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Pressing the call of "No War on Iraq!"

21-02-2003 04:03

After the demonstrations of 2/15/03, our leaders are on the defensive. Now is the time to maintain and raise the pressure on them.

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21-02-2003 03:49

hi UK kaixo erresuma batua

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21-02-2003 03:25

A LOng Term Strategy for the Antiwar Movement

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Antarctica Says No to War

21-02-2003 02:39

Antarctica Says No to War
And You Thought It Was Cold in New York (article 1)

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There is no stop, to the madness. Translated

21-02-2003 02:14

Who will stop,
The fall to the abyss?!!

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Sandino: General of the free Men

21-02-2003 02:06

Seven decades ago on February 21, 1933, sandino was murdered in Nicaragua, but his name arose decades later and the people triumphed in a popular revolution in 1979.

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21-02-2003 01:26

Since the weapons inspectors can't find WMD's, Bush and Blair are beginning to make the 'moral' case for war by mentioning Iraqs gassing of Kurds. This article lists 1 Pentagon report and 1 article by former CIA agent Stephen Pelletiere, which cast qualified doubt on the idea that Iraq ever did gas any Kurd.

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Join the Baghdad Snapshot Action from your Computer!

21-02-2003 00:27

Download pictures of regular families taken on the streets of Baghdad last month and post them all over your neighborhood.

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Reclaim The Bases!

20-02-2003 23:46

Reclaim The Bases!
Stop the War Machine!
5th & 6th April 2003
A weekend of protest and direct action at military bases across the UK.

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Kristen Ess, 19 February: Reports on Gaza and Bethlehem

20-02-2003 23:32

....he asked Israeli soldiers why they were pointing guns at school girls the other day, preventing them from going to their elementary school. They answered him, "Because they're terrorists."

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Anti-war (Dublin) report

20-02-2003 22:16

Last Saturday, February 15th, saw the largest demonstration in Dublin since the 1970’s.

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Anti-War Talk Belfast

20-02-2003 22:13

Below is a talk delivered by a member of the Anarchist Federation (Ireland) at an anti-war meeting in Belfast on 11.02.03

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20-02-2003 21:44

********* video interviews to be found at
... site developing .... *********

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oh Tony, I love you!

20-02-2003 20:21

have you seen this charming video about the special Bush and Blair RELATIONSHIP?

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Rude reception for the World Bank

20-02-2003 20:05

The President of the World Bank visited Oxford on Wednesday 19th February to give a talk on human rights (!) for the Amnesty International lecture series (!). Local activists gave him a less warm reception.

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President of the World Bank gets a nasty surprise

20-02-2003 20:01

The President of the World Bank visited Oxford on Wednesday 19th February, to give a speech at the Amnesty International human rights lectures. He was given a rousing welcome by local activists.

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F15 Photos

20-02-2003 19:09

Photos of F15 London

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The Basque newspaper Egunkaria closed down by the Spanish government – Fascism s

20-02-2003 18:51

As well as the closure of Egunkaria’s offices and printing press, ten members of staff including director Martxelo Otamendi were arrested and taken to Madrid. The staff of this newspaper has denied any link with ETA and has defined the closure of the paper and their colleagues imprisonment as ‘a blatant injustice’.

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7 Million People Take the Streets Against War on Iraq in Spanish State,F15

20-02-2003 18:37

Here's a recount of the demonstrations that took place in the Spanish State during the F15 Global Day of Action against the War in Irak

Almost 7 million of people took the streets in the 56 demonstrations all over the Spanish State!

Note: These figures have not only been reported by the organisations that called the demos, but also by the main Spanish corporate media.

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Reports from UK activist in Iraq

20-02-2003 18:22

2 Reports from jo Wilding, out in Iraq just now with an independent film maker