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Trident vote day confirmed - 14 March 2007

01-03-2007 14:33

This morning it was confirmed that the parliamentary debate and vote on Trident will take place on the afternoon/evening of 14 March. Several public actions/events are planned (more in the pipeline).

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Trident Vote

01-03-2007 14:26

The Government has announced it's plans to hold a brief debate and then a vote on the replacement of Trident, Britain's nuclear weapons system on Wednesday 14 March.

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BBC 9/11 Screw Up

01-03-2007 14:06

CNN, BBC 24 Reports Prove Media Prior Knowledge
BBC claims to have lost its 9/11 Tapes
No mainstream media reports

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Fuel Contamination

01-03-2007 13:10

Rip Offs

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Battle of Algiers screening Cardiff 4th Marchh

01-03-2007 12:50

Battle of Algiers documents FLN struggle for independence from France between 1954-62

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Birmingham Critical Mass Bike Ride this Friday 2nd March!

01-03-2007 12:48

The Birmingham Critical Mass bike ride will meet this Friday 2nd March at 6.00pm at St. Paul's Cathedral (aka Pigeon Park).

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Cabinet Readies Iraqi Oil for Privatisation

01-03-2007 12:47

Hands Off Iraqi Oil!
Iraq’s Cabinet has just approved a Hydrocarbon Law which will allow foreign companies control over Iraq’s oil for the first time in 35 years.

Foreign oil companies and the British and US governments have been reviewing and commenting on the law for the past 8 months. Iraqi Parliamentarians are seeing it for the first time this month.

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Justice for the Weaker: Book Review

01-03-2007 12:33

The ice age man is Maurer's metaphor for the homo oeconomicus who ignores all human feelings.. Maurer shows how empire in history based only on the power of the bayonnet destroyed its own state-supporting middle class and shared values and was consecrated to destruction.. The greed for resources and slaves led to military overreach and ultimately collapse.

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The Pawn of Timor-Leste

01-03-2007 12:09

Australian Special Forces have today surrounded the 'rebel’ Major Alfredo Reinado in occupied Timor-Leste; it seems Reinado has passed his use-by-date; a tense stand-off presently exists with Reinado threatening to shoot any Australian soldier who ventures too near.

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DEMO SUNDAY Allotments EGM Hackney Wick

01-03-2007 09:57

Come and support the Manor Garden Allotments
this Sunday / 10:30 am
Eastway Baths Community Centre
Hackney Wick.

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Blair seeks to deepen military alliance with Washington

01-03-2007 09:52

Just two days after Prime Minister Tony Blair announced a reduction in British troops in Iraq, Defence Secretary Des Browne made clear that this was in fact a redeployment of troops to Afghanistan.

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Third World food land destroyed for European fuel - join protest!

01-03-2007 09:00

At the EU summit on 8 and 9 March 27 heads of government will decide about the forced use of palm oil and other plantation products from the tropics for producing energy in Europe. Oil palm and soya bean growing are turning into a catastrophe for the rain forest. The German group “Rettet den Regenwald” have compiled information on that about Indonesia, Malaysia and Colombia. German public television has just broadcast programmes about the issue. Rettet den Regenwald ask you to take part in protests through their website,

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CSSGJ talk analysing the Narmada Dam Protests in India

01-03-2007 08:56

what does the Narmada Dam Protests in India tell us about the nature of contemporary protests and the efforts of peasant and indigenous groups to oppose dispossession? How is the process of accumulation compare with earlier processes such as enclosure and clearance? What can be done to help such movements?

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uwaga!!! ungdomshuset is being evicted now

01-03-2007 07:56

ungdomshuset (the youth house) in copenhagen, is being evicted by danish police as of 0600 this morning.
this eviction has been pending since december 2006 and will be massively resisted.
extreme police oppression is expected
please take solidarity actions against targets of the danish state and facist christianity worldwide
love and rage

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Video from Current Nablus Invasion - Day 4

01-03-2007 05:23

This is the third video clip dealing with the military operation "Hot Winter" in Nablus, occupied Palestine.

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Why the FBI got away with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

01-03-2007 00:37

On February 26, 1993, a gray snowy day in Manhattan like the one I write on 14 years later, the FBI and US government failed to stop the van-bomb explosion in the World Trade Center’s basement garage, just as NORAD and the US government failed to stop the airliner blitz on the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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Assets of Reported CIA Front-Man Frozen in Turkey

01-03-2007 00:31

A court in Turkey has ruled to freeze the assets of Yasin al-Qadi [1], a one-time acquaintance of Vice President Dick Cheney [2] and reported “chief money launderer” of Osama bin Laden. [3]

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Neocon Imperialism, 9/11, and the Attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq

01-03-2007 00:01

One way to understand the effect of 9/11, in most general terms, is to see that it allowed the agenda developed in the 1990s by neoconservatives to be implemented.

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BBC World footage from 9/11 announcing WTC7 collapse 23 mins before the event

28-02-2007 23:41


Attached is the footage from BBC World from September 11th 2001 covering the time running up to the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 (which was also knows as the Salomon Brothers Building) at 5:20pm.

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Regime change is the reason, disarmament the excuse: Interview with Scott Ritter

28-02-2007 23:40

Iran has given the IAEA inspectors extraordinary access to facilities throughout Iran. They have explained things. They have provided documents. They have done above and beyond what is required by the Nonproliferation Treaty and have demonstrated that their nuclear energy program is a program that is consistent with that which is permitted by the law. But thanks to the United States, the IAEA has corrupted the integrity of the process.