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Army Recruitment Picketed in Liverpool

20-03-2007 19:02

our target!
Fifteen activists picketed Liverpool army recruitment on James Street yesterday, in an event organised by Liverpool Social Forum and the Merseyside Anarchist Group. We were marking four years since the invasion of Iraq began, but we were also starting a round of campaigning which we hope will break the Stop The War Coalition's stranglehold on the anti-war movement in the area.

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Schwarzenegger Betrays Students on Tuitions

20-03-2007 18:40

Advocate groups for free education consider the recent tuition hikes for UC and CSU students to be no less than a tax on college students. California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has done nothing to make education affordable for students since he was elected in 2003. In the past the governor’s office has made it clear that education is a right for K-12, but not for higher education.

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Vigil outside FA HQ against the Israel/England Euro 2008 Qualifier

20-03-2007 18:28

Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign Press Release

Kick Apartheid Out of Football

Vigil outside FA HQ against the Israel/England Euro 2008 Qualifier
Soho Square 24th March 2007, 1pm

Tel 02077006192, 07845039980

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TURKEY: Conscientious objector Halil Savda sentenced to 15 months imprisonment

20-03-2007 17:29

Halil Savda
On 15 March, Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda (TK14682) was sentenced by the Corlu military court to 15.5 months imprisonment - 12 months for "desertion", and 3.5 months for "continued disobedience".

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UK's 'Unjust and inhumane' immigration laws, kill again

20-03-2007 17:16

In memory of Uddhav Bhandari born Nepal 1967 killed by the UK's
'Unjust and inhumane' immigration laws Glasgow 19th March 2007

Uddhav set himself on fire at his appeal hearing in the Asylum and
Immigration Tribunal Centre in Glasgow's Bothwell Street on Wednesday
7th March 2007. Despite the efforts of staff in the building who
doused the flames, Uddhav sustained severe burns to all of his body
and died on Monday the 19th March.

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M19: BearingPoint noise demo

20-03-2007 17:00

banners were displayed across the office entrance
Yesterday, to mark the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, a surprise noise demo was held outside the London offices of BearingPoint, the consultancy company chosen by USAID to draft Iraq's new oil law.

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Film screening - UNVEILED

20-03-2007 16:27

Afternoon of film and discussion about asylum and sexuality issues at the Commonplace, Leeds 1st April 2007 from 2pm

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The big NHS database opt out>>

20-03-2007 15:30

OPT out:

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Chemical attack test for the Tube :

20-03-2007 14:52

The government is to carry out tests to see how toxic substances would spread if used by terrorists on the Tube.

Found at:

original source:

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Water ideology hurts world’s poorest, says new report

20-03-2007 13:28

Mismanagement of water systems is hurting the world’s poor according a new report being published on World Water Day, Thursday 22 March 2007.

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The Bush -- Police States of America

20-03-2007 13:14

Indisputable fact revealing President Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the U.S. Justice Departments subjugation of an entire state population to civil rights violations reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

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Leeds Stop the War People's Assembly 24th March

20-03-2007 13:11

Leeds Stop the War People's Assembly

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M19: CAAT-London Arms Trade Crawl

20-03-2007 12:35

Marking the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion the newly-formed London CAAT group went on a Central London Arms Trade Crawl yesterday.

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Anti-Trident Protest at Atomic Weapons Establishment - 19th March

20-03-2007 12:29

Demonstration at AWE Aldermaston, Berkshire against parliamentary decision to renew Trident, and ongoing construction and development work at the site.

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Geneva Motor Show: Are people who stand up against climate change to be consider

20-03-2007 12:23

Paris, 19 March 2007: For the occasion of the closure day of the Geneva Motor Show, some 10 activists from different organizations were planning to do a small demo at the inside of the Geneva motor show, deploying a banner to point out the hypocrite discourse of the car manufacturers.

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3 nights at RampARTs on Colonialism, Racism & the fight for Justice

20-03-2007 12:14

Anti-Racist/Confronting Colonialism Residency at RampART Creative Social Centre - Thurs 22nd, Fri 23rd & Sat 24th March

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Another sacking at Searchlight?

20-03-2007 12:09

A reliable source tells me that following on from the departure of Steve Silver last year over a disagreement over Zionism, Searchlies now have done away with former fascist "infiltrator" Matt Collins.

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Rosie O'Donnel goes public on 911

20-03-2007 11:06

Whoa. Another US celebrity has plucked up the courage to say out loud that they doubt the official theory of the events of 11 September.

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Camberwell Squatted Centre Cafe Night

20-03-2007 10:17

Friday 23rd March
from 7.30pm

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Seven British Doctors in Gaza (Press Release)

20-03-2007 09:26

The last voyage
A neonatologist, a senior lecturer in public health, a Professor of Physiology, an anatomist, a urological surgeon, a physician with an interest in endocrine disease and a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon are going to Gaza, to learn, to teach and to stand with a captive people.