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Reclaim The Future London Party Update - 4.30pm

21-09-2002 16:06

1630 - Latest from north london 'reclaim the future' RTS event in tottenham:

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How dare these Israelis question that Arafat is not a man of peace.

21-09-2002 15:26

Yup, Arafat is a man of piece. Read below

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21-09-2002 15:20

The Arlrnr Berry Case

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Guardian : Carlton turns on Pilger

21-09-2002 13:57

In a eerie re-run of 1999, when The Guardian turned on John Pilger for his expose of the Rambouillet Accords, the same newspaper reports that Carlton TV has disowned this brave journalist for his current report "Palestine is Still the Issue" shown last monday.

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the true nature of housing 'regeneration'

21-09-2002 13:39

If you want to get an accurate insight into any organization, look to see what kind of career vacancies they advertise.

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Reclaim the future event needs help now!

21-09-2002 12:25

The Reclaim the Future event in tottenham needs urgent support now!

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World Food Program GM pushers

21-09-2002 10:54

As African and international outrage grows over the use of food aid as a GM marketing tool by the US-controlled World Food Programme, the New Scientist reveals an incredible seven years history of unauthorised GM dumping....

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The Giza Wall

21-09-2002 10:21

Officials are claiming, in a move to protect the Giza plateau from "terrorists" and control the masses of tourists visiting the area, (?) a gargantuan 22 foot wall is being erected at the site.

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Planning battle continues for StewardWood

21-09-2002 09:10

The planning struggle continues for Steward Woodland which recently won their appeal against enforcement action. Now the National Park Authority plans to appeal themselves...

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Silicone Death Merchants (part2)

21-09-2002 07:54

Is covering up a MASS-MURDER,

a "Crime Agaianst Humanity".?

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U.S. to build military base in Brazil

21-09-2002 06:57

U.S. to build military base in Brazil

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Silicone Death Merchants (part!)

21-09-2002 06:41

Dow Chemical committed MAS-MURDER...!

Does that sound tto strong...?

Then let's try "Crimes Against Humanity".

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There's nothing there so Iraq attack

20-09-2002 22:33

The new world order of the North and West will decide how and when the citizens of the world will live and die. Iraq's safe for attack because it has nothing, and that's why war is preferable to inspection. Cos inspection will reveal the lying of Bush and Blair, while war will cover up every indiscretion.The terrorists are alive and well and governing our nations.

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No Sweat actions at Run London - get that sports kit on (and get it off...?)

20-09-2002 21:06

Stamp out Nikes Naked Greed at their "Run London "event in Richmond Park this Sunday....Kick sweatshops out of sport and everywhere else too with No Sweat, campaigning against sweatshops in the UK and worldwide. ---------WE'D RATHER GO NAKED THAN WEAR SWEATSHOP !!!!!!

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The Global 'War' ot the Transnational Elite

20-09-2002 16:43 the previous 'wars' of the transnational elite, aims at securing the stabilitiy of the New World Order (NWO)which is founded on capitalist neoliberal globalisation and representative 'democracy' by crushing any perceived threats against it....its targets are any kind of regime or social group or movement that resists the NWO. ...

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Sweden: SAC: Boliden must take their responsibility!

20-09-2002 16:28

Sweden: SAC: Boliden must take their responsibility!
The 27th congress of SAC - the syndicalists today adopted a statement which demands that the Swedish company Boliden takes responsibility for the catastrophe they caused in Los Frailes, Spain 1998.

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20-09-2002 16:26


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stop the war billboard ads

20-09-2002 15:38

stop the war billboard ads
subvertised billboard

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War in '84

20-09-2002 15:16

A short history of supressed events. Did we almost have the big one in 1984?