporadically, I saw blow after blow and taut words barked through gritted teeth hit them.

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g8 - Call to Join and Contribute to the Establishment of a Video-Sharing network

26-05-2003 09:20 online laboratoy g8

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Belarussian Government attacks anarchist news

26-05-2003 06:47

The Belarusian government has begun a purposeful campaign to close the only independent Belarusian newspaper published by anarchists.

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The Maid and the Ogre

26-05-2003 06:44

The Maid and the Ogre, by former israeli communist politician Israel Shamir.

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stop fascist government of Spain

25-05-2003 22:40

Read about Ton's Spanish friend..
Aznar himself is a son of a prominent Francoist family and during the fascist dictatorship was a member of the fascist party. When democracy was reestablished in Spain, Aznar advocated against approving the new Democratic Constitution.

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Sign Blair War Crimes petition to International Criminal Court

25-05-2003 22:13

Sign Blair War Crimes petition to International Criminal Court
The Prime Minister sent British Troops to Iraq under the assertion that Iraq posessed Weapons of Mass Destruction, he did this knowingly and wilfully despite 60% of the U.K. population being against this war and also knowing that forces would be deploying cancer causing depleted uranium shells as well as crippling cluster bombs.

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Reject Nomination of the Terrorists Bush and Blair for Nobel Prize

25-05-2003 21:16

Thought you've seen it all? Harald T. Nesvik, a Right-wing Norwegian Member of Parliament, has nominated the war criminals Tony Blair and George W. Bush for the Nobel Peace Prize for their "decisive action against terrorism".

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Most evil, brutal regime in the world

25-05-2003 20:30

If we are elected we will definitely punish Tony Blair and his cronies to dismantle the gas pipeline through Afghanistan, manually.

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Imperialism 101

25-05-2003 20:25

A short course in imperialism for those who lack an adequate understanding of the word. Written by noted political analyst and author, Dr. Michael Parenti.

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A place was named after Rachel Corrie

25-05-2003 19:28

In Athens, courageous people renamed the place in front of the Israeli Embassy in Rachel Corrie place in a symbolic act. This was done in order to remind Rachel Corrie - the peace activist who had to die for her ideals - run over by a bulldozer from the IDF.

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geneva on the move....

25-05-2003 18:49

slowly, but safely: it is happening

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ISM Reports: News from Jenin

25-05-2003 17:59

Searching the Grave, Classroom Shaheed, Welcome to Gaza, Bulldozer Broken, Brian News

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United States of Aggression renew the sabre-rattling

25-05-2003 15:24

Reuters report, citing Washington Post, that supposedly evidence exists that Iran was involved in recent Al Qaeda bombings, according to the US government. Hence the Americans want to destabilise Iran through a "popular uprising".

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VIDEO - 4000 Rally For Idigenous Rights in Canada

25-05-2003 14:36

Indigenous solidarity is on the rise in Canada as rights from Treaties with the crown are being threatened by new legislation. A short video of the May 15th, 2003 rally for indigenous rights (and against the new First Nations "Governance" Act). 4000 First Nations and non-aboriginal people gathered in Kenora, Ontario, Canada.

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Chile:Tribe seeks to reclaim land

25-05-2003 09:38

Chile:Tribe seeks to reclaim land
Growing like cabbages in neat rows planted by one of the largest forestry companies in South America, the trees suck the water out of the ground, killing off streams and making wells run dry in this corner of Chile. For Ancalaf and other Mapuche Indian leaders, that is one indignity toomany.

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Anti-deportation demonstration in Munich

25-05-2003 09:24

In Munich, yesterday, Saturday, there was a demonstration against detention and deportation centres taking place, here is a report.