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Council keep amateur drama out of city centre - Bristol Little Theatre closed

12-08-2010 19:22

plus Julian Lea-Jones on the history of Temple Meads & Temple Church
Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) podcast produced by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every week on Friday morning. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733. Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Sundays at 12 noon. Or listen live on the internet at


00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Alan Cross, editor of the Avon Association of Drama's monthly Prompt magazine talks about the broken promises of Bristol City Council when they closed Bristol's Little Theatre in the 1980s ... and what a detrimental effect the closure has has on amateur and semi professional drama in the city and the region. Alan is on 0117 985 3631
10:00 - Colin Power talks about a strange phenomena which may or may not exist - called Orgone Energy
16:00 - Anthea Page at the Edinburgh Festival interviews Karen de la Penha who acts 15 characters in The Fly In The Fridge
22:30 - One of Bristol's longest serving local historians Julian Lea-Jones on the wartime bombing of Temple Church, Temple Meads and the origins of his Temple Local History group in the early 1980s at Sperry Gyroscope research centre which was then based in Sperry House, now the Crescent Centre, on Temple Back.
31:00 - musician Doc Satori plays My Blood My Soul etc. and chit-chats with John
40:00 - Secrets and Lies by David Southwell - Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics - read by Malcolm Grieves
49:30 - Tim Burroughs
53:30 - What's On Guide
58:00 - Credits

Presenter: John Peters-Coleman
Reporters: Anthea Page & Tony Gosling
Studio Engineer: Michael Noyes
Producer: Tony Gosling

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Cheap as Minibus and Veggie-oil coaches going to Edinburgh Climate Camp/Fring

12-08-2010 19:11

Southcoast Climate Camp has committed to hiring the Big Lemon Bus to travel to Climate Camp 2010 in Edinburgh. Unfortunately many people can't make this trip and we have 18 seats that need to filled.

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A new film on the 2005 London bombings: "Seeds of Deconstruction"

12-08-2010 19:05

The July 7th Truth Campaign is happy to recommend to anyone interested in the events of 7/7 is one that updates and expands greatly on the information presented in Ludicrous Diversion, and also helps place the events of 7/7 in a wider historical and political context.

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Palestine Today 08 12 2010

12-08-2010 18:10

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, August 12th, 2010.

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Artists performing at Colston Hall for UNESCO Slavery Remembrance day in Bristol are revealed

12-08-2010 17:22

Bristol Legacy Commission has organised a free concert featuring upbeat performances in the stunning new wing of Colston Hall. The concert is part of a series of community events which will take place on Monday 23rd August.
Bristol, 6th August 2010. Bristol Legacy Commission has organised a free concert featuring upbeat performances in the stunning new wing of Colston Hall. The concert is part of a series of community events which will take place on Monday 23rd August.

The first performer will be Biram Seck, a Senagalese singer/songwriter, from Easton in Bristol. He performs beautiful music, with a strong link to the legacy of the slave trade – perfect for lovers of culture. Biram’s music is produced by Pete Josef a member of Roni Size’s Reprazent.

The after party will be positive and progressive and a perfect end to this innovative and cross-cultural night. Mensah is a hot underground dubstep DJ, signed to local label Hench and usually found playing at various nightclubs.

Young music lovers will be encouraged come and see Mensah perform in Colston Hall, a high profile Bristol venue, ahead of his next major gig at Notting Hill Carnival in London.

As part of a day to commemorate all of the lives lost through slavery, 23rd August has been chosen by UNESCO to celebrate the resistance and struggles of the slaves which eventually led to them being freed. The event is designed to celebrate the abolition of the slave trade and artists have been carefully chosen for the relevance of their own musical style.

Barbara Janke, Leader of Bristol City Council, commented:

“This event is an occasion not only to acknowledge the past, but also to recognise the energy, talents and confidence of our city and its people in 2010 and to look forward to a future that we are all building together.

It is a future in which the council will continue to work with all its communities to develop closer ties and encourage all of Bristol’s citizens to realise their potential and contribute.”

Event organisers, Coconut Chilli Digital acknowledged that the event would take place on a Monday and created two highlights of the day for different audiences.

There will be a celebratory mini carnival in Queen Square and the free concert in the new wing of Colston Hall.

Navina Bartlett, Coconut Chilli Digital, concluded:

“There really is something for everyone. We want people who live or work in Queen Square to pop out at lunchtime to enjoy a cultural performance they may not have experienced before.”

The mini carnival in Queen Square will feature the African Sambistas – a high energy dance troup, who children will love. A jerk cook out stall will be set up and tasty Caribbean cuisine will be available for people who attend the carnival.

The evening concert has been timed so that lovers of world music can attend early on and then make way for a lively younger audience who will be keen to see Mensah perform live and who will be certain to get up and dance.

Although the concert is free, donations to support the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal will be collected.


Notes to editors:

About UNESCO Slavery Remembrance Day

23rd August is the date chosen by UNESCO as International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. This day was saw the beginning of the uprising led by Toussaint-L'Ouverture against the French colonists and slavers. It resulted in the establishment of Haiti, the first African republic in the Western World.

