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NYT Backs Off Its Syria-Sarin Analysis

30-12-2013 17:37

For months, the “slam-dunk” evidence “proving” Syrian government guilt in the Aug. 21 Sarin attack near Damascus was a “vector analysis” pushed by the New York Times showing where the rockets supposedly were launched. But the Times now grudgingly admits its analysis was flawed, reports Robert Parry.

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Mista Accomplice Dreams of Big PR OP

30-12-2013 15:30

this c£isis has a £ing on it
Mista Accomplice Dreams of Big PR OP

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Media disinformation and the framing of the Syrian war

30-12-2013 10:04

The Independent, 26 August 2013
Months after the events took place, Pulitzer prize winning journalists and others are finally reporting about the lies and manipulations of the US government regarding the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. Far from shining a light on the true situation in the country, however, these reports continue to avoid the underlying causes and explanations for what is happening in Syria, and the forces that are behind it.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Syrian war coverage of the mainstream media is not its underlying bias—that was always to be expected—but how remarkably ineffective that coverage has been in convincing the public of the need for military intervention in the country. After nearly three years of relentless propaganda attempting to convince the public of the virtue of the terrorist insurgency and the incomparable evil of Assad, the seemingly inevitable march toward war in the wake of the Ghouta chemical weapons attack faltered after public opinion overwhelmingly came down on the side of non-interventionist policies.

Perhaps reading public sentiment, many mainstream outlets even took to pointing out the media bias on the war and trying to retroactively position themselves against military intervention. This has to be credited to a remarkable, global, grassroots phenomenon of independent citizen media breaking through the layers of propaganda to provide true, cogent analysis of the situation on the ground in Syria.

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Non human first declaration another racist attack on animal rights

30-12-2013 09:30

Few things unite the animal liberation movement more than the rejection of Speciesism but recently we have discovered a Racist sympathiser page has sprung up under the banner of NON HUMAN FIRST that is causing a major stir within the animal liberation movement

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The Internationale

29-12-2013 18:21

Something for those of us who are bored with the religious claptrap that we are still expected to put up with during December and early January.

Arise ye workers from your slumbers
Arise ye prisoners of want
For reason in revolt now thunders
And at last ends the age of cant.
Away with all your superstitions

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Germany: CCC Event Weblog

29-12-2013 10:52

About the Congress and other CCC events ....... The 30C3 wiki is online: Travel, venue and accommodation information published Sunday, September 29th, 2013 - It’s getting colder outside, and the summer is long gone. There are only a few months left before the next congress starts. So for us, it is time for us to start preparing congress and for you it might be the time to start planning your trip. To assist you with your planning, there is the congress wiki!.

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28-12-2013 23:09

Nation Zoom
The big money implications behind promoting services and products on the web are a substantial incentive for some individuals to come up with not-so-fair ideas. Some of the people who aren’t willing to play by the rules created the Nation Zoom traffic driving tool...

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Coca-Cola publish photos of protest against themselves

28-12-2013 21:45

Photo from CokeZone of anti-Coca-Cola demo for Russian LGBTQ+ rights
On Saturday December 21 ten human rights activists launched a surprise demonstration against Coca-Cola, at the Coca-Cola truck marketing event in Brighton, United Kingdom. The group were demanding that Coca-Cola, as a sponsor of the coming Olympics in Sochi, break their silence on Russia’s homophobic laws. This week, Coca-Cola published official photos of part of the demonstration via their CokeZone website.

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Internationalist Observer 2013 Collected Works

28-12-2013 16:44

This is a series of analyses produced in the course of this year by the same writer and published under the same screen name. The focus is on the coverage of issues such as the climate collapse, radioactive contamination, spying, corruption, arms trade in various places around the world. Location reference is added to the title where it is not obvious. Thanks for providing this open publishing platform.

