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01-04-2004 13:49

Using people imprisoned by the state as slave labour for private profiteers is the ultimate expression of the true nature of capitalism- fascist and totalitarian

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The Leech and The Earthworm

01-04-2004 13:27

This coming Monday, 5th April, at 8 pm there will be an Indymedia
screening at the Spitz gallery featuring a film about biopiracy, "The
Leech and The Earthworm."

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To the organizations of the MRFI

01-04-2004 13:23

To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International

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Boycott Bayer statement on yesterday’s Bayer announcement

01-04-2004 13:18

The announcement by Bayer that it is withdrawing it’s GM Maize variety Chardon LL is fantastic news and represents a significant victory for the anti-GM movement. It is another blow against the introduction of GM crops into the UK.

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International DEMONSTRATION in Barcelona

01-04-2004 12:32

Call internationally to demand the freedom of our imprisoned comrades, and for a world without prisons.

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stop the silence - START THE NOISE

01-04-2004 12:28

April 5th sees the anniversary of the shooting of ISMer Brian Avery in Jenin. Brian is one of many thousands of people who have been seriously injured by the Israeli Army during the 37 year illegal occupation of Palestine. Join in a noise demo outside the offices of the Israeli Arms Company - RAFAEL 3/5 Duke Street W1

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Dental Extraction Road Rage to Tooth Rage.

01-04-2004 12:27

Arts offensive

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American 'civilians' killed, mutilated in Falluja were mercenaries

01-04-2004 11:07

Much has been made of the killing of four American 'civilians' in Falluja, Iraq, for many bringing back echoes of Somalia '93 when dead US troops were dragged through the streets precipitating a US withdrawal. However, even if working for an illegal occupying power can be classed as 'civilian', these people were far from non-combatants.

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A squat is being set up in Ifanet industry (thessaloniki)

01-04-2004 10:49

A squat is being set up in Ifanet industry (thessaloniki)
The abandoned Ifanet industry was occupied, at 9.30 in Saturday morning, by 60 people. The aim is to turn the industrial block into an open public space. The first building is being repaired, after a leaflet was distributed to the neighborhood. The occupied squere IFANET is about 19.500 m2.

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Climbing Ropes Needed Now!!!!!

01-04-2004 10:31

3000 trees have been cut down but there are still stacks left to save with the help of anyone who has climbing rope

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01-04-2004 10:29

The Metropolitan Police are attempting to remove Brian Haw from
Parliament Square. Brian has been protesting against US/UK policy on
Iraq (sanctions, war, occupation) and the war on terror since June 2001.

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01-04-2004 10:11


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Third RMT branch votes unanimous support for Respect

01-04-2004 09:56

A third RMT branch, Jubilee Line RMT, has voted unanimously to support Respect in the June elections. This follows similar votes in RMT Piccadilly number 1 and Waterloo branches. Many more RMT branches have Respect speakers over the next couple of weeks making the case for supporting Respect.

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Middle East - amir Taheri Interview with C-Span

01-04-2004 06:29

" A breeze of fresh air" in Middle East Discussions.

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Arab Construction Workers Must Wear Hardhats with "X" for Army Snipers to Focus

01-04-2004 00:29

Israeli-Arab workers are marked with a red X to help Israeli snipers
This is what Zionist Democracy looks like! The Arab construction workers building the Israeli Knesset building must mark their hardhats with a red "X" so that the Israeli Army snippers can keep better aim on their heads! Read this report from Ynet-online, Israel's biggest paper.

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Lancashire Reclaim Mayday Roadshow

31-03-2004 23:58

Details of Lancashire Reclaim Mayday Roadshow

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"20 march against wars"
ROME Italy

31-03-2004 22:28

these images have to make the turn of the world... Rachel Corrie and Raffaele Ciriello

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31-03-2004 22:22

Last year, London Rising Tide 'celebrated' BP's Annual General Meeting (AGM) by holding a Carnival Against Oil Wars and Climate Chaos and alternative AGM outside. Several concerned members of the public also entered the meeting in order to make absolutely sure their concerns hadn't been swamped by the mile high tide of greenwash that had engulfed the Oil Festival Hall (OFH) for the day.

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Protest at the Russian Economic Forum 18-20 April

31-03-2004 21:49

“The largest Russian business event of the year”

With executive speakers from BP, the WTO, British Airways, ChevronTexaco, and many more (see below for full list).

18-20th April, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, directly opposite Westminster Abbey, London.

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medialens report

31-03-2004 21:16

MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media