This revolution would play a crucial role in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade; the day is an important reminder that freedom was not gifted to the slaves by benevolent abolitionists, but fought for continuously by revolutionaries across the Americas.

The day is an opportunity for widespread reflection as to the causes and consequences of the scourge, thereby putting an end to the silence that has too long surrounded this human tragedy. Countless activities are organised throughout the world to coincide with the event.

This is the third year that this day has been marked in Bristol.

About Bristol Legacy Commission

Bristol City Council (BCC) established the Bristol Legacy Commission in June 2008 to take forward the work started during 2007 as part of Abolition 200 its steering group and their recommendations for change.
The Bristol Legacy Commission has been mandated by Bristol City Council to progress three priority areas; Cultural Representation, Education and Young People and Health and Well Being over three years, and they are now in their third year.
The Bristol Legacy Commission is made up of nine community members, three councillors nominated by their political parties, and Paul Stephenson OBE was elected chair in June 2008.

About Coconut Chilli Digital
Coconut Chilli Digital is a digital marketing and events consultancy based in Stokes Croft.
Clients include Bristol Legacy Commission, African and Caribbean Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise (ACCCE), Three Coqs Brasserie, Chris Wicks of Bell’s Diner and DaVinci Jamaica Tours.

For further information please contact Navina Bartlett at Coconut Chilli Digital - email

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Justice for Pierre An Innocent Man

12-08-2010 17:00

Please it Take's Two minutes to Read And Please Sign The Petition
Thanks For Your Time

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G20 Seoul: there will be a storm

12-08-2010 16:06

"The wind from above assumes its old forms of arrogance and haughtiness. The police and the Federal Army close ranks around money and corruption. The wind from below once again travels the ravines and valleys; it is beginning to blow strongly. There will be a storm..." -Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN

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EDL Meeting in Cheltenham tonight... 8pm (12th Aug) phone the venue...

12-08-2010 14:17

The Gloucestershire division of the EDL are having a meeting tonight at 8pm to discuss Bradford with meeting places etc...


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New hunt sabbing season

12-08-2010 13:19

Support Sheffield Hunt Sabotuers as new season of hunt sabotage begins

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Sponsored walk for Campaign Against Arms Trade

12-08-2010 12:22

A short report on a sponsored walk for Campaign Against Arms Trade

Robin Lane and Ian Pocock carried out a six mile walk to raise money for Campaign Against Arms Trade on Saturday. They started at St Stephens Church in Dulwich and finished at the Stock Exchange near St Pauls cathedral. The stock exchange was chosen as the destination due to the presence of arms companies and companies that invest in the arms trade on it. The weather treated them well but after a picturesque start in Dulwich, the scenery was rather concrete! So far they have raised £512.60 between them. All in all, it was a good idea, a decent amount of money was collected and the profile of CAAT was raised. Any further donations can be made at or sent to CAAT, 11 Goodwin St, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HQ.

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March to stop the EDL – drive them off the streets of Bradford

12-08-2010 10:57

Defend Bradford
The threat of the EDL in Bradford is causing a debate amongst anti-fascists in Britain. But there is a way to stop them, argues John Bowman

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Africa and Development

12-08-2010 10:49

There's plenty of discussion on how we should lift African countries out of poverty and debt. Yet it's rarely asked what the root causes of Africa's staggering poverty, and what is the role of white Westerners in it?

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What Goes Up...

12-08-2010 09:14

As the mainstream media spins it's wheels on the issue of the economy, few even consider the possibility that it's the entire economic system itself that is the problem.

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NEW non commerical Permaculture/Forest Gardening/Nut Growing forum on Riseup!!!

12-08-2010 08:46

Check this out. I've bunged up most of my accumulated and extensive 'knoledge' so far. Please network. Its purely non commerical folks!


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BNP Latest by 'Malatesta'

12-08-2010 08:41

The leadership challenge is over, what next for the BNP?

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Frontex Charter Flights first 6 months 2010

12-08-2010 08:08

Frontex Charter Flights first 6 months 2010

Frontex coordinate charter flights from all countries in the European Union

Total number of persons removed January to June this year: 1,261 on 27 flights

Total provisional costs: of all 27 flights *£6,398,000 

- £5,073 per person / £236,962 average cost per flight

10 flights to Nigeria
6 flights to Kosovo
5 flights to Georgia
2 flights to Iraq
Other destinations: Gambia, Cameroon, Albania, Armenia, Columbia, Ecuador, Burundi.

There were 27 flights in the first 6 months of 2010. Compared to 32 flights in the whole of 2009, removing 1,622 persons, main destination was Nigeria 17 flights involving 849 persons approximate

*(Please not these figures are only provisional, final costs will be known only after last reimbursement claim from the participating countries is processed)

Download breakdown of flights: Joint Returns 2010.doc

Download breakdown of costs: Joint Returns 2010_costs.doc

Joint Return Flights coordinated by Frontex January /December 2009

Frontex in a nutshell
Border management within the European Union has undergone an evolution starting from nationally focused systems to operational cooperation at the external borders. National border security systems are nowadays being complemented by a unified set of effective tools to man-age potential risks at the external borders. Frontex - the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union - was created particularly to integrate national border security systems of Member States against all kind of threats that could happen on or through the external borders of the EU.

