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Indonesia: Killings Continue

04-04-2005 10:48

As Australia signs itself up to increased cooperation with the Indonesian government, that government shows once again how little it has changed, and how it continues to disregard human rights of its citizens.

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Video, Photo, Audio from Dublin Anti-Deportation demo on Saturday

04-04-2005 10:29

Video Video
Footage of the demo on Saturday.

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invitation of a lifetime

04-04-2005 09:41

Sea Shepherd, the marine conservation society which is currently locked in battle with canadian sealers off the labrador coast, has put out the following call:

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End of Indin Bossing Nepal

04-04-2005 09:32

Finally Nepal is settling the score with India. India had always tying to twist Nepal as per their ill will. It was by blocking Nepal transit (which was Nepal right as per GATT article V) or terrorism.

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Upstart Radio America Update for April 2005

04-04-2005 08:28

A monthly newsletter featuring latests additions and programs aired by Upstart Radio America

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Irish Historian Margaret Ward's New Book: An Interview

04-04-2005 04:56

Irish historian Margaret Ward discusses her new book and current Irish historical and media situation, in a recent e-mail interview for indymedia website readers.

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nuclear waste consultation

04-04-2005 04:28

audio + link to public consultation.
audio entitled: lords criticise governments nuclear waste management policy. consultation begins 4th april runs till 27th june, Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM)

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Dr Kissinger reports from Taba, Egypt.

04-04-2005 01:23

Dr Kissinger is confused! Verr is the graet man?
This is a 965 word report of the situation on the Egyptian/Israeli border at Taba/Eilat. 7 photos are attached.

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this day in san francisco

04-04-2005 00:01


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Bristol - G8 Info4Action - full programme

03-04-2005 23:49

We H8 them!
As the UK's year as host to the G8 (Group of Eight most powerful/rich countries) continues, Bristol G8 Dissent! Group presents a day long event focusing on the G8 and issues related to it. All are welcome – to share information, exchange ideas, consider alternatives, and discuss ways we can resist.

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BRISTOL & REGIONAL Stop-The-War NEWS : April 2005 : (Virtual Version)

03-04-2005 23:23

[West Midlands, Wales & South West] Please send us your events.

For events and news publicised between newsletters, please
keep an eye on our message board, and other links provided.

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BRISTOL & REGIONAL Stop-The-War NEWS : April 2005 : (Printer Version)

03-04-2005 23:13

Welcome to the April 2005 version of Bristol & Regional Stop-The-War News. This printer friendly version is part of a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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Call for G8 to disband

03-04-2005 23:09

4/4/05 - Press Release: Call for G8 to disband

Bristol G8 Dissent! Group today announced the full programme for its community awareness-raising day on 9 April, at the Malcolm X Centre in St Pauls, Bristol. Entrance is free to the ‘Information for Action’ day.

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Eviction of Squatter Cows creates Legal Precedent against adverse possession?

03-04-2005 21:36

A legal precedent against the 12 year rule on claiming adverse possession?

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Birmingham Citizen's Find A Voice

03-04-2005 20:52

Citizens of Birmingham have their say on diversity in business.

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Whipping doesn't hurt? Come and try it!

03-04-2005 19:06

... said the signs today outside Ladbrokes, held by two young ladies who were wielding whips and dressed to offer a dominatrix experience to passers-by. Swindon must be a fairly straight-laced place though, because people weren't exactly queueing up to be whipped.

The pair were staging a publicity stunt to highlight the cruelty of horse racing, and to draw attention to Animal Aid's latest report on the horse racing industry.

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Free Cinema - Yes Men - Crowd Bites Wolf - The Take + More - April 15 London

03-04-2005 17:58

Free Cinema as part of Wake Up Government G8 Demo - London 15th April 2005 - including UK preview of "The Take" written and produced by Naomi Klein.

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the pope is dead

03-04-2005 16:02

"Who will ever be able to don the same epic splendour - spectacular and, in short, passionate, triumphant and sacrificial - in which John Paul II clothed himself?"

- Commentary in Italy's L'Unita

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Mayday Cricket - Space Hijackers Vs The Government

03-04-2005 15:58

Space Hijackers (first 11) Vs The Government (first 11)

May 1ST 2005

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Rail against Privatisation

03-04-2005 15:47

April 23rd National March against Rail Privatisation reaches Manchester.