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The Cascade of Evil or the Double Negative Effect of Digital Totalitarianism

28-12-2013 16:29

It is a blatantly obvious contradiction – on one hand the worst regimes on the planet (in terms of overall historical record not current rating) are wasting horrendous efforts to oppress the most advanced people, on the other these same regimes are totally failing to heal any of the wounds their destructive forces leave on the record of the species and its environment. The terror regime in the name of the people has become so bad that everything it is allegedly meant to protect against is happening by accident because nobody cares. The signs are visible to the unaided eye that the atmosphere may not take it any longer and produce a climate collapse smashing the face of the Earth, but the regimes decide to squander the resources for harassment and abuse rather than dedicate them to a solution of the planetary problems. The wisdom of total abolition is whispered along by every natural being, but the machinery of hopelessness is running hotter every time it is being switched up a gear, and its growling and howling is getting lost in the skies. Since regimes need people but people do not need regimes, it is not just an ideal failure but one of these gross inappropriatenesses of the current which later on tend to be recognised as its defining elements and can only be done with by its complete breakdown. What is hence required is a coherent theory of digital totalitarianism that allows gaining explanations and making predictions useful for the disassembly of it. What is this monstrous conglomerate that has become of the system of nation states and how can its vast and complex problems be described in a way more useful against them than for their obfuscation?

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EZLN Support Bases in San Marcos Avilés, Chiapas, Mexico, Denounce Aggressions

28-12-2013 16:20

A renewal of the attacks on the Zapatistas in the community of San Marcos Avilés. Report by the human rights centre published.

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Zapatistas: twenty years after

28-12-2013 11:48

Mexican journalist Luis Hernández Navarro reflects on the enormous significance of the Zapatista movement, on the 20th anniversary of the uprising.

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Today in 1947: The National Security Act is s

28-12-2013 10:07

July 26, 2013
One of the most disturbing aspects of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance operations revealed by Edward Snowden is the fact that this spying is being conducted on ordinary American citizens.

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UG#673 - The Language of The Vast Machine (The Ubiquitous Matrix Of Lies)

27-12-2013 03:57

Similar in spirit to UG#670, we look at what Charles Eisenstein termed "The Ubiquitous Matrix Of Lies". We examine a range of lies spun by the vast machine as part of its efforts to perpetuate hopelessness, including a particularly obvious fraud from this August, a Nurse Nayirah style effort to drum up support for an attack on Syria. We focus loosely on war propaganda in Syria, but use a wide range of examples to illustrate the interwoven, interlocking nature of the matrix of lies while reflect on its implications for those determined to seek truth.

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Petition against exploitation of teachers in FEF

27-12-2013 01:34

We signed below and position against the exploitation of teachers from the Ferndale Education Foundation ( FEF ) who are with their wages , holidays and 13th month salary arrears ! This is not the fulfillment of rights won by workers and supported by the Federal Constitution and reject the non -compliance with these rights .

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Help Break the News Blackout on Lies-for-War Report

26-12-2013 23:19

Pulitzer Prize journalist Seymour Hersh made public the attrocities in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and many years earlier broke the horrific story of the massacre of over 500 civilians in My Lai village in Vietnam - both war crimes committed by the US military. He has a proud history of major exposés of this nature.
In 'Whose Sarin?' Hersh uncovers a war crime on a far far greater scale from the very peak of US power, but, though it's all over smaller net-based news sites, mainstream news media doesn't want to touch it. Please help break this blackout and send a message to political leaders and news editors that they should exist to serve the public, not the powerful, and if they can't be reformed they need to be dumped.

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Global Noise Demo: New Year’s Eve 2013/2014

25-12-2013 12:13

Inside and Outside Prisons, Jails, & Detention Centers around the World

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Prince Charles: "The banality of evil"

25-12-2013 07:07

War Criminals Inc.
"Prince" Charles is one person who really does know what is going on. He epitomizes the "banality of evil". Prince Charles should stand trial, along with the rest of the war criminals, in the criminal U.K State. A jury of the people will have no difficulty understanding that Prince Charles is not ignorant of law, and that business interests have nothing to do with religion.

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Bristol: graffiti/solidarity action @ Clifton Cathedral

24-12-2013 14:39

Early morning mass was blackened this Christmas eve for the catholic Cathedral in Bristol's wealthy Clifton neighborhood. Overnight we glued locks on their doors, spraypainted "without god", "without law", and anarchy symbols on the grand exterior and signed "queers x".