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WITS students arrested today!

28-04-2004 12:34

At least six Wits University students have been arrested this morning as
part of the South African police's response to a spontaneous students
uprising which broke out on Monday as a result of a decision by the
university management to cut financial aid by half.

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Indymedia Culture - reviews

28-04-2004 11:46

DIY media
Review of UNN 11

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Squatting actions in hamburg, germany

28-04-2004 11:04

In the last weeks there were diverse projects of squatting activities in hamburg, most related to the ongoing repression against trailerparks.

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operation magpie...the fake terror drill

28-04-2004 10:58

operation magpie is a decontamination exercise happening in newcastle today...
28th April, 2004

what they aren't telling you.

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Deputy Chief of North Wales Police criticised for rapping to the BPA!

28-04-2004 10:55

North Wales deputy chief constable Clive Wolfendale has been criticised for performing a rap to his force's black police association.

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one million of european agaisnt nuclear energy

28-04-2004 10:39

this is a link for a petition agaisnt nuclear energy in Europe

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No ANL against BNP / Le Pen ?

28-04-2004 07:54

Why didn't the ANL campaign against the Le Pen visit

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Gala Dinner Protest at Iraqi Procurements 2004

28-04-2004 01:42

A Spirited and Defiant Protest was held outside the Iraqi Procurement 2004 Galla Dinner on Tuesday evening. There were three people arrested as the crowd raised their voices against the corporate carve up of iraq.

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Social facilities in Oxford

27-04-2004 22:37

The writer believes that all is not lost if OCSET, the new Oxford social centre, 220 Cowley Road, Oxford, is closed.

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Green Anarchist judge is child porn suspect

27-04-2004 22:34

Would you trust this paedophile suspect with your daughter?
Check this out - this pervert suspect ex-Major general in the army (and almost certainly a freemason for what its worth) was the trial juge in the Green Anarchist trial a few years ago. Please do bring this to the atention of the GA suspects if you can! - - Together below are the jigsaw pieces.
by a totally unafraid Methodist - Rowena Horrocks.
Chipping and Ongar
Love - In Christ - to you all

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Where's Feminism? Everywhere and Nowhere (Indypendent)

27-04-2004 22:08

This world really needs a new feminism, and the editors and contributors are right on to ground feminism in social movements dealing with real life and not just the simulacra of representational politics. But saying that all issues are women’s issues because women are involved or are leaders misses the point.

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The unexpected ending of the case against the Oakland 25

27-04-2004 21:46

The DA had been prosecuting 25 victims of the police assault which took place on April 7, 2003 in the Port of Oakland. A year later, the ordeal of these people finally ended in a strange twist.

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Electronic Sit-in in support of Maori march

27-04-2004 19:50

The TAKUTAI UNITED HACKTIVISTS ASSOCIATION (TUHA) have called for a cyber sit-in on the New Zealand Government Foreshore and Seabed website

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Manchester Mayday Picnic - Why Piccadilly?

27-04-2004 16:44

"The new gardens have a sense of emptiness. No matter which way you look,
you can't get away from the concrete wall".

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Politician keeps his word - SHOCKER!!!

27-04-2004 16:24

The new socialist Spanish President, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, is increasingly looking like a man of his word.

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Bush trying to use the WTO to force GM food on Europe - petition

27-04-2004 16:20

George Bush is using the World Trade Organisation
WTO) to force-feed you genetically modified food! You
can help stop them:BITE BACK!

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Anarchy In Our Souls - Personal Account From Women's Demonstration Palestine

27-04-2004 15:06

1) Activists released - Court decision and increasing violence against protesters. TAKE ACTION
2) Anarchy in our souls - personal account from women's demonstration

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Cambridge Mayday 2004

27-04-2004 15:04


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oxford indymedia screening - PALESTINE - 9th May

27-04-2004 15:00

Woman describes the killing of her husband by the IDF
oxford indymedia screening - East Oxford Community Centre - Sunday 9th May - 7.30pm
The main feature is "IN THE SPIDER'S WEB" by Hannah Musleh (produced by Al-Haq from Ramallah, West Bank). This extraordinary, heart-rending film shows the reality of living under the shadow of Israel's apartheid wall.

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Oxford lyrical about the GM victory

27-04-2004 14:50

Jim was involved in kicking off the anti-GM campaigns...