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The Pope is trying to get the convicted mass murderers in Chile released

12-08-2010 00:06

The Pope is trying to get the convicted mass murderers in Chile released. This fit with the long standing support by the Catholic Church for any and every fascist dictatorship from Hitler down.

Another reason so support the "Protest the Pope" demonstrations in London.

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Climate Camp Cymru meetup point announced

11-08-2010 21:51

Climate Camp Cymru, 13 - 17 August
Opencast is trashing the south Wales landscape - it's time to take action...

From midday on Friday 13th August you are invited to a convergence space in central Cardiff. The location of this space is Cardiff Quaker Meeting House, 43 Charles Street, Cardiff.

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Ffos-y-Fran Coal Train Blockaders Sentenced [1]

11-08-2010 21:22

13 people who literally put their necks on the line blockading the railway at Ffos y Fran, the largest opencast coal mine in the UK, will be sentenced at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court at 2pm on Friday 13th August. (1) There will be a solidarity demo outside the court from 1pm - please come and show your support. If you're heading to Climate Camp Cymru you can drop by for a bit on your way to the site.
Trainee writes: 13 people who literally put their necks on the line blockading the railway at Ffos y Fran, the largest opencast coal mine in the UK, will be sentenced at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court at 2pm on Friday 13th August. (1) There will be a solidarity demo outside the court from 1pm - please come and show your support. If you're heading to Climate Camp Cymru you can drop by for a bit on your way to the site.

Climate activists from Bristol and Bath Rising Tide chained themselves to the railway on April 26th to stop a train carrying coal from the mine to Aberthaw power station. Extensive safety measures were taken to ensure there would be no danger to anyone. (2)

A spokesperson for Rising Tide said, “Opencast mining trashes the landscape, contributes massively to climate change and threatens the health of local people. We need to leave coal in the ground, and that's why we put our necks on the line to stop a coal train.”

“With their hands in the pockets of corporations, it's not surprising that governments failed us at the Copenhagen climate summit. We can't rely on their false solutions anymore. It's up to ordinary people taking direct action to stop climate chaos. Fossil fuel extraction devastates communities and is being resisted around the world, from opencast mining in Merthyr to tar sands oil in Alberta, Canada.”

Full Story | Bath and Bristol Rising Tide Stop Coal Train | Action Snaps: Ffos-y-Fran Coal Train Blockade | Ffos-yFran Coal Train Blockade Action Report

How To Contribute Articles A Brief Guide | Publish an Article/Event | Help Guide | Calendar | Indycycle | Bristol Just Living Positive Guide to Bristol | Get Involved with Bristol Indymedia | @bindymedia

300,000 people, mostly those living in the global south, are already dying each year from the effects of climate change. (3)

There has been a long campaign opposing Ffos y Fran mine by local residents and climate activists alike. (4) Last August, Climate Camp Cymru set up near the site for a week of sustainable living and direct action training. This year’s action-based camp, which will target coal in south Wales, begins on the same day as the sentencing. (5)
07789 898 374
10 July 2010
[For immediate release]

Notes for editors

1. Initial charges of Obstruction of the Railway with Intent, which carries a maximum sentence of life, have been dropped. 13 pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of Obstruction of the Railway, while all charges against 5 others have been dropped.
2. A full report of the action can be found at -
3. Global Humanitarian Forum report -
4. Residents Against Ffos y Fran -
5. Climate Camp Cymru -

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The Mediterranean Massacre: Israel as the blond beast

11-08-2010 21:15

"We are dealing, here, with a sociopathic tendency that only takes on the superficial appearance of a political ideology. The classic profile of the sociopath is one so fixated on the fulfillment of his own desires that every means are used to achieve his ends. Out of such raw materials serial killers are made, and also dictators like Stalin and Hitler. Add the animating factor of religion to the mix, and a monster arises out of the bubbling brew, a bestial creature bereft of morality, and without any check on its inherently destructive nature."
In Israel’s case the creature can more accurately be termed a monster in the Frankenstein mold, that is, a monster created by the mad scientists who have been in charge of US foreign policy since the Reagan years. We nurtured the young Frankenstein when he was but a babe in the cradle, recognizing the Jewish state at a crucial moment in its development, and since that time subsidizing it, arming it, and protecting it from its own worst impulses – until, today, we have a perfectly monstrous juvenile delinquent turned sociopath on our hands, who’s mugging the neighbors, stealing from our wallet, and thumbing his arrogant nose at all and sundry for good measure.
A few columns back, I asked: Have the Israelis gone crazy? The Mediterranean Massacre answers that question with a resounding yes."