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help the Catalans not vote!

15-11-2003 12:47

I do not like thee Doctor Snell...
Tomorrow the elections for the Presidency of the Catalan Generalitat will be held in Spain. The Catalan Generalitat was re-instated in the 1970s under the current statute that binds Spain.
Voters and non voters non resident in Catalonia had till Nov 6th to pass their judgement by postal means. Tomorrow the voters and non voters of Catalonia get to choose.

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Social movements of europe meet in Paris

15-11-2003 12:16

Translation of the german special about the Eurpeen Social Forum taking place in Paris, nov 11th 03.
About 100.000 people from all over europe are expected. Highlights are a mass demonstration on saturday, and the meeting of the social movemennt on sunday. ...

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bombs in turkey

15-11-2003 11:22

At least 15 people are killed and many hurt by explosions near two synagogues in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

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Update of actions of solidarity with thessaloniki 7

15-11-2003 11:18

This is a summary of actions of solidarity that took place the last days (sorry if I forgot anything)

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Bayer Noise Demo - Report

15-11-2003 10:44

Around 100 anti-bayer campaigners gathered outside Bayer HQ in Newbury and made a horrible bloody racket.

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ART OF WAR: Dreams of Muhammad

15-11-2003 08:17

Dreams of Muhammad
Palestinian boys were gunned down, often by Israeli snipers from fortified positions, that
picked them out of the crowd, using high power rifles with telescopic lenses and
silencers, who shot these boys in the heart, in the head. They were among the more than
140 Palestinians who were killed during the first month the intifada;
killed before there were any suicide bombings in Israel,
killed for daring to throw rocks at Israeli tanks,
killed for wanting their FREEDOM!

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 15th November 2003

15-11-2003 03:45

Wednesday 19th November. (See Section 3 For Details).

Book The Day Off Work! Book Your Bristol Coach Ticket! (Section 4).

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BBC: Fears for hunger strike Briton

15-11-2003 02:41

also see for bbc 6 o'clock news piece

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Buy Nothing Day

15-11-2003 01:29

Saturday November 29th is Buy Nothing Day and a good time for fun for anti-consumer action everywhere. Here are some of the ideas from a new UK site

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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Blast wrecks Mossad office in Iraq

15-11-2003 00:42

In other unreported news Huge blast wrecked Mossad office building in Kirkuk in northern Iraq Monday killing Mossad agents and civilian Kurds (car bomb in garage blew up: whose?)

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Jew Guevara (by Latuff)

15-11-2003 00:22

Jew Guevara
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Jews, in Israel and worldwide, and their struggle against Israeli oppression of Palestinian people and occupation of their territories.

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Arms dealers confronted in Cambridge

15-11-2003 00:11

The annual management lecture at Magdelene College was held last night, sponsored by arms company GKN, and featuring ex Secretary of the US Navy, neo-conservative and arms dealer, John Lehman. Protesters where there to let the college know what we think of their consorting with arms dealers, and to inform students of the sort of people invited to their college. And Michael Moore turned up.

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14-11-2003 23:35

34 Rock bands, Political, Cultural and Social Organisations, Promoters,
Publishers, Artists and Music Critics have signed a petition that was
submitted to the Greek Ambassador in Malta, in solidarity with the
'Saloniki 7'

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Health and Safety Executive in High Court Over Chris Pullen Death

14-11-2003 22:42

Christopher Pullen Campaign: HSE finds itself in the dock for the first time ever due to the personal determination of one working class mother from Islington, seeking justice for her tragically killed son ...

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14-11-2003 22:37

Increasingly renowned peace activist, Sue Brackenbury, is facing the next few months in prison for anti-Trident actions at Devonport murder base in Plymouth.

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EU Greens demand immediate Release of Thessniki 7

14-11-2003 21:12

Adopted resolution from their luxemburg meeting last week.

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Halliburton Huddle Happening in Glasgow Nov 17

14-11-2003 21:07

Picket of Iraq business contract lecture.

Even better: try & get in and disturb these fuckers.

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The nocastorgame (castor = container for nuclear transport)

14-11-2003 19:38

A game developed in the german anti-nuclear-movement.

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Report & photos from Thessaloniki solidarity demo in Dublin, Ireland

14-11-2003 19:17

one image from the demo
Click on the link for Indymedia Ireland for full report

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ESF, PARIS. Occupation for Social Centre

14-11-2003 19:13

206 quai de Valmy, Jaures
Hundreds from the esf, left GLAD (fr), and joined local residents in starting to occupy a building to develop it for a social centre.